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QMother-In-Law problem.?

I have a young son who is starting to get his teeth, but they haven't broken through yet. My mother in law, for some reason, feels the need to stick her fingers in his mouth to feel his how much he has progressed. She has also put her fingers in his diaper to "feel if he's wet" after i told her I just changed him! It irritates me so much I feel like dis-owning her but I feel like I shouldn't say anything because she had a motorcycle accident, and she is now going through surgery for breast cancer. I am his mother, if anyone needs to be sticking their fingers in his mouth, it's ME! She just seems to disregard anything I say, but I don't want to hurt her feelings. When my son was still inside me, she came with me to the doctor's office for the anatomy ultrasound. She made a comment about my son's penis comparing it to my nephew's saying my nephew's was bigger. Needs no comment. I've talked to my husband and he says "I don't know what to tell you". Any suggestions?? she's drivin me nutz

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#1rjrj2196Answered at 2014-03-01 07:40:06
Ok at first I started reading and thought oh she is just checking but at the end that is just plain not right. I think it is time for you to tell her some of her comments are just un called for.
#2JoanieAnswered at 2014-05-03 08:37:58
One day you will wake up and say I had enough of the drama &there is no point as to trying to make sense out of someone who lives in Crazyville. Until then you will continue to let her upset you like what she has to say is important. Your husband apparently knows his mother has issues and ignors her. I sugguest that you follow his lead and distance yourself. The less you are around her the less you will be irrtating you.
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Mother-In-Law problem.?

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