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  • What is an order excusing third party payment order in chapter 13 bankruptcy?

    I have recently filed chapter 13 bankruptcy and I recieved an order excusing entry if third-party payment order and I do not understand what it means, any help appreciated

  • Need help collecting back wages owed?

    My husband's company filed Chapter 11 in January. They have not paid us for his December wages. They did give us one check in early December, but it bounced and they have changed banks. Now our checking account in in jeopardy as we don't have the money to re-deposit. They are not out of business as they are still giving him some hours, but his boss cannot give us any help with his back wages. The Labor Board says we cannot file with them because of the bankruptcy. They say that we need to file with the Bankruptcy court. I have tried searching for a form or info, but it's overwhelming. I saw something about a making a formal demand to the employer. Any information on either or both would be great. We live in California. We need something quick. Thanks

  • How much debt is needed to file bankruptcy?

  • What is the present business situation of Delta Airlines?

  • Does bankruptcy take care of student loans?

    I have massive student loans, credit card bills, and hospital bills. Does chapter 7 bankruptcy get rid if student loans which are in collection?

  • Will filing for bankruptcy eliminate driver responsibility fees?

    All court ordered costs and fines have been taken care of. Now, the reinstatement fees from the Mich.Secretary of state and the (unreasonably excessive and in my opinion,unconstitutional) Driver responsibility fees,that have snowballed out of control; most be dealt with.

  • Chapter 7 Of The Bankruptcy Code?

    I am a little confused about chapter 7. Any help or input would be appreciated. Thanks! Martin mortgaged his farmlands with the State Bank of Florida for promissory notes amounting to $470,000. He defaulted on the payments, and the bank sought to foreclose the mortgage. The state court granted foreclosure. Just before the farmlands were about to be sold, Martin filed a bankruptcy petition under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code. Martin has a regular income of $60,000 from a full time job as a MRI technician. Is Chapter 7 the appropriate provision for Martin's case? What should the bankruptcy court do? What support could I show for the court's ruling to proceed or dismiss the Chapter 7 filing?

  • How much is bankruptcy counseling... is there any free or low cost ones out there in virginia?

    unsure how long it takes to get a cert. so i can file bankruptcy....

  • How Much Does It Cost To File For Bankruptcy?

  • Bankruptcy 7 is Final, But I received a bill that was included, What should I do?

    The bill was for 2 unpaid parking tickets that were included in my bankruptcy 7 from another state.MS. The BK was final in 2009 and I just received a notice from a collection agency mentioning that I better pay it and that I have a warrant... As I stated, it was included in the BK7. The 2 tickets were from 1989. What should I do? Should I call them or hand the letter to the BK attorney? Your Thoughts?

  • How long does it take to get the final decree from the trustee in ch. 7 bankruptcy?

    Once someone gets the final discharge of debt paper in the mail from the bankruptcy judge, how long does it take to get the final decree in the mail from the trustee? It states that the bankruptcy is not final until the trustee declares it so even though the judge has. It took over 5 months to get the discharge of debt form. Does anyone know anything about this?

  • Chapter 7 Bankrupcy - A school I have a loan for closed today. What recourse do I have for recovery?

    I learned today that my flight academy has closed operations and filed for protection under Chapter 7. I must find out from my lender how much they paid and if they paid the full loan to the school. In the event my lender has paid out more than I have used to date, what recourse do I have against the school since it has filed for court protection?

  • After losing in court to a Finance Company, How do you make sure they do not attach your wages?

    I did not have money to hire a lawyer went to court lost to the Finance Company. I'm just trying to find out how to prevent them from attaching my wages. They would not work with me before and sure they still won't work with me to make a payment arragement now. The only thing I have is my job so I'm sure they are going to attach my wages How can I prevent this? I am looking to make payments I can make without making it a Hardship.

  • What happens when you file bankruptcy??

    Do the government give you money after filing bankruptcy? What happens to your debts? Just for my knowledge.

  • What happens when a department store files bankruptcy, closes all their stores &you owe them money on their?

    department store credit card? Are you still financially responsible? For instance, Mervyn's is set to announce that they are going to close all their stores and file bankruptcy (I believe they are now filing chapter 11 after already filing chapter 7) and I happen to have a Mervyn's credit card and owe some on it and was curious as to what happens. Thanks!

  • If you have a car accident on private parking lot..How do you get his insurance co. to pay your damages?

    No police came to scene...due to private property STUFF? So,no ticket was given and nothing was reported to any law agency.We only have the guy's name &phone#. We can't afford to hire an attorney to help us with this. Please reply read this msg. Thank you!

  • Statue Of Limitations In Alabama for Bankrupcty?

    I am looking for imformation on the statue of limitations for bankruptcies in alabama. My husband and i had a bankruptcy that we were giving back the vehicle he had - it has been charged off for 60 days now. I heard once that they only have so many days to recover the items repossed via bankruptcy and if they are not recovered inthat time frame the previous owner (us) would from then on own the item free and clear. Does Anyone have Any information on this ?

  • Bankruptcy???

    I live on long island , ny and am wondering what does it take to qualify for claiming bankruptcy?I have no problems w/ credit cards it is all way overdue hospital bills w/no hope of pymnt plans it is way past that point, but i owe sooooo much.they currently for the past couple of years garnish my NYS tax return not my salary yet i think bec ause i change jobs i eleiglbe?i just had twins and i can't even open a bank account i want to start over for my girls and start to be responsible w/my finances. what can i do?

  • Could we have lied to our bankruptcy lawyer about a pending personal injury case (in our favor)?

    When we filed for bankruptcy last year, our bankruptcy attorney asked us if we had any pending lawsuits. We replied with a yes, as I had to hire a personal injury lawyer cause of a car accident we were in. We were forced to get a lawyer because of the extensive medical bills...the insurance company of the at-fault driver refused to pay any of our medical bills were over $25,000 &growing with my treatment and Dr's. didn't know when I'd be finished receiving treatment. With us already paying some of the bills out of pocket, it got to the point were forced into bankruptcy....there was no other way. We were told by the trustee and our bankruptcy lawyer that all monies received from the personal injury case would have to be applied toward the creditors in the bankruptcy. So in the end...these are the figures... P.I. lawsuit total: $46,000+. P.I. lawyer got his cut: $17,000+. Leaving $29,000+ to creditors. Could we have lied &gotten all of the $29,000 w/out getting caught

  • Is a fee only certified financial planner worth the cost ?

    What is the cost of this service?