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Where can I watch THE OC online? related questions

  • 1Where can I watch THE OC online?

    I bought a DVD set of the OC that claimed to have covered seasons 1-3. I realized tht the fourth season starts with ryan in a dingy place and they show marissa's car accident in the flashback. apparently, i've missed the third season entirely. plz suggest a site where i might catch the entire third season online. thanks!

  • 2MIL wants to watch son when baby comes..... :(?

    I like my mother in law. She has very good intentions. Ok now the problem...I am 23 weeks pregnant with my second child. My son will be 19 months when I deliever. I am supposed to have a scheduled csection around may 22. However my son was born at 35 weeks because of PPROM so I'm at risk for another preterm delivery which may make the csection sooner. THe only people who have ever watched my son is my mother and my mother in law. My mother is very protective as I am so I don't worry when she has him. My mother in law claims she is protective but she is not and we worry. I only let her keep him for short periods when necessary. She always asks for him to spend the night. For example the other day she said "Why don't you let me take him for the night on your anniversary." I do not feel comfortable leaving him overnight anywhere. I told her I don't leave him overnight (she has been asking for overnight since before he was born). SHe has 3 other grandchild that she gets whenever she wants them (one even comes from out of state and stays weeks at a time). Recently we went on a trip together in a non-baby safe house. I could not leave him for a second with her. She let him near the hot oven, let him play on the stairs, and gave him a pill bottle to play with! My husband feels the same way. SO when I have the baby my mother is supposed to watch him however MIL keeps saying how she's going to come over and watch him (no saying she will do it to help but saying she is doing it, as though its a favor) I do not want to hurt her feeling but she is not going to watch him. I don't want to leave him at all and I certainly dont want to have to worry about him. she said she'd keep him at our house which is baby safe but we have several flights of stairs (with mounted gates) but she doesnt see the need to close the gates. I keep them closed at all times when he is on that level of the house so there is never an accident. I have told her to keep them closed when im here and she will say oh he's fine i'm watching him. Her idea of watching him is not the same as mine. I went to the bathroom and she set him down to walk on the ice at 14 months and he fell and busted his lip open. Honestly I don't worry too much about bumps and bruises he's a boy and he gets his share. I worry about bigger issues: falling down the stairs onto ceramic tile because the gate is open, getting hit by a car because she lets him walk in a busy parking lot, OD because she gave him pills to play with, or if he drowned in the tub from lack of supervision etc. My hubby says not to worry that we will deal with it when the time comes and that she wont be watching him. But she keeps saying she is and disregards it when i say my mom is taking off work to watch him. SHe will not be watching him BUT how do I tell her this without hurting her. She has been wanting to keep him overnight and I think she sees this as the perfect opportunity. I want to add I let her see him whenever she wants but i try to keep the unsupervised contact to a minimum.

  • 3Did anyone watch Law and Order SVU tonight?

    I missed the first few minutes of the it but I noticed that Elliot Stabler wasn't in tonights episode. Why? I remember watching an episode a few weeks ago when his pregnant wife got into a car accident with Olivia. Is his absence related to this? Thanks!

  • 4When people are in Chptr 13 bankruptcy does the court watch?

    every penny you spend while your paying back a portion to your creditors

  • 5My brother in law was just arrested and put on psych watch by the Army. Will they be able to hold him?

    My brother is in the reserves. He has somehow managed to keep the UN deployed for more than eight years, claiming that live in an area with a unit undeployable, despite living 300 miles away neary. He has committed numerous crimes and yet never seems to always get in trouble. In 2010 took my two nephews 10 yr old to school drunk and under the influence of Ambien, have an accident with them in the car (no injuries thankfully). The policeman shrugged and was released after claiming he mistakenly took an extra pill (make no mistake, he does every night). 6 months later got drunk and in a fight with my sister, who threatened his life (and his brothers) with a gun and then fired a shot into the ceiling, I woke up after the shot and got the kids outside where they were safe until police arrived. He claims he was trying to commit suicide and the police again shrugged and was released. 9 months later gets into another fight with my sister comes home drunk. Swallows a lot of pills while on the phone with his first ex-wife screaming that he would die from the pills. Then I come home with my nephews and her own son 10 years old runs in and yells at his son is dying, which of course freaks the kid. Shortly thereafter, and while I'm back on the phone with the 911 coming out of the house of stumbling and lies on the ground screaming hes dying and my sister appears. He gets up and hits him in the leg and I intervene whereupon he hit me three times. No problem I'm a big guy and you move. Then staggers out to the end of the unit, and establishes and screams dying (lol yes a drama queen). Police then drag it to the hospital and pump clean with no effect for him since he made sure I had saved. Then the police came to release him, never press any charges or attacks or suicide attempts. So today the deputies present and carry him outside for eval say something about psychology and accuses him of child molestation offense for driving incident. If the army is finally going to do something this loser I want to make sure it stays there for a while and get the help you need, while my family is safe and I hope it never sees again. Will they be able to hold him until his trial? Should I call his commanding officer and let him know what he did? (Oh theres tons more numerous assaults, food stamps / welfare fraud, lying to his commanding officers, lying on his location, lying on a head injury to collect military benefits, threatening to kill his wife and all his family and on ...)

  • 6What are some anime shows that are a "must watch"?

    I have seen much anime , but some are just really bored and want to find something to watch that is as addictive! I've seen .... vampire knight * Show awsome ! ! 11 * , rain wolves , bleach , blood , inuyasha , code geass , death note , fullmetal ... and ect . What do I have to hand that are like those shows ? Thanks for helping ! ! ^ _ ^

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