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QCar accident in my father name,My name is not on insurance!?

I got in a car accident wile i was going o highway going 70 miles an hour, tire blow up and car crashed, good thing me and gurlfirend are okay, the car is my dad's he has full Coverage insruance by statefarm, will he get money for the car even though i was driving it, police came.thank you

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#1ArshAnswered at 2014-04-07 12:48:43
It depends on St Farms policy that he purchased. If you live in his household and have your license, you should be on his policy. If your a non-resident, the insurance should cover just as if it was him driving.

I'm hoping your not listed as an excluded driver.
#2ShaniquwaAnswered at 2014-04-23 07:38:42
If you live with your father, it is likely that you have to be a listed driver on his policy. If you were not, then it is also likely that State Farm will deny the claim. They may also deny any potential property damage above your state's compulsory limits. Talk to your agent.
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Car accident in my father name,My name is not on insurance!?

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