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Can you keep back wages or cash settlement from employer after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy? related questions

  • 1Can you keep back wages or cash settlement from employer after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    I am filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, but have a case w/ the EEOC against my former employer for discrimination. If I receive back wages or a cash settlement, will I be able to keep that money?

  • 2Employer keeps garnishing my wages after bankruptcy filing. Is this legal?

    I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy , the same day that I submitted was adorned . I informed my employer payroll department presented Chapter 7 , the same day and were given a copy of the Notice of bankruptcy case , case number , information trustee, etc. My understanding is that I have the protection of the court bankruptcy and there is supposed to be an automatic suspension of all foreclosures . I notified my employer of this and the payroll lady wrote me back and refused to stop though. she said

  • 3Can an employer reduce wages.?

    After a car accident in my company vehicle, my employer wants to settle without going though insurers, and reduce my wages to compensate his money loss. Can he do this? should I take him to a court? The accident was my fault, but very minor.

  • 4Can I sue the owner of my former bankrupt employer for unpaid wages?

    I worked for a company that put all of one day, and then filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy the next day. No employee has received his last paycheck for time worked and have been more than 7 months. I know it is a priority , but it seems very likely that the company will end up filing for Chapter 7 (which are pretty much not doing any business right now and can not even agree on a plan of BK , because they say they can not afford ) and that there will be enough money in the estate to pay us. Many of us , employees saw things very skeptical when I worked there, and it is rumored that the owner of the company transferred money into his personal account just before the bankruptcy . Can we sue the owner personally ? And if so , do we have to wait until after

  • 5In Arizona-Can an employer withhold wages for damages related to costs for a car accident in company vehicle??

    A driver of a company vehicle backed into a pole . The owner of the company is retaining a fixed amount each payroll rematch half of the damage. I understand that Arizona wage laws are

  • 6What is the average percentage of debt you will have to pay back after filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

    Just curious, if you know please say so (or provide a link). If you don't know, please don't respond. I just want an average. I've heard some people say they only had to pay back 20% and some said they had to pay back all of it! So which is it?

  • 7My car was repossessed this a.m...can I get it back by filing chapter 13 bankruptcy today? I live in Arkansas.?

    I live in Arkansas and my car was repossessed early this morning. I am filing bankruptcy...will I be able to get my vehicle back today or ever?

  • 8Can i stop a garnishment on my wages without filing bankruptcy?

    ? I can stop a lien on my salary without filing bankruptcy ?

  • 9Need help collecting back wages owed?

    My husband's company filed Chapter 11 in January. They have not paid us for his December wages. They did give us one check in early December, but it bounced and they have changed banks. Now our checking account in in jeopardy as we don't have the money to re-deposit. They are not out of business as they are still giving him some hours, but his boss cannot give us any help with his back wages. The Labor Board says we cannot file with them because of the bankruptcy. They say that we need to file with the Bankruptcy court. I have tried searching for a form or info, but it's overwhelming. I saw something about a making a formal demand to the employer. Any information on either or both would be great. We live in California. We need something quick. Thanks

  • 10Car crash.. cash settlement? 10 points best answer?

    I was in a car accident about 3 weeks it was the other drivers fault . Your insurance pays for everything , including the cost of car hire. My friend tells me that I should try to get more money , pain and suffering , I guess. He told me I had to go to the doctor and complain of neck problems , even though they do not. And then I should go talk to a lawyer . I'm thinking now that it does not hurt to try. He told me these stories of people I knew who received large settlements , such as 20 - 50K . It just made ​​me think , that if it were not for my being able to react quickly enough, could have died in this accident . I've been through a lot of emphasis in recent weeks , and I know if the shoe was on the other foot someone was doing this to me . So why should I sit back and let this man free ? Cock was for me anyway after telling me that it was my fault . The police knew immediately what had happened and that it was his fault . So anyway just looking to get some information and see if anyone has been through this or know someone who has. Thank you !

  • 11I was told no one can garnish my wages if im protected by the jones act (except for back taxes) is this true?

    I said no one can garnish my wages if im protected by the Jones Act (except for back taxes ) is this true ?

  • 12Will i get my taxes back after filing bankruptcy $83,000 debt (chapter 7).my lawyer wants to look at my taxes?

    my lawyer wants me to bring in my tax papers before i file them so he can decide what to do with my lawyer told me before i filed that he will not look at my taxes now all of a sudden he wants to look at my taxes something throws up a red flag at me.