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QCan I get in trouble or sued for almost hitting a pedestrian in a parking lot?

It was dark outside and I was backing out at work and I didnt see this woman and her daughter and I almost hit them. But I didn't it was an accident and my car has horrible blind spots (toyota celica) Anyways she called my work and was trying to get my last name. (but they couldnt give it to her) and she said she was gonna file a police report. Can I get in trouble or can she sue me or something?

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#1ACC HelpAnswered at 2014-03-28 03:49:33
Nope. Almost an accident isn't an accident. Almost hitting them isn't hitting them. The police won't take a report on that.
#2Linda P*Answered at 2014-05-17 09:37:25
"Almost hitting someone" is not a crime. While pedestrians have right of way, they are also responsible for paying attention to drivers who may or may not see them.

The fact that you did NOT hit her proves that you were paying attention to what you were doing and driving in a careful and legal manner.

I would point out that the fact that your car has horrible blind spots would not be a legitimate excuse if you had hit them, however. My car has a pretty huge blind spot when the top is up, too (Sebring convertible... it has a really tiny rear window, so you've really got to watch what you're doing when you're backing up). It's your responsibility to know where your blind spots are in your car and compensate for them.
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Can I get in trouble or sued for almost hitting a pedestrian in a parking lot?

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