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  • Do you think that any congress person that votes to repeal health care should not except their health care?

    They have government run health care and now they don't want you to have any chance of getting any at all. They don't even have to pay part of the premiums like we do, and they don't have deductibles either. So what do you think, should they turn down their health insurance packages, till all Americans have the same health insurance they have?

  • Why did Dick Cheney shoot his friend in the face while on a hunting trip?

  • Is Canada kind of a nothing place?

    Number of Banks that failed in 50 years? None Number of personal bankruptcies due to medical costs since 1964? None Number of times unemployment went above 9.1% since 1982? None Drop in housing values since 2000 by percentage? None Increase in prison population and violent crime by percentage? None Number of Wars Canadians have started? None Increase of Americans who have applied to immigrate to Canada since 2002? UP 100% So I guess that all the numbers aren't zero.......... Agree?? or Agree Strongly?? It's not just the Maple Syrup and Canadian Bacon and Timmie's is it?

  • Who are you worried about gaining power in our country and others?

    As a new jersey resident, i'm horrified by the idea of chris christie gaining power. For revenge on a woman, he shut down her facility which was for orphans who are crack babies in Newark.

  • Will BO give BP a bail out when they file chapter 11 because they are too big to fail?

    Or does he only do that for his banker buddies?

  • Do you think illegal immigrants should be sent back home or be allowed to stay in the US?

    My government teacher asked if we were liberal or conservative on this, and I just can't decide! I agree that they shouldn't just be allowed to just come here and NOT pay taxes and be able to find work and "take our jobs" but at the same time everyone deserves a fair chance at life and if that means coming to America to do so then, so be it! What do you think? I just want everyone to be HAPPY! :)

  • Do you support Hilary-Care? Who has the best health care plan?

  • Why would it be SO bad for GM to declare chapter 11 and NOT have to depend on govmt. bailouts?

    People have been saying that bailing out the automakers is like bailing out the unions. I know that its the unions that have been driving these companies to the ground by getting these companies to pay semi-skilled workers insane wages, but why cant these companies just fire all unionized workers and replace them all with new employees that will take 15-20 dollars an hour?? beleive me, with the economy heading into a recession, and unemployment skyrocketing, those jobs will be grabbed. Why must we feel enslaved to these unions? (on the radio i heard that semi-skilled workers are making on average nearly 70 dollars an hour including benifits!!) why would it be SO bad to declare chapter eleven, train in a slew of new workers, and NOT have to depent on government bailouts? (fyi declaring chapter 11 will not stop day-today operations wthin the company)

  • Which sounds better to an Independent Conservative Thinker?

    I don't want taxes to pay for a public option because: 1) I don't want my neighbor to have to pay for my health care if I'm ill, I want to take care of that myself, even if I go broke. 2) I don't want to pay for my neighbors health care if he's ill, he has to take care of himself, even if he goes broke. I'm just sayin' they sound a lot alike to me, help me out here. #1 cause of personal bankruptcy in America? #1 cause of home forclosures in America? Number of bankruptcies cause by Medical bills in Switzerland? Germany? France? Canada? Norway? Sweden? All of them combined?

  • How can you ever expect economy to recover if most employers are still unwilling to hire?

    I have master's degree in mathematics. I completed my master's degree with perfect 4.0 GPA and I am also a member of various honor societies such as Golden Key International Honour Society (a minimum 3.7 GPA is required to be its member). However, I have not been able to find any job whatsoever since recession began. Unable to find job and having considerable debt, I was forced to file chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2010. I tried everything that I could to avoid such fate, but employers were just not ready to hire. Now when I apply to various companies, the recruiters are very interested in hiring me and everything seems certain until the part where they do credit check. Credit check reveals bankruptcy and they decline job offer. These same companies that are now willing to hire were not interested in hiring back in 2008, 2009 and 2010 too. My question is that how on earth is the economy ever going to recover with people like me sitting unemployed? This means jobs are very tough for an average person to find. Who exactly is at fault here?

  • Do you agree that the USA would improve if we adopted partial Sharia law?

    The USA needs to improve from it's mess. It is the most morally and economically bankrupt societies in the world. The solution would be to adopt partial Sharia law. Think about it, crime rate would go down. If someone is caught stealing they get a hand cut off, any sort of sexual crimes towards minors or anyone would result in execution, and if someone falsely accuses someone and is caught they get 3 times the penalty. That would keep crime under control. Then, the USA could have full freedom of religion as it does now, but neither evolution or creation would be taught in public schools. Women would have to wear birkas in public regardless of religion to prevent lust that would lead to pre-marital sex or adultery of any kind. There would be less car accidents because women would not be allowed to go behind a wheel due to the birkas, which would mean less cars on the road and less accidents and more space. The gays would be taxed high for being what they are and either leave the USA or make themselves more useful and help their country. This would decrease aids and immorality in the USA. Abortion would be illegal. Immigration would get strict. And the USA can decrease taxes on most citizens by increasing industry for more money for the government and less need for taxes. No more welfare for lazy bums who work under the table. Restrict alcohol by raising the legal age to 30 and making the fine for illegal drugs 60% of your yearly income. Sexual immorality would be illegal and no more teenage pregnancy problems because if a teenager gets pregnant they would be forced to be married and drop out of school. Also, couples could only live together if they are married. So, do you agree that the USA would improve if we adopted partial Sharia law? What i wrote in this question would be like partial Sharia law, any questions or comments on the law ideas? Thanks!:)

  • How hard has the recession hit you?

    The recession wounded me very badly. I have been unemployed since October 30, 2008. I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in 2010. I cannot pay back my student loans and default on them and wish they were covered in bankruptcy protection. I graduated from college in May 2008 with bachelor degree in physics. After filing bankruptcy i immediately had a 70 mph car crash where i almost lost my life. Afer 2 month hospitalization bill reached 100,000 and i keep defaulting on that. I have judgments against me. My credit totally ruined. Now I owe even more than what I owed befoe filing bankruptcy. My situation has been the worst case scenario of recession. I gave Obama my vote in 2008 because I had lot of hope

  • Are congressmen and senators above the law?

    Why do congressmen and senators think they are above the law? Congressman William Jefferson of Louisiana was caught taking bribes; One congresswoman assaulted Capitol Police in Washington, D.C. and thought (still thinks, apparently) she is above the law. Senator Ted Kennedy killed a woman (Mary Jo Kopechne) and wasn't even investigated. Congressman Patrick Kennedy was involved in a car accident invilved in drugs, and he cries that it wasn't his fault. Even if prescription drugs, he still was not supposed mto be driving under the influence. So many more have been involved with criminal activities, yet, they actually believe they have immunity.

  • Judging from past mistakes, was “Prohibition of Alcohol” a good thing for the American Public?

    Or just “Mobsters” and Law Enforcement? Could the same be true of “Marijuana Prohibition”?

  • How to find job in America?

    its been over 2 years since i graduated with bachelor degree in mathematics and still no job. I have now even completed master's degree in math and am working on phd from fall onwards. But still no job? What's goin on? I have applied at 987 places since May 2008 and no job. This is unbelievable and crazy sheet going on. I had to file chapter 7 bankruptcy protection too. i fail to understand the reality. help me please. I have a job offer in Australia now for $60000 (US dollars) on work visa. Should i go there or continue looking for work here?

  • Why do anti-constitutional pro-seat belt enthusiasts wish to force their fears on others?

    If this is my life and I choose to "risk" it driving in my car, what business is it of theirs if I get flung out of my vehicle and die? Should motorcycles be outlawed which have zero protection for the rider?