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  • Want to know more about physical therapy asst?

    Looking into a career for PTA and I'm wondering what the majority of the type of therapy that PTA's do. I really want to pick someones brain, and really know what i'm getting into.

  • Where or how can I make another $500 a month apart from my full time job?

    Please no scammers respond. I have looked just about everywhere. I am tired living paycheck to paycheck. I have learned to spot the scams, the MLM, PT jobs that take more time than they are worth. I haven't a dime to spare or invest nor more than a few extra hours a week. I am in my 50's, well versed in typing, data entry, the banking industry, good with people, good negotiater and love to help others. Now I need to help my self and need others input or knowledge. I do have a home desk top computer, no printer, and can't even afford to buy aniti-virus at this time. I live within my means, usually am hopeful, but I sure could use some honest avenues, direction or suggestions. I had a family member pass away 4 years ago, by best friend, and it's been downhill since. I cared for my mom for 15 years in every way I knew and could. Personal input is irrelevant, but I am seriously in need of ideas suggestions or an extra job offer. Are there no honest work-at-home data entery or (other) jobs I can supplement with. The internet is good but also bad. It is so difficult to sift out garbage. Getting savvy gets depressing only o find another dead end. I am currently employed full-time, but $5.00 away from nothingness every month. I pay by obligations, but I go in the hole if I just want to take my husband out to breakfast. I am just short of considering bankruptcy, but would need to know the good bad AND the ugly of it, not just that the debt is dissolved. I know there is more to it, responsibilities, and consequences, yet we all hear you CAN rebuild your credit and get a "fresh-start". HOW? ...and will new potemtial employers want you when they see a bankruptcy on your credit? Is credit used with the poor economy and so many have lost so much, it's rampant. Many no longer have good credit. Who to believe anymore... Everyone has a story. All honest, legitimate, sincere direction welcome.

  • Should i go back to school or be content with my current job?

    I'll try to make it as short as possible. I have 27 years and is the mother of a 4 year old. I have occasionally worked for a company in the aviation industy for a total of six years. I left school at the age of 16 years to care for my dying mother. I've been working full-time jobs since. He never returned to school, but I have my GED. I've always wanted to go to college, but never really sure what I wanted to do. At present, I have worked a total of six years in the aviation industry and have had no legitimate training real. I started this company doing data entry time, it became my job several positions. Now I have gone as far as you can, and if I make a decent salary, and I am not satisfied. There are a lot of problems with the company ... financial and otherwise. The company has gone through several changes in ownership and I've been fired several times. There is absolutely no structure and employee morale is very low. The company does not offer health insurance or other benefits, and probably never will. The position I have now are very specific to that company and the skills they have acquired through that position do not transfer well to other work in the case were to be fired again. This is my main concern. After being fired from this company a couple of years I went to work for a law firm for about a year and a half and worked as a secretary. I found the work very difficult, but rewarding and have always wondered if I should pursue a career as a paralegal. I love working in the aviation industry, but I'm not happy with the company I work for now and I live in a rural community with no other company in this industry and I am not wanting to move or relocate to pursue a career in this industry in other places. So my question: I've been thinking about going to college to get my degree as a paralegal. I'm very conflicted as to how I will do well. My boyfriend (and father of the daughter) was injured a few months ago in a car accident and has been unable to work. My work is the main source of income and has been difficult to say the least ... another reason why I want to have a more secure future in a profession that can provide better stability. I do not know how to pursue this. If I quit my job to go to school full time How am I going to pay our bills? I can not trust student loans alone, right? I have a bit of debt right now, most doctors (not sure). I know I could find a part time job, but again, I make a pretty decent salary now and will be difficult to spend twice the minimum wage, the minimum wage decisions more likely. I know there are a lot of programs and grants available to students and students with families ... but I am so overwhelmed. I want to do this so bad, but I feel like they have no guidance. Not to mention that I am under a tremendous amount of stress right now. I feel selfish for letting this consume me and take time away from my family. I just I can not stop thinking about how I have to start working towards a better future. I want to buy a house and provide a good life for my daughter. I do not fight like my parents did. I want to better myself. I'm so lost as to what to do. I keep going back and forth ... I can quit my job and go to school or I can hold in my work and wait until finally sink back and I sit out? Also, going to school means moving to a larger city near about 45 miles away. I've always wanted to live in this city, but it would mean a lot of changes ... quit my job, find a new preschool for my daughter, so I know this could be a great thing, but I'm worried about what I will not be able to do ... I'm going to regret leaving my job. But I also know that if I do not pursue this dream I also regret. WHAT TO DO!

  • Divorcee Job Hunt Need Help?

    Hello, I am a divorced woman with talent and need a job. I can not afford to work for minimum wage and math deficiencies are all that keeps me on my degree (I failed remedial math 4 times and I can not take my science courses to get my degree without a passing grade math) I have 167 college credits with an average of 3.45 Subtracting math courses my GPA. I have had my own jewelry store, has been assistant manager of a pawn shop, has been a private investigator, and I'm the only NAIS adoption search specialist certified nationwide. I worked as a DJ in Karaoke bars and private parties, but my karaoke machine is not working now and I can not afford the repairs are unemployed. I've also written reviews for Amiga game world and the Computer Gaming World magazine. I served as the president of the homeowners association Abington Downs in Madison, Alabama and was on the committee Architechural control. No resume because I have most of my experience is self-employment. I really need to find a good paying job or entry level of around $ 35-40K for my bills. Below is an example of what I've come up with a resume, I think it sucks, I need help. Please offer suggestions. I can not move I live in San Diego. Leah XX Caminito St. San Diego, CA. 92XXX home 858-XXX-XXXX 858-XXX-XXXX cell Objective:. To land a job at Yahoo! Local input or from my home in San Diego, Ca Summary:. This is not your standard curriculum, and I'm not your employee future standard I would make an excellent choice for a position at Yahoo! because after years of real life experience, I know it has to do with the final outcome and results, and experience has taught me how to achieve this goal. My college GPA is about 3.45 however, besides having a good education, at the age of 43 years I have experienced in real life than other younger candidates entry level can not match. Education is important, but many things can not be taught in a book. Moreover, as my former mother-in-law once told me that I am, "Honest to a fault." Honesty and reliability are very important to me. I know that a company like Yahoo! appreciates these features too. I had a web-based business thriving in the late '90 's focuses on interactive toy Tiger Electronics' Furby "which promotes this toy and generated thousands of dollars in revenue by clicking through independent commissions. I'm high energy and enjoy the spotlight. I have worked as a professional disc jockey and karaoke entertainer for 12 years, I was also a licensed private investigator and taught classes in beading and jewelry craft my own boutique in Madison, Alabama. I've been in fourteen countries, both for business and pleasure. I have also been a relief worker in Honduras. All this while raising a family of four. These things make me a great choice for any entry-level position. Most of my experience comes from self-employment or volunteer work. Again, unlike your average candidate, I can not list dates employed here or there, because being a mom and wife first came when I got married. I have not beaten a watch since I left the U.S. Navy 1987. I've been working on my BA sporadically as money permits, and is also working on repairing my credit after divorce induced bankruptcy. Please do not judge me by my credit report is not a fair representation of my creditworthiness. Much of the network is still pending litigation with my former spouse and as much as I wish I could pay all the debt we had together, I can not. I would like the opportunity to sit down and discuss a position at Yahoo! in an interview. Yahoo! I'm sure once you see that I am a fast learner, outgoing and love people, Yahoo! know I am the best choice for a position. I have hopes of winning at least 35 - 40K in my first year, but do not want to put a limit of 40K on me ... I require at least 20K and have health benefits and retirement. Hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Leah XX 858-XXX-XXXX

  • Is it fine to start a career out of college in a company that is going bankruptcy?

    I 'm being hired by a company that just submitted Chapter 11 bankruptcy today , I must decline your offer or should I be optimistic and take it? thanks

  • Can bad credit bar me from employment?

    2 years ago , I was laid off and could not find work for about 24 months. Finally , I was forced to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to clear my debt because I was sent to collections . I have a job now , you do not pay anything right . I'm still looking for work and recently found a very good high paying . But one of the conditions for employment is a good credit . I have no criminal record , drug use , have never done any work for any reason other than fired for no fault of mine. I am a U.S. citizen and has a degree and work seems to be a perfect fit . But still I have the problem of credit. The only problem is that my bankruptcy has not been through it all and it could be months before my debt is discharged and slate can be cleaned . How likely is that my employer may be willing to overlook the area that do not meet the requirements ? ? I can be excluded from employment based solely on the basis of bad credit ? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated , maybe someone has had personal experience with this topic .

  • Scared of failing at my job. I (stupidly) deal w/ this by goofing off and avoiding work. Details inside -help?

    I graduated college with honors, in only 3 years. At my first job, I did very well, but left when another company offered me at 25% pay increase. At my 2nd job, I did very well, but they closed down their office and said we all had a choice of moving 1000 miles away, or finding different jobs. I chose to find a different job. At my 3rd job, I didn't do well, and was asked to leave. Job #4: It took me a while to find a job after that. I took one 100 miles away, and drove up there on Monday evenings and back down on Friday evenings. I wasn't there very long before a company in the town I live in, who I had sent a resume to earlier, offered me an interview, and then offered me a job (#5) Job #5: I LOVED working here, and excelled at my work. I was considered a valuable employee. But when the company declared bankruptcy (chapter 11) I figured they were going to close up shop pretty soon, so I left. I was correct, by the way - they have since liquidated. (Cont'd)

  • How should I handle my Bankruptcy filing on my next new job?

    I am filing for Bankrupty Chp 7 (and I have researche the pros and cons of it as well as required by Law)...but does anybody have any suggestions to me of "how should I tell my next new emloyee about time off here-and-ther when completing the Bankruptcy process, to get away from work on it"? I'm an unemployed HRIS professional, and I dont know if should bring it up upon accepting the job and stating if its OK to get away when needed ...OR just bring up the Truth of my ordeal during my time on the job and just say "may I have this time off to go do my Bankruptcy filing". Or dont say anything and Use time-off as an excuse for Dr. appt instead? I want to say the Truth and have no problem with it...cause in this Bankruptcy filing I know I may have to the Bankruptcy Public Help Desk every now and then to Ensure I have completed my Bankruptcy filing on-my-own and correctively. I'm aware it's a 4-6 process by the Court, but before I submit it to the court, I know Im going to need to stop by at that Help Desk a few times - during work hours. Any suggestions? And Thank You.

  • What do they do when you get a criminal background check?

    I have a job interview for a daycare monday. The woman told me that I needed to get a criminal background check at the jailhouse. Wouldn't they normally just do it theirselves? Besides that, what do they do when they run it? Just look up your name?

  • CCJ history and new job - URGENT advice please?

    I am starting a new job at the end of the month for Optima Legal, a law firm. I have been offered the position but they are going to carry out some checks and I don't know if I will be ok. 1) Credit check - I haven't taken anything out on credit so I don't think I will have a credit score, certainly not a bad one. WIll this be ok? AND 2) A Financial Sanctions Database Check They said in the interview that even if you have a cleared CCJ, you can't work for them. Well I have never had a CCJ, cleared or otherwise but my parents did once have one. Long story short - my dad was in a car accident and was out of work. It was approx 10 years ago and it wasn't for a mortgage. But if they ask for my home address will it come up - and will it mean that I can't be employed even though I will have been about 12 at the time?? I don't know how this works but if something goes wrong on these checks, I am in trouble as I'm being made redundant from my current job at the end of the month. Does ANYONE know the answer to this? Help massively appreciated.

  • For the involuntarily unemployed--have any of you declared bankruptcy or considered declaring it?

    I just had to file for an unemployment extension; the processing could take several weeks. I spend each day looking for a job but am having a hard time. I have considered declaring bankruptcy and starting fresh, but am not sure if this is the right way to go. Has anyone else found themselves in the same boat?

  • I am currently working in a very high paying position that I learned by trade many years ago.?

    I had to move 350 miles from home to take this position and only did so for financial reasons . Turns out my finances could not be saved and was forced into bankruptcy anyway. My friend works for a company in my home town that is hiring a job in an office that is where I hope to be one day as I am pursueing a degree in Business Administration . Do I stay where money is fruitful or should I go home to MyFriends and family ?

  • Asking all firefighters, what in your medical record could prevent employment at a fire department?

    I am applying to a fire department and they told me to do a review of medical history . I was in a car accident many years ago and am still going through a lawsuit because of that accident for back pain . Can you prevent someone from being hired ? Thank you.

  • Security clearance... do you have one? what do you do for a living?

    what level clearance you ?

  • Can prospective employers run your personal credit check?

    A friend of mine is going to a management position in the city compared to large budgets . She has many years of Human Resources

  • Anyone know of Staffing agencies that hire convicted felons in or around the Houston area?

  • How does a poor credit report affect your ability to pass a background check?

    I received an offer from a customer representative coinsurance as svc in your call center . I accepted his offer and now have to pass a drug test (no problem ) and a background investigation . I guess it will be a criminal background check (no problem ) and employment record (no problem ) but my credit is not great. I have a bankruptcy since 2005 , but all of my current credit is on time and well . If all the other elements are in order and they gave me an offer and will have to do something to cancel the deal ?

  • Unfair labor. 8+ hour days and no breaks.?

    On Monday , I started a residential cleaning job in Charlotte , North Carolina . I said starting salary was 9 dlls per hour , but it would be 12 in a few months . The work consists of completing a tour Cleaning an 8 hours. Mine is a team of four women and the driver owns the car and mileage is paid . She eats and talks on his cell phone while driving and almost got killed several times . There are no breaks , not even a lunch break and just give us 20 minutes to go from one house to another . My co-workers including my supervisors engage in sexually explicit conversations throughout the day and refer to each other as

  • I declared bankruptcy 6 years ago. Can I get a good job after an MBA from a good school?

    To make a long story short , I was an idiot as a teenager and went crazy with credit. It ended up in my bankruptcy about 6 years. Since then , I have changed my life and have not had any incidents of bad credit . Now I've been accepted into a good MBA program , but I wonder if it will even be hireable after graduation . I'm reading that a lot of companies do credit checks and automatically disqualify anyone with a bankruptcy . Will I even be able to get a job ? I am wanting to get into something like finance or corporate brand management . My degree was in business, but after graduation I went in another direction for my career . My current career is fine for now , but I can not consider for the long term. I wonder if the MBA would be worth the time and money , or am I doomed in the business world ? Do companies take into account the fact that many years have passed since the bankruptcy ?

  • Does filing chapter 7 bankruptcy mean that you will never get security clearance?

    You know everyone can have bad circumstances in life that are beyond the control of the person . In my case I was faced with a medical emergency in June 2009 and needed immediate surgery or death can result. I had a strangulated umbilical hernia and the blood supply to the bowel was strangled , writhed and resulted in intestinal obstruction . The pain was intense and if medical treatment is not sought , it becomes fatal due to a permanent intestinal failure . I went to the emergency room at 2 am and did stomach surgery immediately . I was hospitalized for several days . After being released I got a bill for tens of thousands of dollars . I was already unemployed and was recession. No way I could have paid such huge bill being unemployed. I had to file bankruptcy and as a result all my other debts were wiped out . I could not even afford health insurance . Now , an employer is interested in me to offer me a job because I am a recent college graduate with a bachelor of science in mathematics . The job description states that the applicant must be able to obtain security clearance . So this means that I will not do the job? How is it my fault ? His work in information technology and I see what bankruptcy is all about my ability to do the job .