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Need help with possible resignation from a job? related questions

  • 1Need help with possible resignation from a job?

    I am currently facing a difficult decision with my job. I am currently employed at a reputable Bankruptcy Law Firm but financially the office is in trouble. We are filing on average 5 - 10 cases a month. We are to the point of possible lay offs. I really enjoy my position here and would stay if we were not financially in trouble. It's possible they may not be able to pay payroll next week. I am pretty qualified at what I do, I know the bankruptcy game (Chapter 7 and 13s) pretty well. I had a job interview about two weeks ago to see what opportunities are out there. I interviewed for another reputable high volume firm who has the money (they file on average 60 cases per month). They are willing to offer me more compensation. I have not given my two week notice yet as I am scared I may not enjoy the position as much as I do with my current employer. Does anyone have any thought and opinions? I am sure someone else has been in this position. What should I tell my employer if I do decide to leave?

  • 2Can my employer withhold two paychecks because I left before my two week resignation?

    I live in FL &I put in my two weeks notice one week ago (6/16). They have neglected to give me incentives that were promised at hire, they take advantage of me, and asked me to do things that I know are unethical. I have never complained to them, but always worked extra unpaid hours and went above my duties. Yesterday (6/23) I was in a car accident, while on the clock and they called and screamed at me b/c I was "taking too long." I had enough, I wrote an e-mail to my supervisors advising them that I would not be coming anymore. I left all of the company property on the desk &advised them that I would have someone pick up my paycheck on Friday (6/25) and they can mail me my final paycheck. They wrote me an e-mail stating that they would not release my paycheck and that I have to make an appointment with my supervisor and personally pick it up from him. I don't feel as if anything positive could come from this, and I'm not comfortable having a meeting with him . I just want to be DONE with them. Can they hold my checks? Can I send them a certified letter with a prepaid envelope requesting them to send me my paycheck in it? I've looked everywhere for a law saying that they cannot make me come in and pick it up. Please help! Sorry for the long explanation! Thanks for your help!

  • 3Labor law? Can they force resignation due to an injury in the state of California?

    Sorry this is kind of long but i'm confused, please help with advise thanks I have question about a labor laws in CA I am at a new job just under 3 months. I got in a car accident but felt fine for a few days and then yesterday I was in bad pain so I went to the dr before work. They said they needed to get out my old ex rays to see the change. I said I had to work so could I come back on my lunch. At work I asked my supervisor what time would be best for her for me to take my lunch because I wanted to go to a dr and they needed to know what time to expect me. She said early would be better for her, I said ok. On my way to lunch I said ok I am going to my appointment. She said ok well I just need to let you know that I already checked with HR and if the dr says you need more than 3 days of we have to let you go. I said wow that is crazy I hope I dont need days off but I have to make sure I take care of myself. Well I went and the dr said it was worse than he thought and wanted me to see another Dr out of town and take off about a week, I called work and told the news. boss said well can you just bring in your resignation letter now? I said well I can't really drive right now(thy gave me some meds and told me to go rest my back). They said well please bring the dr note with your resignation by 530, I said can you just lay me off so I can at least get unemployment? She said no because this is not a lay off. I said I love my job I dont want to quit. She said well if you resign then you are can be re hired. I said if they lay me off I could be rehired. She said no this will be better for you because I checked you can get disability. I was like Ok what ever. The dr said only a week. I called some numbers in town to find out what to do but no one was available to talk to me today, to see if this is legal it sounds like they are trying to force me to quit so they dont have to pay for anything. Do you know if this is legal? Why would they want me to quit so fast I am good at my job I use to manage a department like mine but we went out of business so I took a pay cut and a lower position doing something I have a lot of experience in and I get along with all the staff members any advice would be appreciated