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What does the law say about driving with headphones in Oklahoma? related questions

  • 1What does the law say about driving with headphones in Oklahoma?

    I have an iPhone and the ear buds work as a hands free devise. It also plays music. Am I good to drive with my ear buds in or could I be ticketed? I can't find anything on this. I should point out in my state talking on the phone with or without a hands free device is legal, though driving while texting or driving while distracted is not. And listening to music on a motorcycle is allowed.

  • 2How dangerous is it to drive with headphones on?

  • 3Accident with No Insurance in Oklahoma?

    I I had an accident about a month ago that was my fault. I found out afterwards that my insurance had cancelled and they sent the cancellation to my old address. There was no damage to my car but the other people's car was totaled (the damage didn't look too bad but I guess there must have been something done to the frame). The driver was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I have talked to her insurance company (she has Uninsured insurance) and learned that she is doing ok and has no fractures, just some general issues that she is getting treatment for. I am told the medical bills so far are "a few thousand dollars". Her car was worth about 7,000. This is about the worst thing that has ever happened to me but I am completely responsible and will do anything to pay the insurance company the fair share. If I owe around $30,000, will the insurance accept say, $500 a month over 5 years, or will it have to be paid off in a short time. I feel horrible and fear this will ruin me.

  • 4If you file bankruptcy in the state of oklahoma do they take your tax refund?

    I filed for bankruptcy in September last year and heard that they can lead to a refund or a percentage thereof . Is this true ?

  • 5Do i meet criteria for filing chapter 7 bankruptcy in oklahoma?

    What should I do to meet the criteria for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oklahoma ?

  • 6Bankruptcy I live in Stillwater Oklahoma USA one attorney wants $2900.00 another $2500.00 i...?

    I need help ... serious fast . I consulted Consumer Credit Counseling and they advised me to get a lawyer . Well , I can not pay this high price , I can not afford to do bankruptcy , what should I do ? I have to have help getting out of this debt to income [ and I work 10 hours a day ] is not sufficient to do this I do a bit of

  • 7Does anyone how to track insurance information with just license plate tag number oklahoma ?

    need to found if this car tag number has insurance involved in car accident

  • 8I am being sued in small claims court in Oklahoma for a small personal loan, on which I defaulted Help?

    I borrowed money from a high interest lender in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The loan amount was approximately $400 and I have defaulted on the loan because I simply do not have the means to repay it. I will be in court Monday morning and I've been told that since it is small claims court that I need no attorney. Still, I'm not even sure what I should say. Do I plead guilty? No contest, not guilty? If I plan to file chapter 13 bankruptcy in the next month or so should I inform the judge or the plaintiff about that? When you answer please feel free to answer more than what I have asked here. I need to be as armed as possible since the plaintiff (the loan company itself) spends a good deal of its time in court collecting and therefore has ample experience in this forum. I however have never been sued and never been in court as a defendant or plaintiff so my experience could not be more limited. In your response if it is possible for you to give me a way to either message or email you, that would be much appreciated. Thank you and wish me luck!

  • 9What happens if I hit someone and they keep driving?

    What if I was driving and someone hit me ( and it was my fault ) , but I hit the car drove . Is this considered a hit and run ?

  • 10Why would anyone say that driving is not a right?

    I pay taxes . I doubt that someone invented the car to say if you can not buy one that you can not use one . How everyone likes being told they have to have a secure existence and sell bike that is a privilege , not a right to ride one ? I guess it's also a privilege to own and read the Bible too? Do some people think they have the right to talk on a cell phone while driving ? How about fining them three times by careless driving ? someone fined three times for not wearing your seatbelt by the way I am an adult should be my choice not some *** in government to tell me I should wear ! I stopped for having a license plate light , but seeing someone drive by an elastic cord with holding your bumper . Is that true ? I stopped for having a loud exhaust , but Harley still built with none or not much of one . Is that true ? ? ?

  • 11Someone else was driving my car... HELP PLEASE!?

    Someone else was driving my car , and we got into an accident. The person does not have his driver's license on them , and I was not sure if the insurance would cover if he was driving, so that in a moment decision , I decided to say I was driving. After a few words with the other driver in the crash, easily agree that he does not mention anything about who was driving. Well, turns out my friend is an idiot and does not help me with any of the damage even though I took the hit for him and told him I was driving. I'll tear down the court before the

  • 12Driving without a license?

    Ok so today i got into a "car accident" that involved minor scratches on both cars. So here's the story. The owner asked me to park his car across the street from his driveway. So i backed out and didn't see the car across the street and apparently they honked at me but i didn't hear anything and that's when i hit the car and the only damage was the scratches. They took the owners and my information but here's the problem. I don't have a license only a permit. Nobody was with me in the car and there were no injuries...What i want to know is what can happen to me and how much in damages would i have to pay?