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How much does bankruptcy cost if you hire a BK lawyer?? related questions

  • 1How much does bankruptcy cost if you hire a BK lawyer??

    And I can file Chapter 7 for a $ 2,000 medical bill and the amount of interest during a trial attorney 's fees when I lost a case five years ago ? God knows $ 5,000 Or you may be able to present on my own and save legal fees since I have not much money ? ? ? ? ?

  • 2How much should a bankruptcy lawyer cost?

    I live in New Jersey, and am looking for a bankruptcy lawyer , so I have an appointment just now and they said they charge $ 3000. I think that's a bit high , especially since I 'm trying to present because I have no money for bills so I'm supposed to get $ 3,000 . Does anyone know of an attorney , either in the area of ​​New York or Northern New Jersey charged something reasonable ?

  • 3What is the usual cost to get a bankruptcy lawyer?

    I'm in Utah and am going to be filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy soon. Obviously, I'm filing for a reason and I don't have much money for a lawyer. So, I'm just wondering about how much I'd be spending for a lawyer to take care of it, or if I should just learn &do it without one. Thanks for the help!

  • 4Should I hire a lawyer?

    A family member was injured in a car accident bad. They were passengers in the car that the driver was at fault . The injuries are serious: the neck broke, broke her hip . I know that medical expenses are mounting . The driver has insurance , and family member covered by my insurance. Im just worried about running with huge bills because they do not take appropriate measures .

  • 5Should i hire this Lawyer?

    I was involved in a car accident six months ago and the reason I 've got a lawyer until now is because I thought I could close this deal on my own, but again fired because I get so frustrated with the car insurance person who hit me. i have lesions on my arm perminent they wont extend to the end because I dislocated elbow ...... soo , I called a lawyer for a couple of days and I felt very comfortable because he told me not to worry and I have nothing to do with the car insurance company over , he says he's taking care of it ..... ... he is charging 1/3 of the resolution , so I do not know is that a reasonable fee ..... plz help thanks soo much for reading

  • 6Should I hire a lawyer if I was in car accident?

    Car Accident ? Me and my 4 year old was rear ended in a car accident . The person who hit me was going at least 45 mph. I went to my personal doctor about a week later because I felt a little pain in the neck and back. My daughter did not have any lesions . But the point is not to hire a lawyer and the insurance company want me to sign a release of medical records , I can give you a limited edition of only files related to the car accident ? Also should I hire a lawyer? To add the person who hit me insurance company has the same as me .

  • 7Hire a Business Lawyer.

    We are planning to start a new business but are not aware about some of the laws. We have read this post here ( to hire a suitable lawyer who may help us with the corporate structure, avoiding and handling potential lawsuits, drafting contracts and reviewing labor laws. Please advice us that what factors must be looked upon to hire a lawyer.   

  • 8When to hire a lawyer for a car accident?

    I was involved in a car accident last week. In my car myself , my husband , and my children aged two and five. We were at an intersection when a car rear ended us at 40 mph They sure other kids and has accepted responsibility and we are seeing a chiropractor . I am in moderate pain , and I'm seeing a doctor three days a week for a month . my husband has been to get an MRI on his shoulder and spine 5 years is out of alignment because of this. When you need to hire a lawyer ?

  • 9Anyone ever hire a lawyer to help pay old debts?

    I am looking for advice on how to pay some old debts. I had a period of unemployment and fell way behind in paying bills. Some of the credit card accounts went into collections. They have been sold to so many different collection agencies that I can't track them down. Every time I have tried to call them to find out where the account is, I am given a lot of different numbers to call and the debt collectors I have spoken to are less than helpful in giving me an answer as to where the account actually is. The other part of this is I have been enrolled in a credit counseling service and I'm not sure if it is helping me. A couple of the accounts that went to collections are still showing delinquent on my credit report even though payments have been going to the credit card companies that the debt originated with. I don't know who can help me find my debts or get the money back that I have payed to the credit card company, but I'm considering hiring a lawyer. Anyone in a similar situation?

  • 10Should I hire a lawyer for this situation?

    So here 's the full story . In 2009 I had a car accident , the lady had boned t going 5 over the speed limit, as I was leaving a gas station . Long story short , I was stupidly uninsured at the time , and ended up having to pay for their losses . What was sent to a collection agency because of being stupid just 18 years ignored all warnings . So my liscene was suspended until I had to make payment arrangements with the collection agency . In 2010 , the debt was about $ 4,000 and payment arrangment was created . And I think in 2011 the lady who had beaten me more costs added to the debt . So I put a notice in the mail saying that the debt was now $ 12,000 . Mad , of course , 12,000 sounded reasonable for a car accident , so I continued to pay . And now , in late August , almost 14,000 more added

  • 11How does one hire a lawyer, my last one was mute and didnt say anything..?

    How do you hire a lawyer , my past was silent and said nothing .. ?

  • 12How Do I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

    I was recently injured in a car accident . With so many lawyers on TV and stuff , I wonder how best to hire a personal injury lawyer and not screwed !