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  • Big question?

  • My wife is 1month pregnant and we have no health insurance!?

    i live in michigan and my income is too much (about $3000 a month) to apply for help from the state. i have only been at my job 3 months and my boss will not cover me for another 3 months. he also said he will not cover my wife. (i'm not sure if thats normal either?) if i try to purchase health insurance will they try not to cover the delivery and prenatal care? is this like trying to put insurance on you car 10 min after you get into an accident? i dont know what to do!

  • I need help!!!!.....?

    I have 18 weeks of pregnancy ( my doctor told me the wrong dates and all that for what I said earlier 15) and my boyfriend had a car accident this morning . I am very worried about him , I'm so stressed . He will not let me go see him because he does not want me in the hospital around another sick pax . I'm so so stressed . Is there anything I can do to relax and think about other things ? I'm pregnant with twins and I am 15. NO RUDE COMMENTS PLEASE

  • Seatbelt Question...?

    So I was giving my brother in law a ride yesterday, and he looked over at me. And was like, ''you know your not suppost to wear your seatbelt in the car right?'' I was! haha. I mean, I know somewhere I've read that when you get farther along to put the bottom part of the seat belt as low as you can, and to have the shoulder part between your breasts and what not.. i mean, you are suppost to wear one right?! I'm not even showing right now... but what about later?! He got me thinking about it everytime I get into the car... Any thoughts or ideas?!

  • Would you cut open a just-dead pregnant woman to save the baby?

    Strange question, but says that he met a car accident and a pregnant woman dies in her arms , the baby is only a few minutes before dying from lack of oxygen . Would you open court to save the baby ? ( Leaving aside all laws, of course)

  • Was in a small car accident today. 8 weeks pregnant, how do I know if I need to go to the hospital? PLEASE?

    It was a minor accident . I was sitting on the end of a road in a parking lot in a car waiting to happen for me to go . This old man in a truck backed into me. I hit the horn but he did not hear me and pushed me across the street and almost one car to another . The guy out there rounding buggys ran to the window and told him to stop. He stopped just before pushing me into the other lane of parked cars . When I got home , I began to experience mild cramping. It lasted about 30 minutes and then I had strange feelings muscle twinge and have been having all night ( not painful or anything, just a little tremor) This is my second pregnancy and did not have any of that with my first . My sister said I should go to the doctor to make sure there was nothing

  • What to buy new and what to get used?

    What things are good for the baby to get used , and it should get it back ? My boyfriend just got a car seat that was used, and when I asked if he had been in a car accident in which he said that only 2 ... I do not know if that's safe? im also concerned about the bassinet . smelling of cigarette smoke , I have also . Should I get the new ? or save the money and use those used ? It is also safe to get a used crib if it's a smoke ?

  • 30 and pregnant with number 4. How can I be happy about it.?

    Hello , I am new to this service and I have had the worst month of my life . I was involved in a serious car accident that should have killed me (according to medical personnel on the scene ) , but ended up just split my nose open. After a week and a half later my sister died (suddenly of a blood clot and yes , we were very close ) . I have been on painkillers , Valium , muscle relaxants , and God knows what else. My oldest son broke his leg and now I find out that I am pregnant with number 4 . Everyone is happy but me and I like that. I want to be happy , but all I keep thinking is that this is number 4 . I also still think that this could be my sister or a sign of it ( state birth control faithfully for six years since the last child ) . Why now ? It's only been two weeks since his funeral. I guess I want to know how I can be happy? I am married for 10 years and other children are 13, 10 and 6 . Please help me feel like I 'm going to have a nervous breakdown .

  • What should I ask for in return from an accident?

    I was in an accident a few months ago and at that time , was pregnant . The doctor confirmed that I lost a child due to accident. What shoud ask in exchange for losing a vehicle and the child ?