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How can i find a lawyer to take my case against a hospital that hurt me while in a coma. Every Lawyer is scare related questions

  • 1How can i find a lawyer to take my case against a hospital that hurt me while in a coma. Every Lawyer is scare

    I was in a car wreck and ended up in a coma. While in the coma the doctor damaged me. Now I can't find a lawyer to take my case. When I mention the hospital where it happen they all say we fill that YES you do have a case BUT our firm can't handle it. It seems to me that they are affraid to even try. Can you give me some advice. I have another Dr. And a Nurse and my Drs. assistant That have told me that they would have to say it did not happen in the wreck. By Law.

  • 2How can I find a lawyer that was in a case in 2000, in Houston?

    I was in a car accident in 2000 , and I'm trying to find my insurance lawyer always , but I have no proof of that insurance at the time, and I can not remember the name of the insurance . The new aid sure I have not just cause back five years . Is ther a website that can help me ? ? ?

  • 3When should I find a lawyer?

    For help with a personal injury case where my son was beaten by a car on Saturday ? I'm waiting patiently for the accident report , police said they would be ready and mailed on Monday, but have not received it yet. We are not suing the lady , however , is only going to tackle the first insurance company . Should I contact a lawyer right away ? Should I go to the Father D. and ask for the police report ? I am no idea what to do first!

  • 4Where do I go to find a pro-bono bankruptcy lawyer?

    I have 20k in debt and have $ 90 in my bank account . I lost my job as part of a layoff and have no means to pay this debt . I want to file for bankruptcy because creditors are harassing my entire family ( even people who live in another state ) . I have no money to hire a lawyer , nor do I know how to file myself . I live in northwest Ohio if that matters.

  • 5Why do young adults find themselves in need of a lawyer?

    Need to explain the ten law school graduates need to know to graduate from high school ( the first five or ten reasons young adults are in need of a lawyer ) PS This is for a senior project so I would appreciate your help . Thank you.

  • 6Where can I find a free brankruptcy lawyer or a very low cost one?

    Chapter 13 and 7. Anywhere in Florida or Jacksonville ?

  • 7Can i sue my lawyer for messing my case up i was in a car accident ?

    OK let explain better I got in a car accident I was the passenger in the car I got the attorney he sends me to a doctor tht he knew of everything was find until they said they been trying to in touch and they can't reach him he needs to call the insurance company I call him and just like I gets no type of gd feed bck wth why their stopping me from going to the doctor

  • 8Is my lawyer doing everything according to law in Nj auto accident case?

    I have been in a auto accident 2 yrs ago limited threshold not my fault -rear ened driver recived ticket reckless driving eversince that day I have tons of expenses lost my job becuase I couldn't come in becuase I was injured and they let me go. I'm still going thru therapy now and have lot's of pain to the point that I had burning off the nurves in my neck 4nerves, injestions, accupuncture,pain meds,muscle relaxers etc. He has not helped me at all I wanted to get another lawyer he told me that he will make money on it too since he sued for me. I have dr bill for 3,000 since I had the accident and keep on sending it to him and nothing is done. He never calls me , never helps me even though my auto doesn't wanna pay for anything a long time ago my health ins pays some what and I spent me and my husbands life savings. I have tear in ligament in right side neck, hip pain,scolliosis,left lumbar deviation, that's what I'm having therapy for now. Also seeing psycholg for a year. Now wha

  • 9I need to get advise on how to file a lawsuit against the FDOE. I need to find a Lawyer who will handle it.?

    My husband and I in 1996 filed Chapter 13. Everyone should file a claim, including Florida Dept.of Education . Since it is supposed to be free . But the deal is that they put a claim as everyone else. I have a download of the federal courts say we pay all our debts and we were discharged . This was in June 1998 . In 2003 my husband was killed , then in 2004 , I received a letter from the FDOE still had a balance of $ 1,071.00 , with interest is now $ 3.700 . This was six years after the fact . I have proof of my bankruptcy sent them back and demanded an administrative hearing was denied . Now they have seized my SS disability . I went and borrowed money against my home to pay the loan with an understanding that he wanted my money . Do not you owe me and want to find a lawyer to go after them . I have no money and I have a ten year old grandson lives with me . I need someone to let me know what I can do or who I can contact for help. thank you

  • 10Is it possible to ask your lawyer for an advance on a personal injury case?

    and how? you request or how shall I say ? I had a car accident back in February ended in a municipal school worker on duty . totaled my car and life is going to hell , so I'd like aeast in 1000 to catch up on bills Caue i can not work and have no car. wonering only aboput if anyone here knows anything about that ? thnks

  • 11Legal help please- every lawyer is telling me something different- Battery case in Florida.?

    I got into a fight with my brother at home . I have 22 years and 21 . My parents called the police to stop us, never wanted to be arrested . But I beat him very badly and I had no marks on me, so I was the one who arrested even though I think started the fight . I got out of jail and I lost my hearing ( i left my house two hours before, but I live in Miami , there was an accident and went to the court an hour late due to traffic jams ) ... and so I put my plea as not guilty because I was not there (not sure how this makes sense ) , and now I have a trial on the 28th. My brother and my parents all want to drop the charges , we have all resolved , but the court has not let me go . The prosecutor said that even if nobody wants to press charges I have yet to go to trial . My dad called the state attorney and said all I had to do was show my trial and testify against me ( no sense) and I was going to offer a program and that they would drop the charges . My mom called the state attorney and said there was no way they could drop the charges , but without a witness , who did not have a case against me anyway . I never mean to plead not guilty , they want these charges dropped but the state , lawyers , and everyone is telling me something different and nothing makes sense .. I do not know what to do . It is a domestic violence misdemeanor battery charge .

  • 12Does anyone know a lawyer who can defend my case for an auto collision that was my fault?

    Hello - I am looking for a lawyer who can provide a defense against a car accident he was involved in. It turned out he had no insurance at the time of the accident . I need someone preferably Toronto . There are a lot of lawyers dealing with the applicant only , I am the defendant in this case . Thank you very much for all the help !