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Can I just walk away from my home without a foreclosure on my credit? related questions

  • 1Can I just walk away from my home without a foreclosure on my credit?

    I asked Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 10 / 05. I was discharged on 03/06 . I filed under the old bankruptcy laws . Well my attourney apperentely never no longer practices law paperwork I had filled the redemption to keep my house . I've never missed a payment , even during bankruptcy , with all good intentions to keep my house . Well last month I went to qualify for a new home and sell the current home. I learned that Wells Fargo was not informing my credit bearau ! NIGHTMARE ! Because they are not reporting that I have a loan to buy a new house . I called Wells Fargo and I said I will help all I can do is refinance to get back home to my name . Now I feel so frustrated I just want to give back and keep going. I can do it legally and not redeem the residence during my bankruptcy ?

  • 2Will I be legally obligated to pay anything if I walk away from my home and let it go into foreclosure? (FL)?

    In the state of Florida , I will be punished ( for example , having to pay the difference in the loan if the bank auctions the house ) if I walk away from my house and let it go into foreclosure ?

  • 3Voluntarily walk away from a mortgage/home?

    I've been in my house for 3 years and have lost about 100K in equity at that time. This house was not meant to be a long-term home , only one to get my family out and hire a desirable neighborhood after selling . The market crashed , and now I feel like I'm stuck . I do not want my children in the schools in this area ( two years away) and I like it here . I recently filed a Ch.13 BK to get rid of a significant amount of debt and now I wonder if I should change my Ch.7 and Ch.13 to include my house . Now ( after the cap . 13 BK ) have no problems with any of my accounts money is not a factor here . I just do not like where I live and I want to be in a place where I feel that my children can play outside without worrying about them both . I considered renting, but this seems to be more of a task than I can handle at this point in my life , but the idea is not off the table . I consulted with my family and friends , and things have gotten worse ... I out 1/2 on one side and half on the other ... I'm looking for the pros and cons of this situation . Any advice will be great .

  • 4If i filed bankruptcy 2 years ago and did not reafirm my home can i just walk away now?

    i went bankrupt two years ago . i did not reaffirm the loan . However , payments have become so high that I can not afford to stay home . If I stop paying the mortgage and just walk away , that are considered part of my bankruptcy . or they may come after me to repay the loan .

  • 5Home foreclosure should i foreclose my home?

  • 6I am currently facing foreclosure, if I filed chapter 7 on my mortgage will a foreclosure show on my credit?

    I filed chapter 7 1 year ago. I did not reaffirm the loan but continued to make payments. I have missed 2 payments due to loss of income. I have tried to modify but I have not qualified for any programs yet. I would like to know worse case scenario what will happen. I prefer the answer from somebody that has gone through this.

  • 7I want to buy a home as a first time home buyer to get the $8k credit, but I have a bankruptcy on my credit...?

    The IRS says you have to have a purchase contract by April 30th to qualify for the credit. I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in January 2008 and it was discharged in May 2008. I know that for FHA loans, you can be approved 2 years after discharge, but I will be a month shy of that. Any suggestions or other options for financing that will allow me to take advantage of the credit? My credit score ranges from 632-658 (obtained today from the 3 credit bureaus).

  • 8Home foreclosure?

    My house is going into foreclosure soon , I am also filing for bankruptcy (Chapter 7) . My lawyer says that in two years I will be able to buy another house . Is this possible ? Please no smart *** answers here thanks .

  • 9Home going into foreclosure what programs help ?

    I heard that there are programs that can claim bankruptcy and still keep your home before entering foreclosure. Home is located in Long Island and has a value of 900,000 . The second mortgage payments are high and can not pay . A friend is not my home . I can rent an apartment. I want to give my friend the names of some programs. Can anyone advise . Thank you.

  • 10Where can you find help if your home is in foreclosure?

    LIVE Baton Rouge Louisiana , and wanted to know is there any help to keep MY HOME

  • 11Home Foreclosure question.?

    I am not able to afford my house anymore, and please do not tell me that there are options out there for me. I've had enough . They would not help me with a loan mortification , so I decided to lose the house . Now my question is what do I have to go through this process . And also , what is the difference between foreclosure and bankruptcy . I like to keep my cars (which are on credit ) What should I do guys ? Please , I need help

  • 12What to do if you are so behind on bills and is in start of foreclosure on your home?

    We are trying to work with the mortgage company , but not being able to control someone wrote letters after difficult as they said . Now , we have received a letter from the foreclosure attorney . Someone mentioned Bankurbcy