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If i am illegaly parked on double yellow lines and someone hits my car am I covered? related questions

  • 1If i am illegaly parked on double yellow lines and someone hits my car am I covered?

  • 2Accident with ILLEGALY parked car?

    I just accidentally leaning against a car illegally parked in a private parking . Am I legally responsible for damage caused to another vehicle ? How I can keep this out of my insurance if the other party intends to file a claim ?

  • 3My sister backed her car into a car parked outside the lines of a handicapped parking spot in alberta canada. ?

    My sister says she did not see while backing us. The car is parked asking to pay $ 500 in damages because they say they are always beaten in parking spots and blocked the payment. No insurance called . My sister had photos of the damage and parkin correct but lost his phone after the accident : (What's the law of soemthing like this I mean that if the car was parked correctly would not hit it right ?

  • 4In San Francisco, a woman backed into my car while I was double-parked briefly, Do we share fault, or is hers?

    I have read that there is contributory negligence , possibly , on my part, but also the vehicle in motion has the burden of care and that she should have been in control of his car , I'm confused . If she is at fault , will my insurance rates go up ?

  • 5If a police cruiser hits and damages my parked car, who should investigate?

    I was in a parked car when a local officer backed into my car damaging both vehicles. An officer from a neighboring town was called in to investigate. I was not allowed to get out of my car. I was not ticketed or charged with anything, but was told my insurance company would have to pay for damages to my car. I'm still rattled by this. Shouldn't the officer or the city be responsible? The damages aren't that much: in fact, given my deductable, I won't even submit this to my insurance company. Still, it will cost me several hundred dollars. Something doesn't seem right about this.

  • 6What would happen if by law all cars had to be bright yellow minis?

    What if by law all cars had to be bright yellow minis ? What are the positive and negative aspects - mainly positive ?

  • 7What happens with home equity loans or lines of credit if you file for bankruptcy?

    What about loans or lines of credit if you file for bankruptcy ?

  • 8Recently in car accident where a car made a left turn into oncoming traffic while the light was yellow in LA?

    No police report was taken because there was no serious injuries . We both contacted our insurance companies ( pretty sure my friend who was driving his car) and both your insurance company and I put the blame . They said that she said that erased when the light was yellow and not remember anything after that , but he had a witness who was an ambulance driver who said he ran a red light ! I did not run the light and yet , as an ambulance driver is lying to her saying that he was there and saw it all to both insurance companies are taking their word over mine . It bothers me that someone can come up with something like this. Points are taking off my license because I'm the culprit. I feel trapped . Is there anything I can do to appeal the decision? How do we know that his testimony is true ?

  • 9A car backed into me. I was parked in the street of my subdivision. She says I was parked "illegally"

    Right. Thanksgiving Day , I had all my relatives to my home . No place to park in my driveway , so I park on the street right in front of my house . Later that night I go to a movie (me and my brother went in his car ) , go home and see my wrecked car a bit ( now trapped in my house ) . Turns out the neighbor backed into my car while I was gone . At first , she tells me if I need any insurance information , no problem ... then followed up and says

  • 10Car accident in double lanes?

    I came from a road into a dual carriageway .... the first lane ( the right lane ) stopped for me , as I was scared I noticed a red BMW that comes from the other lane , so I left , I was about an inch in the other lane , such once none at all , but dented the side of my car that caused the accident , I know this is probably my fault , but is there any way I can fight this at all? I was standing in the right lane . It must have been at least 45 years and says he did not see me .

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  • 12Can someone help me double check a Bankruptcy (Business Law) Question please?

    QUESTION: Jan is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. Jan owns her own home, which is worth $75,000, and upon which Jan owes $60,000. Jan also owns a $20,000 diamond ring, which was given to her by her ex-husband. Which of the following is true about Jan’s bankruptcy? A. Jan may exempt her equity in the home, but she shouldn’t be able to exempt the full value of the diamond ring. B. Jan may not exempt the full value of the equity in the home or the full value of the diamond ring. C. Jan may exempt a portion of the value of the diamond ring, but she may not exempt the full value of her equity in the home. D. Jan may exempt the full value of the equity in her home and the full value of the diamond ring. I'm thinking that the answer is A. Am I right?