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QMeeting of the Creditors?

I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and tomorrow I have my meeting of creditors . What I can expect to happen here and how long it takes ? My case was pretty easy and I had no problem. Thanks in advance .

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#1David LemmingsAnswered at 2013-01-06 01:52:36
They will ask a lot of questions , and if this is the official meeting organized by the court , you will probably an oath to tell the truth . It will be recorded by a court reporter , as a statement . Questions will be with the idea of whether you have hidden or illegal delivery of goods to avoid paying creditors. In addition , creditors will get to know each other , how much we owe to each, and what percentage of what you owe to everyone they can expect to recover. If you are easily met no hidden assets , the whole thing would take less than an hour . Most likely it will take several hours.
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Meeting of the Creditors?

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