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Personal Injury Lawyer, Personal Injury Attorney, Car Accident Lawyer, Auto Accident Attorney Recommendations? related questions

  • 1Personal Injury Lawyer, Personal Injury Attorney, Car Accident Lawyer, Auto Accident Attorney Recommendations?

  • 2Miami Personal Injury Attorney, Miami Personal Injury Lawyer. Miami Car Accident Lawyer. Who is the best?

    Who is the best Miami Injury Attorney , Miami Accident Lawyer or Miami Accident Attorney that you know . If you do not think highly of any in Miami , what about Fort Lauderdale Accident Lawyer , West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyer , or any other city with Florida Car Accident Lawyers or Florida Personal Injury Attorneys ?

  • 3Recommendations for a good personal injury lawyer in Raleigh, NC?

    I was recently injured in a car accident and am looking for an attorney to represent me. Who would you recommend and why?

  • 4Anyone know of a good auto accident personal injury attorney or chiro in Austin Texas?

    I was in an accident yesterday and although it was not devastating I am hurting and I could not go to work today . I'm a bit new to Austin Texas and do not know any chiro or attorney to see as I know the co -insurance is going to turn around.

  • 5I need a personal injury lawyer for an auto accident in the west palm beach, fl area?

    ineed someone to find the driver of a rented car from purity products wpb fl area in 12 /03

  • 6If you were involved in an accident and wanted to sue, would it be better to NOT get a personal injury lawyer?

    I only ask because I know that personal injury lawyers are kind of bad reputation now .... and I see that the advertising of a lot of TV , billboards , radio, etc. I was wondering if you have a personal injury lawyer to actually do more harm than good in court? Also, personal injury lawyers have to go through so much schooling and education have both , like any other type of attorney ? If so , what 's wrong with wanting to help people who have been injured or hurt in an accident rather than help someone convicted of a crime ?

  • 7Where can I find a good personal injury attorney?

    Where I can find a good personal injury lawyer ?

  • 8Can anyone recommend a Good Personal Injury Attorney in California?

    Can anyone recommend a good personal injury lawyer in California ?

  • 9Personal injury attorney not releasing funds from settled portion of our case?

    We have been dealing with a personal injury lawsuit for about two years. The accident occurred in CA and we reside in another state, so we are dealing with our attorney all long distance. The case has been complicated, mainly due to an inattentive attorney from the start, whom we fired. We retained our current attorney not too long ago and the case against the defendants insurance company has been resolved and funds have been sent to our attorney. Here is where it becomes tricky. The funds for my settlement have been sent to us, the attorney is holding the funds from my husband's portion of the settlement until a settlement is reached with our insurance company (the defendant was an underinsured driver, we had underisured driver coverage). Our attorney claims he cannot release these funds because he will more than likely need to spend the money on litigating the case against our insurance company..and it just does not make sense to me. In our eyes, the case against the defendant is closed (and in the courts eyes) I don't see why the funds cannot be released, but my attorney alleges this is normal practice in personal injury law. Anyone have any experience with a situation similar to this? Thanks.

  • 10Are you a personal injury lawyer?

    My girlfriend and I were in an auto accident (I was driving the gf's car). We were hit from behind, at a high rate of speed, through no fault of our own. Based on a preliminary investigation, the other driver's insurance company claims she has no coverage. Both the gf and I were injured. I went to the ER via ambulance and was released later that day after doing some tests. I am now in the care of my doctor. What should I do? I have medical expenses and I'm still in pain as a result of the accident. Would a lawyer be recommended or would I be better off to deal with the insurance company myself?

  • 11Should I get a lawyer for my personal injury?

    My boyfriend '

  • 12How do I choose a personal injury lawyer?

    How to choose a personal injury lawyer ? My uncle recently estimated a devastating car accident in Denver , CO , which has left unable to walk . He has been in a wheelchair for three weeks , and is not likely to change soon . It has kept him out of work, and asked me to help find a lawyer for legal action regarding your injury. How do we know that we are choosing the best?