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How is a person supposed to get the money to pay for a bankruptcy if they have no money??? related questions

  • 1How is a person supposed to get the money to pay for a bankruptcy if they have no money???

    Our 30-year-old son has been draining us dry, we've helped him all we can, and he has already sold everything he owns of any real value. Any ingenious ways to come up with the money he needs? The attorney's form said the filing fee was $274.00, but the attorney told our son it would cost $800 for Chapter 7.

  • 2I am getting sued, if I file chapter 7 bankruptcy will the person still get money?

    I 'm making a claim , if I file Chapter 7 bankruptcy will the person still get the money ?

  • 3Do you owe money to a hospital money if they file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Will it stay on your credit report?

    I owe money to a hospital that recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy . Is my debt to them taken from my credit report ? Or do you run ? Same goes for a bank . If they enter Chapter 11 or Chapter 7?

  • 4Is it right for this person to charge my parents this much money?

    So my mom was involved in a car accident 2 YEARS AGO. Around the middle of last year, things were settled because a witness didn't show up. So the case was closed. But suddenly the other people are sueing my mom THIS YEAR, and since there were about 4 or 3 people in the cars, 3 of them are sueing my mom. No one got hurt, but their just keep on saying "oh we had to go to the hospital after" and blah blah blah. DAMMIT MY MOM HAD TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL TOO! No one died or the only drastic thing that happened were that both cars were compeltely destroyed. I don't know what happened, but now each person is sueing my mom about more then 1 million dollars. So that makes that my mom is sued for more than 3 million dollars, but my mom said that our insurance people should are supposed to pay the 3 million dollars. I know one thing.....if someone DIED, it wouldn't be that much money! Then on this mail thing (that the other people keep on sending us), it said "must pay this much money because unable to work or do household stuff" and bunch of this other crap. If that happened to them, that should've happened to my mom too! But my mom's still able to do that stuff. I'm just so pissed cause those other people are just asking for money that's not there's and they don't deserve! Their just lazy-*** people who are too stupid to get a job and have to bring some ******* thing again after 2 YEARS! I just want to know if they have the right. My mom and dad aren't letting me see anything cause they say i'm too young, but I don't care. I just want to know if those other people have the right to sue my mom that much money.

  • 5How much money would a blind person receive if he/ she was hit by a car and severely injured?

    I am legally blind; I only see out of one eye/ 200/ 20 in another. I've been involved in near-- accidents crossing the street; so now I use my red and white cane to cross the street. If a car were to hit me while I had my cane on me and I was severely injured--- After hospital bills, how much money could a standard lawyer sue that person for?

  • 6Do i get PIP(personal injury protection) money or will that money go for medical expenses?

    I was in a car accident in my mothers car and I already filed a claim with her insurance company for the PIP. Will I get a check for the amount or will that money go towards my medical bills?

  • 7I just received 90,000 in life insurance money owe the IRS money?

    I owe money to the IRS and I have a lot of debt , we paid the IRS out and now I think I can not do this on my own I have to file bankruptcy ... What will they say of the remaining $ 80,000 that I have ? .. To want to save it for my Grandchildren have someday , I have to stay . Please help, thanks so much!

  • 8I need to file for bankruptcy but have no money, how can I do this?

    I have to declare bankruptcy , but have no money , how I can do this ?

  • 9What happens if I get money after filing a bankruptcy?

    I recently filed Chapter 7 , but has not been discharged yet. I learned that whatever you do after the date the file ( which for me was more than a month ) is

  • 10Can bankruptcy court take my money?

    This is long and complicated . I live in Ohio and filed for bankruptcy in October 2005 , just before the change of law . I went to court in December was discharged shortly after. Jan , 2006 , a neighbor who took care of me died and left me and my husband the rest of his estate, which happens to be quite strong . I understand that we have to pay our creditors if comeinto money within 6 months of BR . However, the will is disputed succession and BR attornies are trying to intervene to ensure they get money there . Speaking are tacking on fees for lawyers who have acquired it. Now , BR presented in only $ 17,000.00 , but now they are wanting $ 75,000.00 attorney fees and interest . Which by the way , have not yet received the inheritance due to competition . My question is : Is this legal? The law says that if you come into money within 6 months of discharge date has to pay its creditors . were named in the will , but have not gotten money yet.

  • 11Saving money afer bankruptcy?

    If you file chapter 13 bankruptcy, are you still allowed to save money for things like emergencies or for purchasing a new car if my current one breaks? If so how much are you allowed o save up before it becomes a problem?

  • 12Will I get my settlement money since I just filed bankruptcy?

    I filed for bankruptcy and had my creditors meeting three weeks ago. Last night, I was in a car accident, and hurt pretty bad. My car is completely smashed. I know that I will get a large settlement from the person that hit me (their insurance company). Will I have to give this to the bankruptcy court? It was a chapter 7