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Settlement Money for Car Accident? related questions

  • 1How much settlement money for a car accident?

    I was involved in a car accident a month ago and my lawyers are Ken Nugent . I missed work for a month and I'm still going through a therapy that will last a month and a half . My back and neck twisted and very sore and my medical bills have cost around $ 20,000 . How I can get settlement of this?

  • 2Settlement Money for Car Accident?

    Hello , Me and my wife had a car accident in California . Another car lost control , came from the other side of the highway and hit us . Our car was added to my insurance company and they paid $ 21,000 for the car. I had a fracture in my finger ( in the joint of the finger palm ) . I had to wear a splint for six weeks . My wife had very bad bruises on the chest portion and knee hit the dashboard. In addition to physical injury , mental injury is over . She lost her confidence , she wakes up screaming in the dream and she can smell or see vehicle air bags being beaten . She is not the person I used to be . I was not thinking that psychiatry should come out of the shock on their own. The situation is much improved, but still needs to improve a lot. Our hospital bills were around $ 4,000 . I was out of work for two weeks and reached $ 4,000 . Police report came to our advantage and said his insurance for 100 % responsibility . I am a computer engineer and I have to be on the computer for 8 hours, which means I have to use my index finger for the same amount of time . Still I have pain when I write . Considering all the above facts , how do you think we should settle for ? Also , do you think it's a good idea to hire a lawyer for this ( heard that lawyers charge a 30 % solution ) ? Thanks in advance .

  • 3How much settlement money for car accident?

    I was involved in a car accident about a year ago . It was found that the other driver to be at fault . I had about $ 10,000 in medical expenses. What is a reasonable amount of money you should ask your insurance company?

  • 4How much money can I expect from my settlement in my car accident?

    I was a victim of a head on collison in 05-04 a pick up truck had crossed over the median of a two lane highway coming from the opposite direction I suffered many back injuries including herniated discs, and bulging discs, severe neck pain, a torn ligament in my ankle, and was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. Perhaps the most major thing was my head went through the windshield causing me to have permanent disfigurement to my forhead... I have a dent in my forhead that will not go away without surgery. With plastic surgery it will only leave me with another scar even worse then the one I have, Its something that will be there for the rest of my life. the driver was 100% at fault. Car was demolished. My lawyer said were asking for 100-150,000 my mother is freaking because she says that, that is not enough, I could have died and truthfully I have all these things i will have to deal with for the rest of my life and im only 24. I believe that I should be getting more.

  • 5After a car accident settlement how long do I have to wait to get my money?

    I just told my lawyer that we would settle he told me I was going to give something to sign, but how long will it take to get my money in my hands ? Is a moneth or weeks ?

  • 6I was recently in a car accident and was wondering about how much money to expect for my settlement?

    In November 2010 , I was in a car accident that left my car. The other driver is at fault and their insurance company ( Allstate ) already paid for a replacement car . I had to go to the hospital because they thought some broken ribs . Turns out it was torn cartilage , nothing was broken . I also had whiplash, low back pain due to disc rotation impact , shoulder pain impact , and now has a beautiful chest scar from burns my seatbelt . Iv been going to a chiropractor and a physical therapist for almost three months and I'm curious what kind of money you would expect of this settlement - I do not work so I will not be compensated for that, but I had to pay someone to come and help me take care of my little boy and I could not even lift the first week after the accident . Also my cell phone and iPod broke from hitting the windshield . Will they be included in the amount ? I hired a lawyer because the insurance company was trying to tell me they were not going to pay my medical bills , but has not really even talked to me a lot since I hired him , so I really do not know what to expect . If you have any experience with this sort of thing or know someone who does , really appreciate any information you might have. thanks

  • 7Who would get a settlement for a car accident and spend the majority of the money on breast implants?

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  • 8For Section 8 laws, does reporting income include money one may have received from a accident settlement?

    Someone was hurt on the job and is no longer working. They applied and was granted section 8 benefits. since then, they received a settlement check from her old job for the injury. Is she required to report the settlement money to section 8 as although it is not a recurring payment, but a one time payment check?

  • 9Is Farmers Insurance Trying To Take Money Out Of My Settlement?

    In early April , I was involved in a hit and run . The car he was driving had a full insurance for a very long time , and when I informed the Farmers Insurance , the usual things happen from car accidents . Under my policy , I was paying for all this : - Up to 5,000 Medical Bills RENT- when an accident Basically, complete Shabang . And when I got a lawyer for pain and suffering , and after 6 months, the farmers agreed to pay a sum of money , but they said they were going to get the $ 5,000 you paid for medical expenses . But they are allowed to do that ? Since I already pay monthly for the doctor who covers up to $ 5,000?

  • 10Insurance settlement money question?

    My friend is receiving compensation from the insurance of the other party , due to an accident that occurred about seven months . His lawyer called him and told his settlement was ready and all I had to do is come by the office and sign the solution offered . Will the insurance company give my friend the other hand the total settlement with a check for your name directly ? or be the end of the settlement attorney to get to give my friend? She and I had a contract lawyer and the lawyer is supposed to have a percentage of compensation. ( Long Story had some confusion with his attorney when his car was in the shop and she can not completely trust her more and wondered how the settlement money was going to die) thanks for answering !

  • 11Will I get my settlement money since I just filed bankruptcy?

    I filed for bankruptcy and had my creditors meeting three weeks ago. Last night, I was in a car accident, and hurt pretty bad. My car is completely smashed. I know that I will get a large settlement from the person that hit me (their insurance company). Will I have to give this to the bankruptcy court? It was a chapter 7

  • 12How much money can i expect to get from a car injury settlement?

    I was a passenger of a car accident that was at fault of the driver. I suffered a broken femur and both shoulders were fractured along with numerous cuts and stitches from glass fragments. I spent 4 days in the hospital due to the leg fracture, had a titanium rod put in as well. I had to drop out of school and i am unable to work for approx 8 months. I would like to know how much money i can expect to receive in suing the drivers insurance company for anything possible.