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Why do dismissed bankruptcies stay on credit as long as regular bankruptcies? related questions

  • 1Why do dismissed bankruptcies stay on credit as long as regular bankruptcies?

    I filed for Chapter 13 in 06, however it was dismissed and nothing from my credit report fell off or was remedied. Why are dismissals counted the same as full bankruptcies. seems very unfair.

  • 2Do bankruptcies ever really go away entirely? How long do they harm you for?

    I mean some credit cards say "have you EVER gone bankrupt?" Which should be illegal because ALL of the laws say that it drops off permanently from your credit reports and history after 10 or so years, so for credit card companies to ask just really really picky/selective/choosy and just mean. But technically if it falls off and there's no proof of it, I guess you can check off "no never," right? Anyways aside from that little tidbit, how long do they really harm you, and the negative consequences? I'm sure as soon as you are discharged, and a few years later are the worst, but what about after 5,6,7 years? Is it still anywhere near as bad? It just sucks because I know so many people that are like 10 years younger than me, and I'm in my late 20s who have these HUGE credit cards with huge lines and benefits and so much to it, and then I'm stuck with these little dinky credit cards with low lines. I feel like I'm so much poorer and have access to so much less even though I'm ALOT older. It feels like a huge punishment, and the laws that extended it for 10 years now, instead of just making it worse. On one side, I think it's a just punishment, because hell, you waste money, and you make those companies lose money, but on another note, why punish the individual so much, epsecially if some companies won't EVER deal with you if you "EVER" had a bankrupcy. that to me is just extreme. I went bankrupt at the age of 23ish. Chapter 7. That's very young for such a thing, and it would really be depressing if this affected me for that long or if I have to be punished for something I did as a young man my whole life. It feels like a jail sentence lol.

  • 3If you have more than 1 credit card,can you file for bankruptcies on just one?

    Are the credit card companies are not canceled ?

  • 4Is there a legit Mortgage Lender that guarantees Financing for people with Bad credit,No credit,Bankruptcies?

    I am seeking a well known or legit Mortgage Company within the U.S. that will Finance and work with Married couple with Bad Credit, No Credit, Personal Bankruptcies, Previous Foreclosure. We were screwed before with a past Mortgage Co. that hit us with very high Interest rates and we never got ahead paying toward a home Mortgage,nothing was Ever applied to the house and just paying high interest. There is always some SCAM! On top of that, this Company wasn't legit and taking money from people. We researched with the BBB and contacted them. I can not find any Mortgage company or Bank that will give us Financing for the home we are living now. Financing $100,000.00+ We have the income and funds to cover monthly mortgage cost.down payment,etc., but there's always a catch! They always want every bit of info from your life and accounts. I'm tired of Mortgage Co.'s screwing the medium living people trying to own a home. We see advertisements and they charge a fee, do a credit/history check- take our money and say No, but yet they say- 100% they give financing to anyone with Bad No credit Bankruptcy,etc I'm tired of the bullshit with these Companies- half don't even exist and very frustrated!! Serious replies only please!

  • 5Can bankruptcies be removed form the credit report?

    Bankruptcies can be removed form the credit report ?

  • 6Can anyone tell me the type of bankruptcies that are out there? And what do they do?

  • 7Help with a chapter 7 &13 bankruptcies ?

    I did a chapter 13 bankruptcies back in 2005. I had my car on there. The last year I went through a hard time &defaulted on the bankruptcies. They put all the fiance charges back on to me for my car (I all ready paid 10 thousand for the car just not the fiance charges) &was going to repo it. But now its 2011 &they never took it. I want to file a chapter 7 now &start all over. Will I lose my car or will they finally give me the title? If so how long will it take for them to take it?

  • 8Do bankruptcies help or hurt you?

    I'm thinking about filing Chapter 7! , But I want to buy a house in 2 years i will buy a car ? Soon.So I can buy things if I file chapter 7?

  • 9Do Chapter 7 Bankruptcies go smoothly?

    Just wondering if anyone is familiar with the process . I'm going through a Chapter 7 and am a little scared and nervous . Is this a relatively smooth process ? No creditors try to challege ? I have exhausted all means of payment and othe 'll filng soon . Any advice or guidance is appreciated.

  • 10Does anyone have good advice and knowledge on bankruptcies?

    Me and my husband , unfortunately , filing for bankruptcy and have never been in this situation before, so I was curious to know if anyone can help define the differences in Chapter 7 and 13 and what really will happen. we would like to follow are home to up to date and that our car is a lease that is not current owe two months. Please help !

  • 11Legal Question: RE: Chapter 7 Bankruptcies?

    I'm about to start a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition preparing business and I needed to find out a few different things before I get bonded and registered with the county clerk's office next week. 1) Since a legal document assistant like myself can not delegate legal advice, would a prospective client/debtor have to find out if he/she qualifies for Chapter 7 BEFORE coming to me to fill out the client questionnaire and have me fill out the petition, schedules, etc.? If so, do they need to go through an attorney to do so, or will they be able to tell based off of their existing real and personal property, income and debts? 2) What type of affordable Chapter 7 Bankruptcy software is available to non-lawyers (legal document assistants like myself)? I am aware of the limitations placed on legal document assistants (fee caps, inability to delegate legal advice). I only need to determine the two aforementioned pieces of information and then I will be able to start work asap.

  • 12What is the amount of time must I wait to file between bankruptcies.?

    I filed for bankruptcy back in august 2004. The shop i worked for the past 15 years closed there doors and i can not find a new job where i live in michigan. Im now out of money and behind on all my credit cards and have no other choice but to file bankruptcy.What is the time limit between bankruptcies