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  • Info on hang gliding please?

    im 22 and it's something I've always wanted to do, and I have a large sum of money coming my way soon and id like to know as much as I can hang gliding as Do I need to be in a flying club or I can go solo in some remote ( ill always have a friend in the ground with a walkie talkie for security) Do I need a license to fly I need to find a local place to learn to fly , I live in coventry uk and can not find ads anywhere close I can travel far Is there a law about flights Should I buy a model of high performance and high-end equipment if I can afford it? when I learned to fly , do i need to buy a license ? There are several licenses and I can buy just some hang gliders with certain licenses ? or is the same as going into a store , buy it and walk again ? if im alowed to fly solo I allowed to be towed by a friend in a quad to get altitude ? Please do not make fun of if I sound like a novice , I've always wanted to fly and this is the most natural way and get left thinking about it , and I know enough about aerodynamics and control as I've researched a little about it