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  • Do you drive a car with the Air Bag light on?

    Your modern car records how many times you drive it with the light on? If you get into an accident and a passenger is hurt , he can sue and get the information from the cars computer that you drove it "x" times knowing it was unsafe and never fixed it, thus winning with a law suit with slam dunk? If the person dies you may also incur criminal charges!

  • I rear ended a car going less then 15mph, and now the driver claims he is hurt. What should I do?

    I rear ended this guy who was driving a big Toyota Land cruiser. I was going less 15MPH and hit the metal part where you tow trailers. Police came and issued me a citation for driving too close. Now my adjuster called me and said that the other driver went to the emergency room and filed a claim. I was like are F***king kidding me?? I hit that dude going less than 15mph and he was in big SUV. During the whole time he walking around and talking on the cell phone. The officers asked him "are you hurt" he was like no "I'm fine". There was no damage to his car and my car the front bumper and hood got dented. Basically a fender bender accident. I'm soo freaking pissed off!! So what can i do? thanks

  • Can I be compensated for a car accident that wasnt my fault?

    I got into a wreck and it wasnt my fault. I was wondering if i could be compensated anything more past the cost of repairs to my car. I did not got to the hospital...yet. This happened 2 days ago.

  • Auto accident involving bicyclist.. Fault? Insurance? Etc.?

    Hi, A friend of mine was borrowing my car for work. She was driving down the street at approx 35 mph (posted speed limit in that area is either 35-40). A young man on a bicycle was riding across the street and hit the back driver side of the car. The police made a report but the officer told her since it was less than 500 in damage did not HAVE to be reported. The guy on the bicycle told her and the cop he was trying to make it even though he seen the traffic coming. He also said it happened to him once before. A witness stated that she did have the green light to go. Ambulance arrived but the bicyclist told them that he was fine and just had a couple scrapes from hitting the ground. They stated that his bike came in contact with the car, then he fell to the ground; resulting in scrapes on elbow and forehead. Some of the facts are; It was night time (dark out). The guy did NOT have lights on his bicycle (as req by law in CA on bicycles at night). The guy was NOT in the crosswalk. The speed limit on that street is either 35 or 40. He admitted that he seen her coming but was trying to make it before oncoming traffic came. Can't really think of anything else to write.. But I am curious if I am REQUIRED to report this to the auto insurance? The officer said since the guy said he wasnt injured and also the damage was less than 500 that I did not have to. Just wanted to see what anyone else's opinion is on this situation? Also, by the facts listed... Does it seem like it would be found at her fault or the bicyclist fault? Thanks in advance!

  • Minor Car Accident Months ago, No police report, No Insurance swapped.?

    the car rear ended me, it took paint damage i took no damage. Can this person switch the claim around and say i backed into them?

  • Is racing to the speed limit illigal?

    Lets say im on a stop light and the road is 70km/h. Is it illigal to race to 70km/h ? Will a cop stop me if im accelearting pedal to the metal?

  • Why are car tires black?

    Could there be colored car tires?

  • Car Accident How Much Should I Push For?

    I was in a head on collision a guy ran a red light and hit me head on while i was waiting in a turning lane (not moving) and then he tried to get away lucky for me someone went and chased him down they my vehicle was totaled and priced at 5919.92 my face was extremely bruised and burned. my shoulder is still very sore along with my ribs my newborn was in the back seat although unharmed he will need a new car seat being it was in a accident. my new under armor hoodie was always burned from the air bag and i needed medical attention afterwards how much should i push for a settlement with allstate?

  • Would my car have bumped if i hit a rabbit?

    I want to make this clear i dont no if i did or didnt hit a rabbit. I was driving back home and a rabbit ran in front of me. I went to emergancey stop but pressed my assliartion by accident(its a new car and a first time driver so still getting used to it) I was very shuck up and nearly crying. But of I did have hit it would I have felt the bump? Which there was none. Sorry for my spelling

  • Is there any country that have legal speed limit acceded to 65 or 70 miles?

    Is there any country that have legal speed limit acceded to 65 or 70 miles?If No then why most of our car is made of upto limit 100 or more?Do you think many accidents can be prevented if they all start making car that is not able to speed more then legal posted speed in that particular country?

  • Can we use credit card of non driver to pay for car rental in Nova Scotia?

    Driver did not have credi card with him so he asked if he could use credi card of the non-driver to make the payment.

  • I hit a car what should i do?

    ok on november 14th i was reversing and my neighbors friends car was parked on the opposite side of the street. When i hit the car i dint hit it hard it was just a little tap nothing happen to my car. I asked my brother in law to tell the neighbor so he would know. so the owner of the car was out of town and the neighbor said he would talk to him. On tuesday night i received a call from him saying that he was going to look for a shop to fix it. Than he calls me saying the damages is going to be $2,500 and i said what i told him can you come over to line up the cars and he started saying what are you trying to say you didn't hit my car well i could call the polices. So than i told him can you take measurement so i could see where the hit is at so i could measure it from my car and he said no i cant what if i give you the wrong directions. so than i figured he is trying to get me for something else so i told him you know what i decided to go through insurances can you come over so my insurances agent could take pictures of your car so be here at 6 or 7. he never showed up and hasn't called me since Wednesday... what should i do.. oh i spoke to a cop and told me that the damages on the other car could not have been done from my car and since nobody saw me hit the car e has no evidences it was me than just me telling him... what should i do people...

  • Can a partial color blind drive car in canada?

    i mean i don't have any problem in differentiating colors but i can`t really read numbers in that color book test also called 'ishihara' test (where you see numbers inside a maze of colours).

  • Antbody know anything about injury car accident cases, lawyers etc?

    I was injured in car accident, 100% other huys fault. Missed several months of work. Had to borrow to keep roof over my head, and after seven months, the lawyer told me today that we could settle for 6,000.00, with 2800.00 in my pocket. Seemed low to me.He said settlements are lower these days. Even though I saw their chiro for 60 days, for some reason the doctor reported me out of word only 17 days. I can only shake my head at that. Any legal wizs out there? Thanks

  • If i crashed the car offered by the automobile school during the driving lesson, who is responsible?

    if i crashed the car offered by the automobile school during the driving lesson, who is responsible? during the lesson, the driving was next to me.

  • When you were in high school, what were the cars the cool kids drove?

    And if you are in high school now, what cars are popular with the "in crowd" today? When I was in school, Ford Mustang GT's with the 5.0L V-8 engine were extremely popular.

  • Traffic Law Question?

    Can I get sued or in trouble for driving away from a minor accident I did not know I iniated. I was pulling out of a parking spot and i slightly scratched a man's van. I had no idea I actually scratched the van so I drove down to the next block. I then saw the van follow me and the man got out and said I hit him. I pulled over and his car has a slight white mark and so did mine from the apparent point where they scraped against each other. He also said i caused a minor dent from above the white mark which would have been impossible cause of where my car was scratched. I explained that to him and he didnt argue the point back. His mark on his car came out pretty much when I went to rub it out. I said I am a new driver and apologized repeatedly. He then said it was ok and I should be careful and then he drove away. Could I get in any trouble for this?

  • My wife was in a car accident last night that was not her fault. Please help me understand this?

    She went to Urgent Care last night to get x-rayed. Everything seemed to be OK, she may go back for 1 or 2 follow ups if she feels worse, but seems OK. State Farm insurance, which is the insurance of the guy who hit my wife, called her today, asked about the accident, and if she received medical attention. She said she did and that she may go for a follow up appointment, or something more if the pain worsened. The agent said, "OK, call me at this number when you want a settlement." What does that mean? Settlement to pay the bills? Settlement for time lost at work (at least one day)? Settlement for extra like pain and suffering? Settlement for the car (which was totalled)? Or a settlement for ALL of these things? I mean, what do we do? give them receipts? Give them an estimate of damages plus a little extra for pain and suffering? I just don't know what that meant? Please help.

  • Help me! i will get screwed by insurance company?

    i just got into an accident. a truck ran a red and slammed into the side of my car. before the police came he apologized several times and claimed that he tried to stop but couldn't because roads were wet. no witnesses stuck around and i think im an going to get royally screwed by this financially because i think i will have to pay for these repairs myself, when it was clearly the other man's fault. There is no way to prove it though. Any advice as to what i can do with the insurance company, what to say, etc.

  • What can i do if someone reversed into my car?

    At the time this idiot did this he got out of his car and apologised to me, gave me his insurance details and left , because this person was in a hurry,there were no witnesses to this accept for a man who was passing by and i did not get his name ,but i do see him around the car park alot so i may bump into him again and i could ask him to be my witness , i phoned my insurance up when i got home , they sent me a car to rent and they took mine away for repair , the car took 11 days to be repaired and returned to me, i sent the courtesy car back which cost about £1500 i have not paid for this or the repair for my car, i have now received a letter from my insurance company which to my horror says the other driver is not accepting liability for the accident , he is making another story up,What do i do now am i going to lose my no claims bonus i have several years,who will pay for my car and the courtesy car and is there anyway to prove this man was in the wrong