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How much will a insurance company payout for whiplash and soft tissue injury? related questions

  • 1How much will a insurance company payout for whiplash and soft tissue injury?

    I was invloved in a car accident where a person was texting and ran into the back of me on the highway going about 60MPH how much does a insurance company usually pay out for personal injury and should i use a lawer or settle by myself

  • 2How much pain and suffering should an insurance company pay me for a soft tissue injury?

    How much pain and suffering in the event of an insurance company pay me for a soft tissue injury ?

  • 3Should I accept first offer from insurance company for whiplash injury?

    I got a letter from the solicitors my insurance company assigned me to deal with an injury claim after a car accident that was the other persons fault. Finally after 10 months I've got an offer, but it's about 20% less than what the doctor valued my whiplash as. My solicitors seem to imply that I should accept this, and that the only alternative is to start court proceedings, that this would take a long time, and I probably wouldn't get much more anyway. What should I do?

  • 4Which canadian car insurance company has the better payout system?

    I'm looking for two insurance companies and insurance TD Intact (formerly ING ) are my two lowest bidders , has anyone had any problems with these companies for payments in the past?

  • 5Who will cover Whiplash claim against me no longer with insurance company?

    Hi I need help. I had a little accident last October in London, where I missed the red light and got into an oncoming car . It was my fault and basically my insurance company ( Insurance Co ) covered the damage to the other driver and my car was a write-off . I have to change auto insurance now since I received a letter from a law firm stating both people in the car are claiming small whiplash claim £ 1,000 - £ 10,000. I am very worried and do not know what to do, to cover these costs , I'm not with that insurance company ?

  • 6Can Chapter 11 insurance payout question!!?

    Does Chapter 11 permits a company takes out an insurance policy with an insurance company for not having to pay an insurance claim , even if the parent company is open for business and still install the same product in cars causing new damage to mine ? And the insurance company for the installation site car is still a valid contract with them ?

  • 7What is the payout of insurance policy of $500000?

    if you were to get into a car accident with a driver who has certainly much to expect ? and how long before you see any money?

  • 8I was in a car accident and received a whiplash injury?

    How much should I expect a deal ? any advice? I get a lawyer

  • 9Can i claim compensation for my sons whiplash injury?

    Hi my son is 13, he did something very stupid last week he tried to steal a dvd from a shop,he got caught and taken to the police station. On the way to the station the police van was involved in an accident, when we were allowed to see him some time later he said he was ok,just a bit shaken up. The next day his neck was stiff and sore so we took him to the hospital and he has whiplash. Now i realise he shouldnt of been stealing, and if he hadnt he wouldnt of got hurt, but the fact is he made a stupid mistake(he has never been in trouble before) and i am wondering if i should just put it down to experience or see a solicitor. what do you think?

  • 10How much should I settle for in a car accident with a minor whiplash injury in VA?

    September 2007, I was in a 3 car accident. I was sitting at a stop sign when I was hit. The car that hit me was hit by another person. I went to the hospital in an ambulance and was prescribed percocet my my whiplash injury. I went in for a checkup at my local hospital. I was on my way to an interview and missed it. I have a daughter who is in daycare, and I didn't have a car for 2 1/2 weeks. The person at fault told his insurance company that someone hit him and that why we were hit.His company denied the claim and we had to go through arbutration.His insurance company extended the arbutration date 3 times and finally this month, they held the case, i won. My medical and car was paid by my insurance company. I didnt have rental insurance on my policy and the other insurance company did nothing about it but said it wasnt their fault. I had my parents help care for my daughter during the time and had no vehicle.My pain is gone, it lasted a month.

  • 11What is the best way to claim from a whiplash minor injury? who are the best solicitors to contact ?

    I met with an accident and the other party informed him that it was his fault insurance , I am claiming through insurance , I have involved my insurance for claims of ants , it was a cancellation for the car and have become settlement agreement , I need some advice on how to claim for damages ? I have minor injuries , back pain , neck pain , headaches , how will I be able to claim the insurance of the other person and what is the best way to put claim , is it better to deal directly with them or what I do that through a lawyer ? If the best way is to go through a lawyer , they are the best and reliable lawyers to communicate ?

  • 12What do people generally get paid out for personal injury for whiplash and head aches?

    i had an accident in june 06 , my 6 wk old baby and i were driving and a car hit us on head on ,speeding. Thankfully my baby was ok , i came out with whiplash and have been experiencing neck problems and head pains since.The other driver ran from the scene of the accident and i believe he is now untraceable.(the car was stolen) i have applied to a solicitors for a personal injusry claim , but have not yet had any idea of what compensation i can expect. does anyone know? has it happened to them? i have lost my car (which was new and cost me £8000!) i cannot afford a new car now. i was only 3rd party (my mistake!!) so have not got paid a penny from my insurance company. i could do with the money from this personal injury claim, but dont know if i am fighting a losing battle!