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  • How long does a corpse stay in the hospital before it is moved to the mortuary?

    Also, how long does the mortuary keep the corpse for? Is it completely dependent on the family and when they bury/cremate it?

  • Car Accident + Headache?

    I just got in a car accident eariler today and totalled my car. Iv been so stressed, crying for hours, and have had the hugest migrane. The only injury I have is a bruise on my knee. I didnt go to the hospital and my head is pounding right now. Im assuming its because of the stress (I live in a totally different state from family and friends, my husband is deployed, and I didnt have collision insurance). I want to try to fall asleep and see how I feel in the morning but my mother-in-law said I might have internal bleeding in my head and I might not wake up if I go to sleep. Do you think its true? Calling 911 to go to the hospital is ganna be expensive and I dont really know anyone who would take me to the hospital on base. Should I take a cab or do you think I will be fine?

  • Medical Patient Financial Aid for an 18 y/o with no job or insurance?

    My 18 y/o brother-in-law just found out he is going to be a dad and then he was in a terrible auto accident last week. He doesn't have a job or insurance! The family is looking at him being in the hospital for possible months. Any advice I can pass along in regards to financial aid? I would hate for this kid to wake up to no future because of medical bills. The hospital staff is currently working to stablize his lungs before they can assess all the damage. He is in an induced coma. At the very least they believe that there is damage to his lungs, liver and spline. He has broken ribs and he will need skin graphs for his back and arms. There has been no indication that he suffered brain damage at this point.

  • Who takes the bill (If I died, scenario)?

    This has been bugging me... If I died in a car accident today, and they see on my drivers license that I'm a donor, then they'd rush me to the hospital in a ambulance, dig out my usable organs and cremate the rest. So, when all is said and done, who has to pay for all of that? Does the hospital take it since I just gave them my entire body as a donation? Or are they going to be assbags and make my family pay for the ambulance ride and the procedures to turn me into ash and put me in a commemorative dish?

  • Is there anything I can do about Hospital negligence?

    Situation: I was involved in a car accident which shattered my T12 vertebrae and severe nerve trunk damage. As a result I had to have 5 of my vertebrae's fused. While I was in the hospital I was very neglected after the surgery. A day after the surgery I was moved from the ICU to the General Care area. At the time I has a devise that was basically a bulb with a very long, thin tube that was inserted in my back to suck up any leaking spinal fluid and blood from the surgery. The individuals that moved me put on my back brace upside down and positioned it too high. The back brace ended up damaging the tube that was in my back, causing bleeding and spinal fluid leakage. This started giving me intense headaches along with pain in my back. Also, due to the transfer, my medication was stopped in the ICU and was supposed to continue when I got to the General Care area. I asked the nurses for pain medication and was refused because no doctor had signed off on it and all the doctors were busy. It took a friend of mine that was visiting (and he witnessed the entire thing) to yell at the nurses and get a doctor to approve my pain medication. It took over 4 hours before I was given my pain medication and muscle relaxers. On top of that, a neurosurgeon was informed that too much fluid was being extracted from the bulb and she came down to remove it and sow me up. The nurses were consistently late with my medication. I was supposed to receive Percacet every 4 hours and valium every 8 hours. The nurses would typically show up an hour to an hour and a half late (I know because I had a running diary of when I was taking what). I also had to call into the desk area whenever I needed my catheter emptied. At one point I woke up in the middle of the night and really had a full in my kidneys almost hurt. I called in and asked for a nurse to check my catheter bag and see if it needed to be emptied. An hour later a tech came in to do my vitals and noticed it was completely full and emptied it out for me. The nurse never showed up. The last thing that was a problem and I didn't even notice until my wife mentioned it, was that I never had a bed pan or toilet that was handicap accessible. I had a walker but was told I couldn't use it unless a nurse or a physical therapist was present. Also, the walker was never within reach even if I did need to use it. So basically, if I would have had a bowl movement....I would not have had anywhere to go. Question: My question is, is there anything I can do to go after the Hospital for this lack of care. I was pretty helpless with have 5 vertebrae fused and really not being able to move. I would like to know what all I can do to go after them. I never want another person to have to deal with this level of treatment. My 6-7 days in the hospital was hell. And that is without the broken back issue.

  • Anyone have information on the following addictions?

    does anyone have any information/statistics on the following addictions: Porn Sexual Intercourse Shopping Therapy thanks so much. or if you have any personal experiances with any of this it would help me sooo much

  • Question about Auto Accident and ( Unethical ? ) Doctor ?

    My wife was in a car accident last week and totaled her car. The other driver was cited and my wife was injured. My wife went to a scheduled appointment with our family doctor ( which was recommended by the ER ). Our doctor refused to see my wife after she was taken in to see this doctor. The doctor wrote at the top of the paper THIS PATIENT IS NOT GOING TO BE SEEN HERE after my wife sat in her office for over an hour. I thought doctors took an oath to treat the sick and the injured ?? I'm at a loss for words, I can't believe that my wife was turned away and she is in pain ! Can anyone find any laws on this and post them so that I may be able to look into this ? The accident happened in West Virginia ! * Note : The other drivers insurance company is NOT disputing this claim, in fact, the insurance company admitted their client was at fault and also admitted their client admitted fault. The police report shows the other driver was in fact, at fault. Thanks for your answer.

  • I have a lower bulging disc in L5 and two bulging discs in my neck. How do I exercise &work out?

    I am 20 years old and 5"0 and 90lb. These resulted from a car accident and the doctors hired from the car insurance made the report that they believe my bulging discs were a result of that. But this accident happened 2 years ago and payments for further chiropractic or medical expenses related to these discs have been discontinued bcz they believe I have no lifelong disabling injuries. My Medicaid expires in 2 months. So I will have no insurance. I asked my physician and she said she doesn't know how to advice me in that area bcz it's not her expertise. The spinal surgeon she recommended me to, well their office won't see me bcz this is a post-car related accident, not something that is birth-related. The car accident orthopedic surgeon she recommended me to won't see me because my car accident claim has been discontinued. So I have NO ONE to turn to ask how am I supposed to work out, how do I exercise. Anyone with bulging discs, how do you manage the pain and work out?

  • Can you get amnesia after hitting your head?

    Ok so my big sister car accident this morning. She said she hit her head and got knocked out and when she woke up she got her phone and keys and took off walking she called my aunt a ask her to come get her and now she don't remember where her car is she said it's because she hit her head can you get amnesia after hitting your head like that she remembers calling my aunt and getting her phone and keys but not where her car is

  • Can a brain shunt after first getting it effect ur personality ?

    I`ve never been in trouble in my whole life, infact I have worked in law enforcement for 8 yrs. and was involved in a wreck causing me to have to get a brain shunt. Shortly after getting out of the hospital I was aressted for battery on a L.E.O and domestic violence. I am soon haveing to go to court on those charges which are felony`s. Us there any chance that the shint could have affected my personality to be violent. I am doing better now and was wanting to know if their was any web-site I could pull up sum info. on the affects the shunt might have on mu personality. I am doing much better now but for that period of about 2 months I got in trouble for both incidents. CAN SUM 1 PLZ. HELP ME !!!

  • If you die from a coma does ur body get cut up to see what caused the death or do they just bury u ?

  • Are people really living longer?

    Or is it really due to things such as seat belt laws,low birth death rates in the first world, or things that prevent accidents and injury to begin with

  • I applied for disability 11 yrs ago was denied and never appealed can I get back pay?

    In 1999 I fractured my femur in a car accident applied for disability and was denied I was 22 at the time had no idea of how the process worked and never appealed well now I can't work because of my femur injury which has also caused me to develop severe osteoarthritis in both knees I need a hip and knee replacements. On the SSA website femur fracture is listed as a disability should I have been denied and can I receive back pay for 11 yrs

  • Marijuana vs.caffeine : Why is marijuana the "bad" drug?

    Deaths in the United States in a typical year are as follows: * Tobacco kills about 400,000 * Alcohol kills about 80,000 * Workplace accidents kill 60,000 * Automobiles kill 40,000 * Cocaine kills about 2,500 * Heroin kills about 2,000 * Aspirin kills about 2,000 * Marijuana kills 0 There has never been a recorded death due to marijuana at any time in US history. All illegal drugs combined kill under 20,000 per year, or a small percent of the number killed by alcohol and tobacco. Tobacco kills more people each year than all of the people killed by all of the illegal drugs in the last one hundred years. Death by caffeine happens every year by overdose. Pregnant women drinking caffeine are twice as likely to have a miscarriage. People routinely get bad side effects from not drinking or ingesting their fix of caffeine on a daily basis. Yet know one dies from marijuana use. There is no physical symptoms going without either. High School and College Valedictorians have come from Mothers who have smoked Marijuana throughout their pregnancy more often than you realize.

  • Whiplash and going to court for pain and suffering...??

    This is the problem. I had a car accident last February and hurt the left side of my neck. I did physio for about 6 months which didn't help at all. Now, for the last month or so, my left hand and arm becomes numb. My doctor says it's related to my neck but it would be hard to prove it's because of the accident because I already had arthritis in my neck. I'm waiting for a cat scan which could take up to 6 months to get. My lawyer isn't really impressed with my doctor. He says she doesn't do much to help me. He called me yesterday and told me to go see her again because he needs more details. Just whiplash isn't enough. Plus, I am really scared in a car now and I don't go on highways at all. This is really stressing me out. My doctor isn't helping much and my lawyer is after me. What should I do, sometimes, I just feel like dropping everything! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

  • Where can I find help with paying for hopitalization?

    I have a dear friend in the hospital. She had a very bad accident. Her jaw is broken and wired shut. She has a broken arm, broken ribs, broken vertbrae in her neck and back. They are going to discharge her in two days because she has no insurance. This might not be a crime in mans law but it is a crime to humanity. Anyone who can help or give me ideas is greatly appreciated

  • PLEASE HELP! Respite Care for our children because of chronic depression?

    My husband is in the process of getting respite care for our 2 children (ages 4 &5) so he can go to work. He makes $80,000/yr but we had a huge business loss causing his wages to be garnished which is over 70% of his income. Therefor, we can't afford daycare and he makes too much to get state pay for daycare. Our children are both on the Autism Spectrum because I can't get out of bed and socialize them. I can barley get enough energy to use the bathroom. My husband found out that we can get free respite care for through the state, but isn't this a NURSE??? I can take care of myself, it's my children I'm so worried about. They need interaction with other children, not a nurse. They are 4 &5 and both of them have social skills as a typical young 2 &3-year-old child. I am so worried about our children's well-being because they have not had any social interaction in their entire lives (except for 4/hrs per week of Early Intervention). Every penny is going towards debt payments, food, rent (we lost our home), and simple necessities. He refuses to file for Bankruptcy since we have already paid $200,000 in debt in the past 3 years and we are down to $80,000 in debt (all from a business loss). I desperately need answers from someone who truly understands "chronic depression" and how debilitating it is and/or someone who knows a little about state assistance for our children in a case like this. My husband makes too much to get state pay for daycare (even though over 70% of our income is going towards debt payments from the business loss). What is respite care for our children??? I don't need a nurse, I need someone who can physically care for them by taking them out to the park, zoo, do puzzles, play games with them, and make their meals... like a nanny. Isn't respite care a home "nurse"??? Thank you so very much in advance for your help with this. Any answers/advice is SO MUCH APPRECIATED.

  • Can a doctor tell your spouse if you call and tell them they are addicted to the pills they prescribe?

    My husband is an addict, struggling and go for years . He is addicted to pain pills and anxiety medication . I have been naive, has manipulated , cheated .. whatever. Your doctor are blind ! If I call them and tell them about their horrible addiction can tell you that I called ? It will not quit or admit addiction , and I have tried to help. Thought if I talked to the doctor to cut the source can help bring to rehab ? He will not go ... refuses . Help !

  • I am currently on Long Term Disability?

    Currently I am on long term disability . I got into a car accident and have some shoulder problems . I am not able to drive a car and therefore can not work. My question is that if I become pregnant while long-term disability , you can get denied my claim because I got pregnant ?