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QCan I just walk away from my home without a foreclosure on my credit?

I asked Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 10 / 05. I was discharged on 03/06 . I filed under the old bankruptcy laws . Well my attourney apperentely never no longer practices law paperwork I had filled the redemption to keep my house . I've never missed a payment , even during bankruptcy , with all good intentions to keep my house . Well last month I went to qualify for a new home and sell the current home. I learned that Wells Fargo was not informing my credit bearau ! NIGHTMARE ! Because they are not reporting that I have a loan to buy a new house . I called Wells Fargo and I said I will help all I can do is refinance to get back home to my name . Now I feel so frustrated I just want to give back and keep going. I can do it legally and not redeem the residence during my bankruptcy ?

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#1IlovemathAnswered at 2012-12-30 18:24:32
you need a bankruptcy attorney to answer this question , and he or she has to be in the state that divided [ it did not tell us ] .
#2made\'Answered at 2013-01-12 13:30:48
David , I hate to say this --- but you have to get a bankruptcy attorney to address through this mess . Explain your situation to the new attorney ( including its history behind former attorney ) . Are you sure Wells Fargo made ​​the mistake ( not reporting to a credit bureau ) ? --- I tend to believe that --- but this is new . But ... as some people say
#3ShangkaryAnswered at 2013-03-02 05:13:41
Short answer : No, you can not That's not true that you do not have the credit to buy a new house and I really , really hope one loan oficer has not told that only b / c Wells Fargo was not reporting to the credit bureau . < Br > I used to work for WF , and can ask the customer service of a full payment history that any insurer will accept ( b / c that 's what I did for them ) . Bankruptcy is so can not get a loan ... most A- paper lenders want a minimum of 4 years with a perfect payment history post - BK . After your BK was discharged , his lawyer was no longer bound to your account any longer .
#4NatoshaAnswered at 2013-03-04 08:36:28
David , I'm afraid you really need legal advice on this . It matters too important to let some of us yahooians respond. While it may cost a bit of money to do this , it will be worth every penny . Do not let your house go back to them. Fight for it. You may be able to file a complaint with the FTC about Wells Fargo practices . I would like to correct or update all the years that have paid on time . Although bankruptcy. You can also call 888-995 - HELP , is a service HUD approved counseling to help homeowners . They may be able to provide some further advise that , again , we are not able yahooians answer for you. Best of luck !
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Can I just walk away from my home without a foreclosure on my credit?

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