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Meeting of the Creditors? related questions

  • 1Meeting of the Creditors?

    I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and tomorrow I have my meeting of creditors . What I can expect to happen here and how long it takes ? My case was pretty easy and I had no problem. Thanks in advance .

  • 2In chapter 7 Bankruptcy, what is the purpose of the meeting of creditors?

    When a creditor can not recover property that is not safe ?

  • 3What should I expect at a Meeting of Creditors when filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy . My creditors meeting is just around the corner . What should I expect to take place in the meeting ? Ordinary or unusual ?

  • 4A friend already had meeting of the creditors, 2 weeks later he received a summons can they do that?

    A friend of mine filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and had the meeting of the creditors and no creditors showed up. Yesterday he received a summons from the sheriff's department for a cc debt...can they do that?

  • 5Should i go to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case Meeting of Creditors and Deadlines ?

    A gentleman I went into business with a form sent me this . Is it worth going too ? Is there any chance you get money from this? thanks

  • 6After the meeting of creditors, can being late on the car pmts mess up the bankruptcy before discharge?

    We filed chapter 7 last week. We have our meeting of creditors on Jan 22. We will not be late on our cars at that point, as we plan on keeping them. My question is, can being late on the car payments mess up the discharge? I know it takes about 6 months and I am worried if we are late they might not let us keep the cars.

  • 7I have a bankruptcy meeting next week?

    I had a phone consultation and the attorney, he asked my total debts and assets I told him with my medical and credit cards i have about 15k in debt. He talked to me for a while about my house and cars and stuff and decided a Chapter 7 would be best. However when I got home and looked at all my bills I was actually 23k in debts. I have not called him back yet, we have a meeting for him to go over all my bills and start paperwork next week. Does this significant change in the amount of my debts affect my bankruptcy or ability to file chapter 7 ?

  • 8Is it usual for meeting with bank after bankruptcy?

    We have had the 341 meeting after filing Chapter 7 and it went okay but now I am told that the judge has ordered a meeting with the bank that holds mortgage on home that was reaffirmed and our lawyer and us of course because the court feels we are being charged too much interest. Is this usual and what can we expect? We have been reassured that our house is safe.

  • 9Can i apply for a credit card before my 341 meeting?

    I recently filed chapter 7 and I want to establish new credit, I was wondering can I apply for a credit card before my 341 meeting?

  • 10Meeting with supervisor and human resources.....what do u think?

    i work in a lab and had a car accident on my way home from work 1 year ago (I was rear-ended) IT left me with back problems and my work performance went down some.......then, i got put with a project leader who was a very negative and condesceding person (first time project leader) they told me before that theyre not happy with my work performance.....and i told them that my back is almost better but i just have a hard time dealing with this guy (who puts down women) now, my supervisor has called me to a meeting with him and HR what do you think its about? i am miserable because of this guy but theyre gonna believe him and not me im terrified please help!

  • 11Do you have any tips for meeting with my lawyer to file Bankruptcy?

    I do not know if it will be a Chapter 7 or 13. I am very depressed about this situation , I had perfect credit all my life until a few months ago when my lender I threw the change without justifiable reason and put me directly in foreclosure : ( I have to take my income info etc. . 'm Confused because I wanted to start my lender sue for not doing my loan and BK disqualifies get a modification , but otherwise barred from the auction house . anyway , if you have any tips or questions to ask please let me know . Also , my mom said in the title of your home a few years ago , when she asked me to refinance your loan to my name and I had excellent credit . It's actually home , I'm just technically it until one day your credit is good enough to refinance your name and then she hands me the title . Does that seem to have assets and affect the BK ?

  • 12I filed bankruptcy and my 341 meeting of the creditor is tomorrow.?

    I was able to file a Chapter 7 since I lost my job , no assets and meet the means test . What will happen?