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  • Can you recover from Brain Damage by using the Law of Attraction?

    I am suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury after a Severe Car Accident. I was driving at 150 miles per hour until i lost control of my steering wheel, slipped off the highway and crashed into the ground 2 years ago. I have been in Coma for 6 months. I used to be very intelligent and was able to think sharp and fast. I had a very successful Business and had the girl of my dreams. Now i'm experiencing emotional swings, procrastinating a lot, bad memory, depressed most of the time, and my business is failing. What's worse is that my GF left me and now i'm all alone. I am just about close to committing suicide. I wish i can be myself again. I saw this movie called "The Secret" Will it work for someone that has a Brain Injury? Is it going to work for me? Please advise.

  • Why do humans imitate other humans?

    It might not make sense to anybody except me, but when Im in my car, and its light out, Ill see one car with there lights on, and then a few seconds later Ill see 1/3 cars with their lights on..........its rarely raining or foggy when I see please explain why this happens.

  • I has a dream that i was in a car accidemt, what does this dream mean????


  • How can I help my brother stop nightmares?

    My brother had a girlfriend who died a year and a half ago . The two were very close . He seemed to have forgotten her , but now he has these nightmares with her and lately I've been very upset and have left him with insomnia . I said the nightmare he had last night was when she was in the accident. The car was on fire , and his girlfriend was screaming for him, but my brother could not do anything about it. He said he felt like he was running in place. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated . thank you

  • How do I deal with....?

    Surviving a life that most people do except trying to find myself , to be in a deep depression , hate myself , because my whole life people have hated me , and trying to find someone who love me for who I am . I'm so confused . I can not stand and I'm not sure I'll be able to survive !

  • If it is widely accepted that being perfect is impossible, why do people try to make themselves seem that way?

    It seems to me a lot of people have a hard time admitting when they make mistakes. For instance, my friend's girlfriend took his car out and she got in an accident. She claimed that a car ran a stop sign and hit her. I could tell she was full of it by the amount of the damage and the way she told the story. I would have had so much respect for her if she just admitted that it was her fault. I honestly wouldn't think less of her. We aren't perfect after all. It seems like so many people are like her.

  • What would you do if you suddenly realise that you are totally broke?

    It means no more $ $ and still have bills to pay .....

  • Near death experience? How did you feel; elated,depressed?

    My baby son and I almost got killed this morning by an irresponsible truck driver as we walked around the back of our van. I can't shake it. I am traumatized. You'd think I'd be happy that we weren't hurt, but instead, all I keep thinking about is what could have happened. Don't bother telling me to thank God and be happy to be alive. I did and I know. But all I can picture is a dead baby, or a dead me with a dead baby in front of my 3 1/2 year old. Anyone with similar experience? Or different feelings? Thanks

  • Multiple choice help?

    18. It stops at the scene of an accident and notice a woman face in a puddle of water. That in turn over and determine who is unconscious . What law allows you to continue emergency care ? un. Good Samaritan Law b . Uniform Anatomical Gift Act c . Controlled Substances Act d. Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act .

  • Did the car accident cause permanent brain damage or will I recover?

    I was in a car accident 3 days ago and suffered a head injury; whiplash / concussion more specifically. I hit the back of my head twice against the seat, once with my head turned, another while I was looking straight forward. I was pushed about a mile going 50MPH by a car behind me, he was having a seizure. I then drove off into a sidewalk, crashed into a pole, and stopped the car while the man having a seizure flipped over and went into the woods. Since the accident I cannot think straight. I have trouble holding onto things (I was told this was because of the neck injury/ muscles). I am in college and when I study I find it very difficult to do so whereas before it was easy. I am very concerned that I have permanent brain damage and I hate having to function this way. How do I know if I have permanent brain damage or will these feelings go away soon?

  • What questions would a therapist ask a depressed teenage girl?

    I'm writing a novel for english class, and due to lack of personal experience... I was wondering if anybody knows what a therapist would ask a severely depressed 14-year-old girl? In my novel the main character (and depressed teen) is a girl named Trinity. Her father died before she was born and her mother died in a car accident when she was 13. Trinity lives with her 28-year-old brother and his wife. She has recently started becoming depressed &hopeless and she is a major cutter. The cutting got so bad that Anna (her sister-in-law) had to put locks on the drawers in the kitchen and she took away everything that Trinity could possibly cut herself with. Trinity's brother and sister-in-law took her to the doctor, and he said it would be best that she see a therapist (or psychologist, depending on how severe...?). That was just some background information so nobody would ask me if I was depressed or something :P So all is good and my novel is on Chapter 24, but I need to know what the therapist would ask or say? Or if anyone could give me the names of some books that have that sort of material in them... ? Thanks so much.

  • You have witnessed an automobile accident in which two cars hit each other. Explain how somone recalls events.

    You have witnessed an automobile accident in which two cars hit each other. Define each of the following, and explain how they could affect your recall of the incident. ∙ Flashbulb memory ∙ Reconstruction ∙ Misinformation effect This is the last question on my WS and I need some help if anyone can. Thanks in advance!

  • How did you cope with your spankings?

    Hello I still recall how confused I was when I was about 4 years old trying to figure out how to cope with not going to my mother because I was frightened, simply because she was the source of the fear. It was the spanking issue. My natural reaction to being in fear was to get Mum; I did not understand this at all. I even remember wanting her to tell me how to stop the problem instinctively which is totally insane. My automatic reaction to do this was challenged and I just could not understand what to base trying to come to terms with it on. It is like being disabled and having no legs and trying to walk. "What do I walk with?", "With what do I understand not getting help with, if the nature of the fear forces me to find help". What is wrong with Mum? is she possessed? This had led to me being frustrated all my life trying to get my head round the idea, and yes I still have problems trying to figure out what to base my understanding of this issue on still. But when I asked people they seem to say "Don’t you get it? You’re not supposed to be able to cope"; which bring me to asking "I can't understand the idea of not being able to cope as a purpose, as this is exactly what a purpose is not". Recently in a scientific way of thinking I call ‘Abusiology – the science of evil’, I realised that this is not actually due to the fact that people 'believe' in this abuse; it is due to their selfishness. They’re claims that they believe in it and all that they say about it is propaganda. But then I couldn't understand why I never felt this selfish like the others do and how it can be the case that we can be told we have a responsibility to behave in life as good citizens, if the fundamental credentials to behave is not present i.e. compassion or love. I am frustrated and going round and round in viscous circles trying to understand the concept that I am not meant to cope. What are the credentials for dealing with not coping? I catch myself out saying "With what do I not cope with it with", but I realise that this is a contradiction in question terminology. But I have no other way of being able to comprehend it other than trying to find a way to cope, for coping is a fundamental of human need and not coping is why I ask such questions. Knowing how selfish people are on Earth led me to my suicidal intensions in regards to the general observation of the Earth people’s behaviour, such as with abortion, war and steeling etc. I do not feel I belong here. But then I kept trying to rationalise the meaning of life, understand the spiritual reasons behind people's behaviour, the idea that we are here to progress to being unselfish and become less primitive. I even concluded that I am from outer space. I end up with an extremely elaborate reason for what the meaning of life is, the nature of the pre-mortal existence, the after-life and so on. Why doesn't anyone else struggle with this problem, if no one is meant to cope? What is the fundamental reason for why no one else struggles with this idea like I do for the reasons that I gave above? The answer to that question is the whole point to all of what content I wrote above was. Can someone tell me the answer? It is not an argument about if spanking is right or wrong, not confirmation that we are here on Earth to progress spiritually to become less abusive or barbaric, just a question about how you cope with not coping, because none of you are driving to deal with this like me. I want to finish this quest to understand and I have been very patient (23 years searching) and I have every right to know the answer. Snow Man

  • Meeting with supervisor and human resources.....what do u think?

    i work in a lab and had a car accident on my way home from work 1 year ago (I was rear-ended) IT left me with back problems and my work performance went down some.......then, i got put with a project leader who was a very negative and condesceding person (first time project leader) they told me before that theyre not happy with my work performance.....and i told them that my back is almost better but i just have a hard time dealing with this guy (who puts down women) now, my supervisor has called me to a meeting with him and HR what do you think its about? i am miserable because of this guy but theyre gonna believe him and not me im terrified please help!

  • How do you get rid of pity?

    Once you've allowed it to infiltrate your life, how do you get rid of it. I'm 34 and I've been through a bunch of rough patches over the past ten to fifteen years. Three gun robberies, a vehicle theft, a vehicle repo, chapter 7 bankruptcy, moving back in with the parents, a blown knee, obesity yo-yo'ing from 250-300lbs (I'm at 270lbs now), and also my feet/knees/back slowly breaking down on me (due to the mild spastic cerebral palsy from birth, plus the weight fluctuations). I've also been having vehicle commuting issues (scooter breaking down, bicycle screwing up my legs worse, constantly rescheduling borrowing time of moms vehicle between her and my younger brother. Trying to go to college on a part time min wage job to earn a degree to better myself (fafsa denied me due to low gpa from years ago). Anyhow, the last three years or so, I really hit rock bottom, got really depressed, feeling nothing but pity and defeatment for myself. PTSD from the robberies and knee injury. So it's not really one thing causing it, it's just a lot of things that seem to be coming at me from all sides. I've gotten better believe it or no. I've been trying to break the cycle for the past several months. Trying to set up the college thing helped a lot, although the troubles with fafsa was a major blow at the time. I've also been trying to find a new job, reworking my resume and what not because it's time to get my life back on track. As much as I want it though, I feel no motivation sometimes, and feel it's pointless because I won't find anything (the self-defeating thing). I'm still having a sh*t load of trouble in keeping the depression, self-pity thoughts, and self-defeatment thoughts, at bay still. If I'm going to get myself out of this hell I created for myself, I need to be able to get my mind right first again. Any ideas on how I can do that? Any suggestions on how to get rid of all this bullsh*t insecurity and self-doubt from my system? On how to get my self-confidence and self-respect back up again?

  • Showing signs of a psychotic? Does anyone know what this is? Permanent Brain damage?

    OK my brother -in -law had a accident about 4 years ago, with a brain injury, causing him to have seizures. He has been taking medication to control these seizures, but still has been having mini seizures. Now he has been having outbursts of uncontrolled anger along with delusions about what other people are doing to him. He really believes these things are true. He also has been lying about things that never happened. Very violent now, threatening all of his closest friends and family. My sister has left him and now he is getting very strange. Saying stuff that he could do and so on. HELP PLEASE !

  • Do you have any funny or embarrassing ibs stories?

    I do ! Not a fun thing to have and I think it helps to laugh at the problems we suffer from it rather than go through feeling like shit about it. ( No pun intended) Well , maybe. LOL Also, on a more serious note , it helps to know that others are going through the same things. Please only respond if you truly suffer from IBS or know someone who does. Thanks , have fun . Anyway, this is an embarrassing story ... I had an accident with my mother and my father in the car on the way to the theater . I was excited , what I can say? They kind of my nerves bad when I have to travel with them anyway. I asked my husband to stop somewhere , but five minutes later it was too late . I really could not hold it. Finally I got to a bathroom and was there for literally 15 minutes cleaning and the like. To make matters worse , when I got back in the car my husband jokingly ( average order annoying)

  • How do you think drunk driving effects people?

    I'm doing a research paper on this topic and I need some opinions about drunk driving and how people should be accused of killing a person while intoxicated just that kind of thing. I personally do not believe in accidents .

  • I could really use some good advice?

    Well, for starters, I am a 24 year old man who was raised as a child whose parents were a parent that a person who was abusive alcoholic and my mother was essentially a passive mope did nothing for my brothers and my life nothing better than boys. We were at the entrance / exit of the shelters throughout our lives because of this. My parents finally divorced in 2000, my mother decided to marry another loser because they want to work for what they call content with any man who will pay the bills while she sits passively. As I mentioned above, I am now 24 years old and emotionally traumatized by the experience, because now I am looking for love in all the wrong places and also trying to be validated by others, because my parents were not parents that should have been . I've been trying to go to college since 2006 to better myself, but every time I do something that's always holding me back. Currently, I live with my grandparents while her lazy son of 44 years, his wife and two children live with them too undisciplined. Your child has not worked all his life because he claims to have this disability and can not work, however, he sits on Facebook for 16 hours a day. All kids do is yell and scream all day and drive me crazy. I never did well in school but may not have the passion or the drive to do it because I became a product of my ENVIRONMENT and now I feel helpless. I want to become a pediatric nurse, but I do not think I'm smart enough to pass all the courses required to do so. I work full time, however, nowhere near enough for me to leave on my own mainly because I have a chapter 7 bankruptcy on my credit report. Any advice on what I can do to get out of this situation? How I can get my own home with just a job that pays $ 10.00 per hour?

  • Should I be on depression meds? I am loosing my mind I feel like...?

    I feel like I'm losing my mind . I 'm at the point now where I think I have to put on medication for depression. I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning and wanting to do anything . Only I have no desire and I will not do anything . The reason I feel this way is because all my life I felt like a nobody . My mother was very abusive to me physically and mentally . I have scars on my body from it banging my head against the walls , trying to stab her so I've been called by his