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QWhat is the movie Women in Black about?

I was thinking of going to see it but everyones saying it is too scary? What is the film actually about and what are the scary bits if you could answer that. Thanks in advance

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#1WavikzAnswered at 2014-05-08 18:37:57
-Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe onscreen) has lost his wife in childbirth and has a son called Joseph
-Arthur is forced by his boss to go and sort some paperwork of Alice Drablow at Eel Marsh House
-The locals are not very welcoming &want nothing to do with Arthur
-Arthur manages to get a room in the attic of a hotel
-Arthur meets a man called Sam and they become friends- Sam invites Arthur to tea
-Arthur goes to the house- has to pay a lot of money to driver as no one else will take him
-Arthur enters the house and some creepy things happen- magpies flying out, water running
-Arthur sees the woman in black, and thinks it's odd so goes to report it to the constable
-While Arthur is there 2 boys bring in their sister and say she drank lye. Arthur panics. The girl coughs up blood and dies in Arthur's arms, which spooks him.
-Parents start to blame Arthur for the death of the child as it only happens when the woman in black is disturbed or seen. Children have committed suicide in the past because of this
-Arthur and Sam go to the local solicitor's house- find a girl locked in the cellar- she screams at Arthur that he killed Victoria (the girl who drank Lye). Arthur is horrified and leaves.
-Arthur goes back to the house, and discovers that:
-Jennet was Nathaniel's mother but was deemed mentally unfit to care for him, so her sister Alice took him. She was not allowed to see him and her cards were never given to him. Arthur reads her letters. She says that no matter what her sister done Nathaniel is and will always be hers.

-Nathaniel died in a carriage accident after drowning in the marshes when a carriage overturned. Jennet says in the letter that she knows her sister did not try to save him- she was too busy saving herself. Her last letter says rot in hell.

-The villagers want Arthur to leave but he refuses to until he's finished what he started
-Sam speaks to Arthur about the suicides and says his own son drowned many years ago
-Arthur goes for tea with Sam and his wife Elizabeth. During the dinner Elizabeth starts talking about her son. She then tells Arthur her son wants to draw him a picture and proceeds to scratch into the table. She is restrained by a nurse.
-Arthur returns to the house and takes Sam's dog for company. He sorts through the paperwork and things start getting weird. The woman in Black bangs around and screams at him
-Arthur returns to town with sam to find the Solicitor's house on fire. He runs down to the cellar when the girl was and he finds the woman in black stood next to her. The girl is holding a jar of flames and drops them so they engulf her. Arthur realises she was kept locked in the cellar to protect her
-Arthur visits Elizabeth looking for answers. Elizabeth says that her son communicates with her through the woman in black. She then says that Joseph is next. Arthur panics.
-Arthur decides he must put Nathaniel to rest by giving him a proper burial, and it might save his son. He goes to the marshes to find his corpse, and once it's found he brings it to the house. The woman terrorises him and locks Sam in a room. After a while she stops and Arthur thinks she's forgiven.
-As he leaves the woman paces around the house saying she will never forgive
-Arthur meets his son and the nanny at the station. He says they are not staying and they must leave immediately. The nanny goes to fetch some tickets. As Arthur is saying goodbye to Sam, the woman in black is stood behind, and she manipulates Joseph to go to the train tracks. Arthur notices Joseph is gone and jumps to save him as a train hits them both. On the train are all the children the woman in black killed. Joseph doesn't go with them because his dad is holding him and therefore carries him into the afterlife
-Arthur looks around, still holding joseph. He sees his wife. Joseph asks who that woman is and Arthur replies 'it's your mummy'. He smiles and they all walk into the mist. They are dead.

The woman in black looks on

should it be rated 12? Yes. Because if it was 15 no one would bat an eyelid. You go in expecting it to be rubbish and you come out blown away.

is it horrible? No. It's beautiful. Jumpy but beautiful.
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