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  • I got a question about bankruptcy?

    I was going to file chapter 7 bankruptcy ,but i was working with this company where instead of paying for a lawyer you will provide with law students for only civil legal matters. So I was going to used them but after hearing how people mess there's self up by not using a lawyer i having second thought. So should i still use the company or not

  • When you go through a bankruptcy with credit card holders at what point do have to stop using the cards?

    I am in a situation where I am having to use my credit cards more and more for day to day necessities but know I am fighting a losing battle and am going to end up in Bankruptcy. (regrettably if I might ad) But I am also not wanting any problems with accusations of fraud or anything. If i need to buy food/gas etc.. If anyone has been through this please let me know. I am in Michigan if that makes any difference. Thanks,

  • Should I file bankruptcy?

    Wow, how to condense this mess! Here goes: We're going to (decision made, no turning back) foreclose on our house. We do have an equity line that was paid (insured by UGI/AIG, so the paperwork is probably in the works as I type this for them to "come after us" (lawsuit). We are basically judgement proof because we have nothing but our clothes and some furniture. The only other debts we have are one credit card in default and a whopping student loan of $97,000 (that is NOT dischargeable in bankruptcy). So, I'm asking if for a foreclosure, equity line, and credit card ONLY, is it worth the money and hassle it takes to go through bankruptcy? The student loan is current and until the house we had 800's credit scores. We're understanding that the bankruptcy will allow us to clean things up sooner. If we don't file bankruptcy, in our state "they" have up to five years to file suits and/or try to obtain judgement liens. After that we're in the clear... ? Thanks!

  • When is it a good time to file bankruptcy?

    i know it's never a good time, but what do i need to do in order to file for it? this is something i thought i'd never have to face, yet here i am. and do i need to file separately or jointly?

  • Are debt management services safe to use?

    me and my partner have got into quite a bit of unsecured debt. i called a debt management service and have the paperwork infront of me. theres something niggling at the back of my head though. are these schemes safe and beneficial? has any one ever used them that could give me a bit of information?

  • What all happens when you file for bankruptcy?

  • Can you file chapter 7 bankruptcy against the government?

    my husband is in the army and just defaulted on a private loan with Sallie Mae its for 71,000 I'm sick to my stomach so please any negative comments are not needed we have a 3 yr old son and i need to get this resolved. yes i know he will be punished by the military and im screwed! but my uncle said he filed chapter 7 bankruptcy against the government on a student loan does any one know anything about this or know anything i can do. and if i settle does the amount have to be paid in full. they said they will take %25 of my husbands earnings that leaves us with nothing

  • Can I file personal bankruptcy without an attorney?

    I found a website for do-it-yourself filing. They make sure you get all the necessary forms for a nominal charge, but I wonder if I'm gonna get scammed.

  • If i were to declare bankruptcy would i still be able to rent my home ?

    would i have to still pay back all the depts i have if i was declared bankrupt??

  • I do qualify for bankruptcy but lawyer wants 1500 dollars.I am out of work and have no money.?

  • What is the best way of getting out of debt? I have a family with two kids, broke all credits cards suing me?

  • I filled of Chapter 7 without an lawyer, but need some advice?

    In Aug 2011 I had to fill for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oregon. During the hearing of creditors I was asked if my tax refund was normally high. I stated I normally get between $3000-$4000 back and would use my refund to pay off any outstanding debt I may have. He requested that I would need to send in a copy of my 2011 tax returns. I received a letter this week requesting a copy of my tax return and to also send in my tax refunds. I had my taxes done this week and again the refund was higher than normal. In the past I have used my refund to pay off any outstanding debt but I had already filled bankruptcy and didn't know I would have to send in my tax refund. I have since lost my job and have already budgeted the refund into my living expenses. What are my options now? Do I have to send the refund in? I've been reading that the Earned Income Credit is excluded from this. Can I withhold that amount and send in the balance? I've also been reading about using the "Wild Card" to be able to keep the whole refund. Is it to late to use this option? If I don't send in the tax refund, I understand my case will be dismissed but will that prevent me from filling at a later time when I'm able to afford a lawyer?

  • Questions on Bankruptcy?

    #1 How do I know if I qualify for bankrupcy? what are some general conditions? #2 Difference between chapter 11 &chapter 13? #3 I own a house, would I be forced to give the house up if I declare bankruptcy? #4 What all types of things would NOT be covered by bankruptcy? i.e. I would still have to pay on?

  • I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy 6.5 years ago. Can I file Chapter 13 now?

    I had a business go bad due to building issues and my husband was unemployed after the close of this business for over 5 months. This economy stinks!

  • Has anyone filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    I am considering filing bankruptcy under chapter 7. Can anyone who has filed, tell me how bad it actually hurt you? My only asset is a computer. People who never filed have told me it's the worst thing to do, but I'm so far in debt that I don't qualify to buy a house anyway. So I just wanted to know what it was really like from someone who actually filed chapter 7. Thank you

  • How do I declare bankruptcy?

    Have many credit cards to pay off, some bills, and some rents unpaid. All total a bit more than 20000 i cannot afford to pay off all that and live well. My question is who do i declare bankruptcy, where i go and what i do? Do i need to hire a lawyer or there is way i can do it my self? I cannot afford a lawyer so i will be thankful if someone could give me an 1-800 number or something i could call to, or tell me what institution to turn to? Most detailed answer gets the points.

  • Does a trustee pull a vehicle title search during a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

  • Would my income tax return be considered a windfall in Chapter 7?

    Hello, I had my 341 (Meeting of the Creditors) on November 24. My case has not been discharged yet. If I go ahead and file my taxes, and I am due a refund - do I have to let the Trustee know? Can I keep the refund? Should I wait?? So confused and my attorney stinks! Thanks (and I live in Texas)

  • HELP!!! -- Can I Shield Assets From a Chapter 7 Bankruptsy?

    My wife and I are currently faced with having to file chapter 7 bankruptsy in the state of Georgia. Most of the assets that need to be shielded are financial. We don't have a traditional 401k, but my wife has a Voluntary Investment Plan, which is basically stocks in the company she worked for prior to losing her job. She also has severance pay coming to her as well as a bonus check to be paid next year. In addition to this, we typically get a good portion of money back each year on our tax returns from mortgage interest, etc. Does anybody know if it's possible to shield some or all of these assets from bankruptsy trustees, or had any experience doing so? Any advice would be appreciated!

  • What can creditor do to me if i default on signature loan.?

    Hi, I just can not find any decent information on this topic. So I have an unsecured loan, actually 3 of them and it does not look good for me in the near future to keep repaying them. What can my creditors do to me if i stop paying them? i understand my credit score will be shot. Can they sue me? If yes, what if they can not serve me? How could i fix my credit later on? For how long it would be visible on my credit history, loan it self and collections, if any?