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Why do we have rollercoaster safety features? related questions

  • 1Why do we have rollercoaster safety features?

    for school project need afety features and why we have them please

  • 2The relationship with safety features in vehicles and physics.?

    that's my way in my presentation .... I know it has something to do with the inertia ... but need some words to fill ...

  • 3What are the safety features in cars and what role do they play in defying the laws of physics?

    reference to Newton's laws should be included , please

  • 4Car seat safety? Help? ?

    My son is about 24 pounds

  • 5Health and safety - according to the bible?

    Do you believe that as a Christian you have a responsibility in terms of safeguarding the lives of others? In ancient Israel, safety was a high priority in all aspects of life. For example, when a house was built, God’s Law required that its roof—a place of considerable family activity—have a parapet. “You must also make a parapet for your roof, that you may not place bloodguilt upon your house because someone . . . might fall from it.” (Deuteronomy 22:8) If someone fell because this safety law had not been observed, God held the owner responsible. No doubt, application of the loving principle embodied in this law would minimize accidents at the workplace or even in recreation. Is this something you have ever thought about in everyday situations? eg: if you are a mechanic and do not fit a wheel properly through carelessness etc............ I just wondered if it is anything you have ever thought about and if you have any thoughts on this!?

  • 6Motorbike safety question?

    Is it any safer to drive a motorbike if you wear a helmet , jacket , back protector and gloves

  • 7What is the meaning of safety a way of life?

    What is the meaning of security of a way of life ?

  • 8What is the safety zone and can only certain cars go through it?

    Like the highway . Can some cars get a ticket for doing that ?

  • 9Safety reguarding motorcycles?

    As I said before I want to buy a bike , I have thought about using it for school and work. This means that I will not make roads and never exceed 45 miles per hour , I'm pretty sure when it comes to driving , I have a clean record with no moving violations . I understand that I should worry snot , but all the other drivers . I know a good mojority of all deaths are due to cyclists speed highway driving , or doing illegal things while driving . What are my chances of a fatality if I go for this style of driving ? Remember that I am a very very safe driver and have been driving a car for 3 years now .

  • 10Do you have to wear safety equipment such as.?

    Jeans , leather glove and such. yes, I will wear a helmet , but I never put the jeans before. I am a vegetarian and I am against using animals , I have to ? I have really wanted to ride a bike , preferably Ninja 250 , or a Yamaha TZR 50. Probably one of 50cc though. It is against the law if you do not wear safety equipment ? [ They will use helmet ]

  • 11Statistics on child restraint safety?

    I know the laws of the U.S. and Australia and the UK are very different, and car seat designs and systems LATCH / tether . I'm curious as to the actual safety statistics . What is the infant mortality rate for motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. , Aus, and the United Kingdom , the number of children a year die each year in automobile accidents.

  • 12How did Newtons laws of motion help car safety?

    how the laws of motion to help the automotive industry for safety and which are invented to prevent accidents occurring . (not seatbelts)