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  • Re-posting this again for more opinions...Car seat Safety...?

    Despite the laws regarding an infant in Rear Facing position for 1 year and 20 lbs, why do parents still tend to switch for Forward Facing before the child is 1 year old, even though their weight is over 20 lbs? I know they say the infant is happier and they can see out the window and all, but the child shouldn't have a say in how they sit, cause they don't know about accidents and how they can be severely hurt in a crash, only the parents know. So, why make the child happy, by putting them in more danger? The child should have no say in how they sit, since they have no idea about safety. Even if their legs are really long, wouldn't it be better to have potentially broken legs than a spinal injury? Also, I do realize some have siblings in which are sitting forward, but should THAT really give you the idea to make the decision to FF your child too young, for the child happiness? I just want to know, why parents (not the ones who keep RF, but the ones who do it too early) do this? Why?

  • Infants and swimming pools?

    My baby is almost 5 weeks old. We have a swimming pool which and we check the chem levels often to make sure its safe and its cleaned quite often. We live in Florida so the pool water is warm. Is it too soon to let my baby go for a dip with me?

  • My mother in law dropped my baby ...?

    It was an accident , but also quite careless in other aspects . She will not tie in carseats correctly , do not like to use your own seat belt when in the car with babies , use a dirty rag to clean up after meals , wants to take on the escalator in the stroller in instead of taking the elevator , it starts cleaning poop diapers . Fortunately she does not live nearby, but makes your visit a struggle because I have to take care of everything to make sure it's done right , and now this with leaving my baby . The baby was not injured, but had a pretty fall . I'm so upset that I could not sleep all night. What should I do ?

  • Car seats in the UK??

    Ok, so the law in the U.K. is you can't put a baby in a front facing car seat until it's 9kg. First of all my 7 and a half month old baby girl hates her rear facing car seat and always has. For a start she's always looking round to see me. Also her car seat is on a bit of a recline and she always wants to sit upright. So as you can imagine every car journey is a nightmare as she trying to escape out of her seat. Anyway, we got a front facing car seat for a baby present and I really want to use it, but she's not 9 months yet and she not 9kg yet. Although she's slightly under weight, she's really long and she's beginning to look really uncomfortable and squashed when in her car seat. Would it be against the law to put her in the front facing car seat? Has anyone else done this before their little on reached the correct age and weight?

  • New mom. Carseat help!!!!?

    Hey. I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant and registering for my first baby boy :) It is fun, but I must say I am very overwhelmed. I need a mom or dad's opinion please. So here's my problem: My mother-in-law has a Graco stroller car seat base thingy lol. Ya know, where you can take the car seat out and use it as a stroller. But I noticed if I buy a travel system rather than an infant car seat (that I can only use for a little while) I won't be spending much more money. Should I buy an infant car seat to fit the stroller thing that my mother-in-law is going to give me, or just buy a travel system that I can put an infant head thingy in and use for much longer? How convenient are the travel systems? The reason I want the other one is so I can just lift the car seat out of the car with my baby in it. Please, I need whatever advice you have. Thank you :)

  • Carseat after an accident?

    Me and my five month old got into a car accident a few days ago while driving to the airport. we hydroplaned and my friends car hit the guardrail on the drivers side. lily was behind me on the passanger side (thank god ) and airbags only went off on the side that was hit. Right now we are using my 4 year old brothers old carseat that has never been damaged. am i still able to use lily's carseat? i've ehard you can have someone check it and tell you if you can use it again but where can i do this? called local law enforcement but got no helpful answers

  • At how many months can my child go into a toddler car seat?

    He is about to be 1, but he barely fits in his infant car seat, he hates it and I know he is not comfortable. He weighs 20 lbs.

  • This is just horrible :( Please read!!!?

    On Monday there was an accident down the street from my house. It's a median intersection with stop lights, and they had the whole thing blocked off with caution tapes. The accident didn't look *that* bad, i've seen Alto worse. Just a van and a car collided. So we were all trying to figure out why all the ambulances and helicopters and caution tapes. Finally find out that a little boy was thrown from the car :( That's all we knew until this morning. He was airlifted to Children's Hospital and died Wednesday, he was only 4 years old :( The paper said the van ran a stop light while the car was turning left. The paper had the moms statement, saying her son was in the middle seat of her car, buckled with the vehicle seat belt, but was not using any child safety seat. Now the van driver is being charged with reckless homicide. He was only 4! My question is WHY wasn't he in a car seat. The law (at least in WI) states you have to remain in a booster until age 8. At 4, he could still be using a 5 point harness car seat. I know my niece was in a car seat until she was 5 1/2. More than likely that car seat would have saved his life!!! This story just hits too close to home for me (literally!). Why are parents so careless when it comes to car seat safety? I mean even people on here...make comments about how they turned their child forward at 10 months or they would never keep an older child in a car seat, it's embarrassing for them, or keeping a child rear facing is uncomfortable! There is a woman in my apartment building who has a 3 year old and a child under a year. The 3 year old has been in a high back booster for AT LEAST the past year and a half and the little baby is forward facing, he's about 8 months! Now the little girl sits in the same booster but without the back! I see this ALL the time, even my family! I know so many people (from working at the daycare especially) who buy the littlest car seat and when their child grows out of it at 2 or 3, they don't want to spend the money on a bigger harnessed car seat, so they just end up buying a booster seat! Then there is me who has my daughter rear facing still at 16 months and gets told i'm not "following directions." Ugh! This just pisses me off! It is just me, or does this stuff bother you too? I just feel horrible after hearing this!

  • Has anyone taken a baby on a motor coach without a car seat?

    My boss reserved a motor coach (luxury bus, more or less) for a company outing in which family is also invited. The problem is that there are no seat belts, so I can't hook up my 8 month old's car seat... Florida law says that car seats aren't required in large charter buses, he's allowed to just sit on our lap. It's not the law I'm worried about, it's my son's safety. Do you think this is safe? I really want to go and be involved with the outing, and a babysitter is not an option. Besides, I want my son with me, it's a family day. Has anyone had any experiences with this? If I end up not feeling comfortable with it, we can drive separately, but I would rather us be part of the group.... Any thoughts?

  • Is it bad to face baby mnths front facing she weighs 22pnds already and the car seat states front facing?

  • What is the saftest way to install 2 car seats. I have a 4 year old and a infant that is 2 months?

  • My little girl is 10.5 months and she is still in her newborn car-seat.?

    And the doctor gave me a paper that says you should switch to a car - front seat when they reach 20 pounds or more . And she is a little over 20 pounds. Is it a good time to change or should I wait until she is 1 year ?

  • How much should I get for a totaled van??? (10 pts!!!!!!)?

    HoSORRY I KNOW THIS ISNT THE SECTION FOR THIS QUESTION BUT THIS IS THE ONLY SECTION THAT ACTUALLY HAS PEOPLE. i HAVE 3 KIDS AND REALLY NEED A NEW VAN THAT WORKS GOOD I was hit yesterday and it was the other guys fault. I have a 2000 dodge caravan SE i took the van to 2 different auto body places today and both said it is over $4000 to fix all the damages that doesn't include if there are any mechanical problems from him dragging me with my break pushed down, and now there is a rattling under the hood. and a tire is slowly loosing air. kelly blue book puts my van with my vans options to be retail $4825 ( in excellent condition) mine isn't perfect. how much should I expect to get ( ia also am hurt. i ripped my muscles in my neck and back and am hurting) yes i know contact their insurance agent i already have but they are only open m-f 8-5 which is stupid claims should be processed 24:7 I just want a basic idea from other people experiences

  • When can you switch your babies rear facing car seat to facing forward?

    When can you change your baby rear-facing car seat facing forward?

  • When can my preemie use a front facing car seat??

    I know the one year and 20 pounds rule but I am asking because I was told that I had to adjust my sons age for everything but even though he was born 8 months ago...his adjusted age is 6 months and 3 weeks since he was born five weeks early. So does this mean that I need to wait till hes 1 year and 5 weeks (adjusted age 1 year) or is it really just a year?

  • Which infant car seat is the safest?

    My son is 6 mths old and in an infant car seat (Peg Perego) and he is rear-facing. Soon enough we will need to get him a chid toddler car seat. Which one is the best out there in the market and at what age or weight should we face him forward?

  • Checking a car seat when flying with an infant.?

    What are your expierences with checking your car seat while flying? Whenever I check a bag it always looks beat up when I get it from baggage claim, I'd be afraid they'd break the car seat or something.

  • Improper carseat useage?

    If you saw someone making an egregious carseat error, would you say something to them? My cousin's wife posted a photo yesterday of her 2 girls riding in the backseat of their car. Their 15 month old was strapped into a high-back booster with only the car's seat belt. She was slumped over sleeping, practically falling out of the belt. Part of me wants to say something, because that is a recipe for an injured child from even a minor accident, but then I don't really want to overstep my bounds.

  • We need help please?

    My sister had a car accident that was 28 weeks pregnant and doctors performed the caesarean to save her and the baby. And she gave birth to a beautiful girl, but at the time of surgery she was in a coma ** . The boy was in the hospital for two months. Now she is released . My brother is devastated to take care obviously can not the girl alone. You think I should suggest he take care of the child and his mother , will be released ?

  • Quick Question about Busses and babies?

    I have a child of three months old. Evey morning I took him to my parents house so my sister can see it while I go to work. This morning I was in a car accident ( thank God it was after I left ) but my car is in horrible condition so do not even start until it is fixed for next Tuesday I have to ride the bus. But I have no idea what the law is for babies on buses and I can not take it as a city bus I have to take a small bus that resembles a sort of line of a bus trip ? something like an airport shuttle ? My question is I can take my son to him in the car seat even though it does not have seat belts? Is there a law against smaller buses ? I live in Arizona if that helps. PLEASE and THANK YOU