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Where can I find a debt consolidation that is not a scam? related questions

  • 1Where can I find a debt consolidation that is not a scam?

    Im 23 and I have major debt from mostly medical treatments from the past 5 years. I wanted to know if there are any legitimate programs out there for people in 30,000 worth of debt?

  • 2Is the johnson law group debt consolidation program a scam?

    they can't scam me out of money or drop my case if i keep making my monthly payments on time,right?are they legit?

  • 3Looking for information about any goverment program to help you get out of debt/ not a scam?

    Looking for information about any government program to help get out of debt / not a scam ?

  • 4Is it bad to consolidate credit card debt through a debt consolidation company?

    Is it bad to consolidate credit card debt through a debt consolidation company ?

  • 5Do i need to do debt relief or debt consolidation and what best companies?

    money because I'm struggling right now and my employer is cutting my hours .

  • 6Debt Consolidation?

    Hey , if you're not behind any of your credit cards and what you want to do debt consolidation , because you have so many ... How long is your credit report that you are in a debt consolidation program ?

  • 7Debt Consolidation.?

    I have between $ 11,000 and $ 12,000 the value of debt in three different credit cards . All credit card accounts have been sold to law firms. No way I can afford to do 3 different monthly payments on these . What are my options ? Should I go with one of the nonprofit organizations to consolidate my debt ? I do not own a house or any other property that could be used as collateral. I'm sure my credit is already shot , so I'm open to all options .

  • 8Debt consolidation?

    if I have $ 12k in debt like a credit card under my monthly payments could possibly be if I did debt consolidation ? How many years have affected my credit to a debt consolidation ?

  • 9Debt Consolidation??? Help!?

    Hello , we are a young couple in a bind ! my partner is around £ 20k of debt , several credit cards and personal loans and drafts . I have £ 3k in credit cards . We have a new baby , and we are struggling to pay everything and have a life together . Has anyone had any experience of debt consolidation companies ? we have been in the bank , no help what so ever. We are at the breaking point , and the need to do something . Any advice welcome. Thank you.

  • 10Debt Consolidation - or is it not what I think?

    I have a substantial amount of money in

  • 11With a debt consolidation ?

    I want to consolidate my credit card bills , but do not want to lose my home. What program should I use ?

  • 12Debt consolidation?

    so in all America there is not a debt consolidation company that can combine the payday loans is that they protect the sopranos