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Meeting with supervisor and human resources.....what do u think? related questions

  • 1Meeting with supervisor and human resources.....what do u think?

    i work in a lab and had a car accident on my way home from work 1 year ago (I was rear-ended) IT left me with back problems and my work performance went down some.......then, i got put with a project leader who was a very negative and condesceding person (first time project leader) they told me before that theyre not happy with my work performance.....and i told them that my back is almost better but i just have a hard time dealing with this guy (who puts down women) now, my supervisor has called me to a meeting with him and HR what do you think its about? i am miserable because of this guy but theyre gonna believe him and not me im terrified please help!

  • 2When should I inform my supervisor that I am pregnant?

    Recently, I was in a car accident and stayed home for 2 months. I found out I was pregnant and returned to work. I'm between a rock and a hard spot. HELP!!!

  • 3Resources for single dads?

    I'm a 25- year-old Orthodox Jew raising my 3 year old boy , Aryeh , alone. I was in a car accident last year that left me paraplegic and resulted in my wife left me and our son . She has moved to her parents' home in New York , leaving me and my son here on the west coast . Actually I have a couple of questions : According to Jewish law , do you think that would be permissible or advisable to divorce her ? What do you think are the chances that Gd will bring home to us? What resources outside the Jewish community are available for single parents who are having a hard time? My parents have helped financially , but I'm paralyzed from the waist down , making it very hard to care for my son sometimes. Thank you very much , - Jason

  • 4Legal resources for litigation over car accident?

    I rear-ended a vehicle for six months and ended up causing a car accident in April . Now I'm being sued . It is still in the hands of my insurance company , but I would like some legal resources online to help prepare for what is to come. Links or library books ? Thank you.

  • 5What are some natural resources in british canada?

    In British Columbia , Newfoundland (Labrador ) Nova Scotia , Ontario , Prince Edward Island , Quebec , Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories , Nunavut and Yukon ? I'm doing a school paper ' , is about competition from the U.S. and Canada in the import market , so I need some basic information to do the job the way I want, I do not think I'm asking to do my work for me . I assure u im not .

  • 6Who to blame?? God or human?

    Suppose I create a car and going to buy that car . The car is designed and properly took it into an accident and lost his leg ... Now who is to blame ? ? ? I am ... For I am the creator ... I hope you all agree with this ... God created human beings ... If you see millions of people in Africa do not even eat a meal that I have ... They are dying of hunger ... Since God created humans ... He is the one to blame ... Do you agree ? If you want to discuss then noted that while his God can create from nothing earth why you can not give a cup of water and food (which is enough for them ) to them . While he can not give it is clear that he is an idiot and he should go to hell first ...

  • 7After car accident,where im not guilty,the insurance is violating my human wrights?

    Innocent until proved guilty?i had a car accident where the other party declare him self guilty to the police, my insurance is dealing with my policy "in the worst case scenario" like they say,and are charging me my monthly payments and ,now that they found out that my car is written off, they told me that i should buy another car to continue the insurance,or i must pay cancellation fees ,they say if after my claim im declared not guilty of the accident they will pay me back the money.well because of bad economic situation i cant pay anny cancellation fees or buy another car. so where is my human right of Innocent until proved guilty? i have a accident that was not my fault,injury's,lost some income because of being unable to work ,lost my car and i still have to pay the insurance cancellation fees because of the insurance policy that no matter what you are Innocent or guilty they still treat you like if you where guilty,isn't this a violation of my humans rights? can any one help me please?

  • 8Maslows Hierarchy states that the three basic human needs are Food-Clothing-Shelter...So where is Healthcare?

    Since the federal government doesnt provide food, clothing or homes, why should there be a Federal Department of Healthcare? Isnt anyone responsible for their own well-being anymore?

  • 9Meeting of the Creditors?

    I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and tomorrow I have my meeting of creditors . What I can expect to happen here and how long it takes ? My case was pretty easy and I had no problem. Thanks in advance .

  • 10Essay on"disciplined driving is the only road to human safety"?

    Essay on

  • 11I have a bankruptcy meeting next week?

    I had a phone consultation and the attorney, he asked my total debts and assets I told him with my medical and credit cards i have about 15k in debt. He talked to me for a while about my house and cars and stuff and decided a Chapter 7 would be best. However when I got home and looked at all my bills I was actually 23k in debts. I have not called him back yet, we have a meeting for him to go over all my bills and start paperwork next week. Does this significant change in the amount of my debts affect my bankruptcy or ability to file chapter 7 ?

  • 12Can i apply for a credit card before my 341 meeting?

    I recently filed chapter 7 and I want to establish new credit, I was wondering can I apply for a credit card before my 341 meeting?