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QWhy do we have rollercoaster safety features?

for school project need afety features and why we have them please

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#1anainaAnswered at 2014-04-16 06:08:48
To reduce the chances of accidents and injuries happening. The health &safety executive oversees and enforces laws regarding safety, and the safety of facilities used by the general public is particularly important.

Safety features are not limited to the passenger restraints and hand guards that you can see on the rollercoaster, but extends to the actual design and engineering of the whole system.

The aim is to, where possible, eliminate risk. Where risks cannot be fully eliminated, they must be reduced in two ways - be reduced in the chances of those risks being realised (ie: an accident happening), and when such risks are realised the impact of them are reduced (ie: the extent of injuries sustained in the accident is minimised)
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Why do we have rollercoaster safety features?

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