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How do I deal with a depressed mother-in-law? related questions

  • 1How do I deal with a depressed mother-in-law?

    My mother-in-law moved in with us because of drug abuse and depression (example: several major car accidents, evictions, job firings). She does nothing to help out around the house and lays in bed all day. She takes more than her allowed dose of Prozac. When she does talk, all she talks about is her horrible past and all the shoulda woulda couldas. This could be while we're watching a movie, or trying to have dinner, or even when I'm on the phone with someone else. Everywhere she goes she thinks people think bad things about her. She will go on and on for hours about the same thing. She has no manners around the house, nevers cleans up after herself, walks around in underwear, doesn't close the bathroom door, eats up the fridge. When she finally gets a job, she calls in all the time and then blows her money on hair and nails and eating out. I can't stand it anymore! I feel used and I want my privacy back. I'm tired of focusing on her and and trying to makes things easy for her. How can I do that, though? How can I listen to someone for hour upon hour non-stop about all the bad things that happened to her and that's the ONLY thing she ever talks about? What gives her the right to lay in bed all day and not function like a normal person? She's full of excuses and I'm tired of it and am on the verge of throwing her out. We've been honest about our feelings to her but she has not made any effort to change or try to show a more positive outlook at least in front of her son and I HATE the sadness I see in his eyes because of her. It's making me hate HER for hurting him and not even trying. It's causing problems with my husband because he feels like I do but it's his mom too, but I'm tired of her little jabs at me like his high school love that she had hoped her son would marry and how much tidier her place was than how I keep mine. How WE made her move in with US (she was EVICTED). How do I deal with her comments when she follows me around the house? She has no money saved to live anywhere else and no one wants to take her in. Please help before I really break a family bond for life....

  • 2Whats the best way to deal with losing the one you love to death and how do you deal with it?

    What is the best way to deal with the loss of the person you love to death and how to deal with it ?

  • 3Got shafted in a car loan deal, car is having too many problems, want OUT OF DEAL.?

    I have a 2003 Crown Victoria in a lot of local credit car because my credit was not so good . Im in need of repairs , repairs serious look, and . I want to know how I can get out of the operation. Is bankruptcy ? what chapter ? I realize that I was deceived because I'm young , only 21 . and I really want to know how to get out of this. Even with the large B mark on my record for a while . PS thanks . the car was bought at 13k , is only worth about 5k

  • 4I feel really depressed?

    I feel as have I have zero luck and my life is all ****. Toady I was at class and my car got totaled, it was parked around a corner with three other cars and a truck drove right into them. I feel as if this is it, the last straw in a never ending cycle of bullshit. Just a few years ago I lost my father in car accident, I have no money I have very few friends hardly any family, so that's why im on here asking for advice. Can any one cheer me up, I don't even know why i get up in the morning any more.

  • 540, bankrupt, depressed...?

    I've been depressed most of my life . From the age of 12. I struggled , but not accomplish some things . College degree, but a hated race for 15 years . Now I have suffered a devastating blow financially. He lost everything . Total Bankruptcy . And my mother died . I'm lonely, depressed , unmotivated . I am a Christian and I serve God , but He is still not enough to get me out . He pulls me situations that should help , but mostly I pushed forward. I'm tired and I want out . But I'm afraid to give up .... ( eternal consequences ) I live from paycheck to paycheck, and even though I try to be a good Christian , help others , tithing , etc. I can not get ahead . I can not afford any counseling or therapy . I have my own health insurance , but does not cover mental health ( pre - existing ) . I feel trapped and desperate by the day .

  • 6Depressed over lent money...?

    Hey, Please read this, I need help - this depression is affecting my life dramatically ... what should I do? About a year ago, I let my dad borrow about $ 4,000 because it was in really tough times. I had worked all summer as an EMT (who had won my cert last summer). I became an EMT to explore the medical field, and I want to be a doctor. Anyway, my brother is a football player, and they live at home. While I worked, he practiced, and made no money. So, at the end of the summer, my father had to ask my entire savings (to pay taxes, and for payment of home). Soon after, I lost my job (layed off). I've been in hard times too, but my father has been paying for everything I needed. At this point, at this time, because it actually has paid a total of $ 1,000 (more than the needs of that year). So here's my problem. I'm not crazy I had to give my father the money. In fact, I think if I was an only child, I would have been happy to give him. What I'm crazy about ... I can not stop thinking ... is the fact that while my brother has to spend his time playing football (the two go to a community college, and both hope to transfer), you could get a scholarship, I was working. Since you probably will not get a scholarship (although I have a 3.9 GPA with 60 college credits taken), since I'm not an athlete, I'm starting to resent the fact that my dad take the money from me. It does not seem fair. My brother spent little time on the job, no money is earned, and therefore was asked to contribute nothing to the family. Because I've worked (although I was working for my future, just differently), I lost everything. Now basically lost a whole summer, I have no money to buy a car when I go to college, and I

  • 7My brother is very depressed after being refused for job. How to help him now?

    My brother recently presented Chapter 7 bankruptcy . He graduated with a degree in mathematics in 2008 , but was never able to find any work , except for minimum wage jobs . Minimum wages of labor does nothing and went bankrupt . Then he got a job offer to work in technology. Everything went well and the interview went well too. Then they sent a letter that the company has rejected the job because it declared bankruptcy . He got angry and went to the company office and began to misbehave with HR employees . He slapped HR man sitting at the desk . And began to turn the furniture upside down. Then he left. He has now been charged with assault and has a court date next month . Later, the brother said he thought it was unfair to use bankruptcy as a reason for rejection . The psychiatrist says he has clinical depression and can write a note to the court . Does that help ?

  • 8I may have to file for Chapter 7, I am very depressed.?

    It's a long story. Like a lot of people that I graduated from college very naive , but positive . I was fired from a job that pays decent and after they did temporary work before deciding he wanted to work in the field of education. Unfortunately , charter school I worked to make all full-time employees are not so now I'm back to being unemployed . Every time I was fired ( did temporary jobs over 6 months since the last only TEMP) I had to wait 4 weeks before you see a penny of unemployment. He had little money in the bank , so I did a very stupid thing , I used my credit card for the rent, food , gas and sometimes ( and once a vet bill ) . I tried to go to a debt consultation company my credit card and the girl I know told me that my problem was not the lack of budget income. I told him I would work 70 hours if I could, but it was difficult to find work . She told me that a chapter 7 would be my best option to give me a

  • 9Just got into a major car crash and am depressed.what do I do?

    I just recently turned 17 and I got into my first car crash today. The police believe that it was my fault. Despite the fact that there were no witnesses or cameras to record this incident. It was just me and the other driver. She's alot older than me. I think she was around 35? Anyways, they took her word against mine. That's the short version of it all. I still don't believe I was at fault, but I guess it doesnt matter right now huh? Wether I caused it or not, I still feel like utter crap. My family has always been poor and I know that this will definitely raise our insurance premiums. On top of that, I feel like the lady will sue me because of the fact she kept faking her injuries. My small and cheap car was utterly destroyed. But her SUV wasnt too impacted. I was also the one hit head on! She said she "was fine" but "wanted to go to the hospital" anyways? what? I know that we were both shaky and bruised, but I dont think it was anything too horrible. We weren't bleeding or anything, thank god. I'm still surprised I came out alive! I definitely should've died today. And I know, for the older readers I seem like I'm immature and stupid. Lots of teens get into reckless behavior. I understand. But Im never like this. I wasnt drunk, high, or was texting on my cell phone. What happened was just a mistake. I feel like I should apologize or something. I feel like I seriously let down my whole family. We can't afford this whole mess. Our insurance will cover some damages. But I fear that we still have to pay more still. I didn't want my parents to have to pay more. I cant believe this happened. This whole day I've just been crying and sleeping. I feel awful for the mess I put my family through. I want to make it up by getting a job and selling some stuff to make some extra money. I will try to take responsibility for this. Can anyone tell me how much the ticket costs? I live in CA, and my ticket says "failure to yield." Something like that. I will pay the ticket and go to traffic school. Is there anyway I can reduce a ticket cost? my family is very low-income. Should I get one of those ticket lawyers? I am deathly afraid of being sued. What should I do? I literally have no idea what I'm doing. I'm just a kid. I can't handle all this stress on my body and mind. I've been calling my insurance company, calling people, etc. My parents dont know english well enough to do this. Also, it sounds stupid, but is there anyway to stop my insurance premium from going up? ANY way? I've never been in an accident or had any tickets before this. This was a stupid mistake and I regret it. I feel like a criminal. And now, my family pays the price for this. I want to do everything I can to help my family and the other driver involved. It'll give me some peace of mind. This car crash scene keeps going through and through my head...

  • 10Please help me... I am so depressed about that way I look... &so stressed about my relationship?

    How do I feel : I feel sad , depressed , lonely, frightened , anixous stressed

  • 11Depressed gambler needs £2000 please advise on what I can do?

    I am a selfish man ever has destroyed my life and if my family. My wife left me last year after a suicide attempt had failed. I had led a double life and had accumulated severe gambling debts and could not go further. I spent two weeks in hospital after the failed attempt and every day since I have lived in hell. We have two wonderful children who only get to see once a week (if I have luck and only for about 3 hours.) Recently have been living with my parents, who have been very kind. But I can not live more. I tried so hard to conquer my compulsive gambling. I found comfort in a while in Gamblers Anonymous, but then the dream world player hit me and I ran in debt and continued lying to my family about my whereabouts and my finances. I have a good job, where I manage to put into a different person and perform their work to a high standard, and I get along with my teammates. but every month they just lost my salary and my losing my will to live. I have no real friends. I look at the 50 or so people on Facebook and there's only one person there who I count as a friend. Even today I called the Samaritans, because they have no one to talk to. My problem is I can not get the idea to do serious damage to myself in my head. I lost my salary and the £ 2k I need to cover my payments plan debt management, finance my car and my mortgage has gone. I feel I have no choice but to leave this world now. I left everybody. I did the same last month and my parents rescued me, but I will again and said categorically this. If I play again homeless and disowned. I can not go home because I am not welcome there. So my question is I think two ... The first is where the hell I can get £ 2k to fix this mess and live for a month ...? Second, seriously, what I can do? I mean I'm only 30 and should not be faced again with suicidal thoughts

  • 12I am a young depressed kid and i need other peoples opinions?

    Hi my name is bryan i was born september-06-94 and a baby boy, blonde hair blue eyes. my dad has been deployed 3 or 4 times to iraq. he has been back home for over 10 months. my family consists of me im 16, my sister she's 12, my mom, &my dad. so to start off when i was little i was basically accident prone; 12 broken bones and 2 head injuries. i major head injury was when i was in 3rd grade, i was a good student and a good kid i was more advanced than any other kid my age. but in 3rd grade i had a series of stuff happen in a time span of 3 weeks; 1: i had brain surgery, 2: my uncle past's away, 3: while at his funeral our house was being robbed. so brain surgery seems to has caused some damage to me, never made A's and B's again after 3rd grade, behavior, etc. so a couple of years later i seem to notice some depressing stuff. i have been admitted to the hospital for trying to commit suicide 1 time, i have tried committing suicide i think 2 or 3 times. i firstly tried to commit suicide by rapping tape around my face and head because family issues, secondly i tried to commit suicide by hanging myself because family started not loving me and appreciating me example: my sister spit in my face. i still have had many many suicide thoughts but never acted on them. i am seeing councilor for about 2-3 years now. i have been slapped, and pushed, and i think even punched, spit on by sister and dad, choked, hair pulled, spanked, etc. (and one time my dad made me do wall sits for 10 min and every time i fell i got spanked or slapped or punched.) these at one point in my life around from when my dad got home from iraq to about the middle of summer 2010 happened every day. i will admit that about 1-4 days of this was because of drugs :( it was a new thing i tried and have never done. i hit a point were i was just bad. i did pot, sold pot, and even tried to grow it. and every time got caught. but that was for a good 2-4 week thing i no longer am associated with that stuff any more. (: but now present day i am a sophomore in high school i now am getting in trouble for not taking my medicine, not taking protein, not working out. and so now on my moms birthday my sister dad and i all planned on all getting her a card and an hour back massage so we did. but i after school that day though i would buy my mom a present from me, just me i though it would be fine and nice because i though now that i have a job i could maybe show her i care by using my money that i worked for to buy her a gift. and i got in trouble by my dad for doing that, my mom thought it was very nice. but i think the most ****** up thing is that its my moms birthday on this day and my dad says he is going to divorce her if the stuff with me continues! my mom asks well what is he doing that is so bad to divorce me? he is doing fine he has A's and B's for the first time in 7 years. hes doing good hes not breaking the law hes not bad and teachers say nothing bad about him. my dad says well it just he hasn't took his medicine in the past 3 days and has been talking back. my mom says ok he has maybe not tooken his medicine but thats something to talk to him about and i dont see him back talking you ever! so eventually i say to him "basically telling him i am depressed and suicidal" saying ok well if its all my fault im driving you crazy and to divorce mom, then i might as well say it your driving me crazy to kill myself. anyways sorry for getting off topic at my moms birthday dinner theres my mom, my dad, my sister, my grandma, my grandpa, and i, so my sister is over here eating her steak like a caveman or something and my mom gets on to her, but my dad on the other hand is over there laughing at her, encouraging her. then shes throwing rolls at my grandpa again my dads laughing encouraging her on again, my mom gets on to her, i then texted my mom secretly saying if i did that i dad wouldve gotten on to me. later on that night my mom tells my dad what i said and he says well you treat another kid better when the other has been in trouble before. but anyways i was wondering what someone else out there in the world thought about life. if you have any commits or suggestions on my life please do write them. i need all the help i can get. also my interest are baseball, working out, computers, games. i am not going to lie i have a bunch of nice things like; 2011 camaro for b-day hot tub/pool 1/2 million dollar house, and indoor bating cage/gym(for sister). my chores are a bit odd i say i enjoy baseball and working out but not all the time as i am sorta forced to have my car. my chores are; do dishes, clean room, got to gym for 1 hour, workout at home for 1 hour, practice baseball for 1 hour, take 150-250 g of protein, and take medicine. my dad is a but odd he even sometime smells my hair in the middle of the store and say you didn't wash it very good.