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  • What is the minamum insurance required for a motorcycle in Arizona?

    I just bought a bike and am looking at insurance, but don't know what all is required by the state.

  • What would be the cheapest motorbike to insure for 18year old?

    I'm looking for a model or type of motorbike that is reasonable for insurance purposes for my 18yr old daughter who has just passed her bike test. She has a full car licence to and has had no claims but insurance seems VERY high for any motorbikes i've looked at. Any advise would be welcome.

  • Can you ride a motorcyle off the lot without insurance in the state of California?

    I am originally from Florida, there it is a crime to drive any vehicle off a lot without insurance. My boyfriend bought a motorcycle here in California and they never mentioned anything to him about it. He was involved in an accident shortly after purchasing the bike and he did not have insurance, can we go after the dealership for not making it a requirement? If of course it's the law in California?

  • Do you believe it is your right to wear a helmet or not ?

    If so, do you belong to any MRO's ?

  • Is it required to keep insurance on a motorcycle?

  • MIlitary &motorcycle riding?

    If I live in a state where helmets are not required by law but I am an active duty member of the military... Does the military require me to wear a helmet at all times, regardless of individual states laws? I am not talking about on base, but on public roadways. My friends son insists he doesn't have to wear a helmet in Texas when he is here on leave! Thanks in advance!

  • Motorcycle accidents for riders 50 and older have increased 300%, should the laws change for older riders?

    Some ideas for riders over 50 make it a law they must wear helmets make it law they must have a once a year physical, and checking eye sight make it a law they must take a saftey riders course. make it a law they can't ride any bike over 650cc

  • How much can i sue for after being in a motorcycle accident?

    i was recently in a motorcycle accident (may 24th) and the other guy was found at fault as he had a stop sign and failed to yield to oncomming traffic (i was on a main road he was on a back road) i spent about a week in the hostpital with a compression fracture of the t10 vertebrae, as well as (dont know how to describe these other then) one hole in my left shin about 5 inches long that was ripped down to the bone and needed stitches, and a 9 inch gash (a little bit worse then road rash) starting from my left knee up to my groin with another hole (about 2 inches deep and a circumfrence of a quarter) alot of bruises and achy joints and what seems like my rear ripped on the inside of my skin (skin is in tact but if you press down you can feel a gash on the inside and the area is completely numb), my bike was completely totaled, bent forks, buckled frame, and the engine was cracked so much the oil started leaking out from the crack, my question is how much can i sue the guy for, im assuming i can get him to take care of hospital fees but how much can i get for pain and suffering? its been 2 weeks and i still cant put any weight on my left leg and im told ill be in a turtle shell brace for my back for the rest of the summer any help is appreciated

  • When did it start and where? Motorcyclist have to wear helmets in certain states.?

    where did this start and when? please help.

  • Is it illegal for a man to ride a street bike (motorcycle)...?

    without a shirt on in the state of Tennessee? Please only answer if you know the law...

  • Motor bike suits help please?

    does you need to wear a bike suit ( ano you got to wear a helmet ) but do you need to wear the suit in england is the law that you need to wear it or not thanks :D

  • Are you against helmet laws or for them?

    This requires answering the actual question. This is also a challenge, by answering you are putting your intelligence on trial. Fair warning, only intelligent answers with factual support will be considered for best answer. Are you ready for the test to begin? Answer now....

  • Laws of riding a 49cc bike at 16?

    ive just bought a 49cc moped, i have tax, mot, and insurance, i know that when you have a car, tax mot and insurance, you can drive it with a provisional license with a passenger with a full license, but car this be done with a bike? is there anyway i can ride my bike on a public road with insurance, mot, tax, and a provisional license?

  • Is it illegal in Florida to sell a motorcycle helmet that has been in an accident?

    Someone told me that it's illegal in Florida to sell a motorcycle helmet that has been in an accident. Is this true? Google searches haven't turned up anything because it's too specific of a question. Can someone answer this and please cite a reliable source with a link? The helmet doesn't have an structural damage, just some nicks off the color and a few scratches. I think it's still usable but I don't want to sell it if it isn't. The person wearing it flew off the bike on impact and landed in the road. It totally saved her life but she'd rather sell it than hang on to it. Thanks for guidance on this!

  • Sports Bike Question Please Help?

    How old do you have to be to get a Honda CBR1000RR and what are all the license and permits you need? Also what is the best car and motorcycle insurance there is. I can afford these do not ask about money.

  • For someone who has never driven a motorcycle, what would you recommend?

    I have never drove a motorcycle, and I have been thinking about getting one, I was thinking about getting a ninja 650r. Would that be good for someone like me?

  • Motorcycle falls/crashes?

    If you have experienced a fall...What is your story? Were there injuries? Is riding on a cruiser on country roads at the speed limit safer than sports biking and pulling stunts on the freeways? Ok, so tell me, if you were to tell someone the top five things to look out for to prevent an accident, what would they be? Thanks

  • Motorcycle questions?

    I am looking at getting a bike and have found a decent one and now i am trying to figure out how much everything else will cost me and what all else i need. I'm 20 yrs old i have never been in an accident, live in manhattan Kansas, the bike i'm currently trying to get is a 1998 ninja. I'm wondering after i pay for the bike how much will it cost me to ride it legally? I think i need and am wondering how much this will be -motor cycle insurance -how much does it cost to get a license -how much does it cost to get the title of the bike in my name what other things am i missing