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QSettlement Money for Car Accident?

Hello ,

Me and my wife had a car accident in California . Another car lost control , came from the other side of the highway and hit us . Our car was added to my insurance company and they paid $ 21,000 for the car.

I had a fracture in my finger ( in the joint of the finger palm ) . I had to wear a splint for six weeks .

My wife had very bad bruises on the chest portion and knee hit the dashboard. In addition to physical injury , mental injury is over . She lost her confidence , she wakes up screaming in the dream and she can smell or see vehicle air bags being beaten . She is not the person I used to be . I was not thinking that psychiatry should come out of the shock on their own. The situation is much improved, but still needs to improve a lot.

Our hospital bills were around $ 4,000 . I was out of work for two weeks and reached $ 4,000 .

Police report came to our advantage and said his insurance for 100 % responsibility .

I am a computer engineer and I have to be on the computer for 8 hours, which means I have to use my index finger for the same amount of time . Still I have pain when I write .

Considering all the above facts , how do you think we should settle for ? Also , do you think it's a good idea to hire a lawyer for this ( heard that lawyers charge a 30 % solution ) ?

Thanks in advance .

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#1Alyssa NandAnswered at 2013-02-21 08:43:26
You need to get a lawyer . The claims representative does not offer the same money that they offer directly . Attorney fees in such cases is a contingency . Attorney General has 1/3 of the resolution after disbursements are removed . His injury (broken finger ) is worth about $ 7,500 if healed without waste . If debris ( some permanency of the injury ) or permanent deformity , may be worth more . is necessary to maintain the treatment . a lawyer can guide you better. As for the claim of his wife, is worthless unless she attends. good luck
#2Miley Cyrus<33>Answered at 2013-03-20 09:02:21
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#3AnitaAnswered at 2014-05-06 00:07:38
talk to your insurance adjuster; they can guide you; they wont give you dollar figures on what to expect, but they can give you some ideas if your injuries merit more/less. (also will depend on the other insurance company, since some are really tight and squeeze every nickel and others more generous)

if your company paid your medical bills, they will have access to what the doctor reported.

as for an attorney he will take a minimum of 1/3 of any settlement. don't let others tell you that you will get more with an lawyer. companies pay what a claim is worth;

like others said, depending if your fracture left some permanency or completely healed but uncomfortable typing on the computer makes a difference.

as for your wife's confidence etc, that could be a grey area even if you went to a psychiatrist.

you could wait till they make an offer to see if it seens right or not. you do not have to accept their offer; also you can counter offer what you think it may don'torth. then if you want a lawyer, get a consult 1st but dont sign a contract; if he says is worth blank which is a lot more, go for it. but be advised, i have made offers and they did not agree, got a lawyer and guess what they ended up with less than my original offer after taking out the 1/3 lawyer fee.

good luck
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Settlement Money for Car Accident?

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