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Can someone help me double check a Bankruptcy (Business Law) Question please? related questions

  • 1Can someone help me double check a Bankruptcy (Business Law) Question please?

    QUESTION: Jan is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. Jan owns her own home, which is worth $75,000, and upon which Jan owes $60,000. Jan also owns a $20,000 diamond ring, which was given to her by her ex-husband. Which of the following is true about Jan’s bankruptcy? A. Jan may exempt her equity in the home, but she shouldn’t be able to exempt the full value of the diamond ring. B. Jan may not exempt the full value of the equity in the home or the full value of the diamond ring. C. Jan may exempt a portion of the value of the diamond ring, but she may not exempt the full value of her equity in the home. D. Jan may exempt the full value of the equity in her home and the full value of the diamond ring. I'm thinking that the answer is A. Am I right?

  • 2Bankruptcy Question for a Small Business?

    I started my own company in March 2012. I'm not doing well and I have a year's lease. I can not afford to pay the rent due to not making any profit. The owner told me he would have to finish my contract and take me to court. What are my options? If I end up in court, do you think the judge will be on my side for not making enough money?

  • 3Do you think that CITI’s chapter 11 bankruptcy will cause a double dip recession?

    They are responsible for a lot of commercial loans .

  • 4Payroll question - do they still have to honor their check?

    Here's the deal - I used to work for Eatza pizza back in early 2006 . At this time , they had local restaurants all over the place in Arizona. Later that year ( or early next ) , however , the company was sold for any reason , sank the company and now all comes down to two or three places (perhaps not in that order - and none remaining in Arizona ) . Now , to the point: I recently found an old check had obviously never taken the company to the list . It's worth a little over $ 60 , and has absolutely no expiration date (well, until it must be claimed within , etc. ) anywhere on the check or proof of payment . When he tried to deposit , was ( as expected ) returned to me as not paying . I contacted a few different people in your company payroll and Eatza pizza company itself, but I keep getting sent in circles and said

  • 5Please help, I have an question to ask about background check at bakery?

    Last Wednesday I had an interview with the line manager Meijers food retail / grocery store bakery for the position ... the interview was really wonderful and easy quickly questioned me . I said pretty much . I said please to sign the document for background check that gave him permission for said background check after 24 hours to 36 hours and then call stationery enter you also bring drivers license and ss card . then starting the next day . What's that ? i never had a job before, so I asked if I accept 6.85 an hour I said yes I accept it . Can you explain why you think? and how long do background checks ? I've heard nothing but i plan to file Monday for Chapter 7 bankruptcy with my lawyer and settle everything just dont expect manager concerns. I have no arrest record or any theft or fraud of the sort. Most of the work of another attempt to ask to check my background went through what should happen meijer too? pleaseee let me know !

  • 6Help PLEASE With Business Tax Question?

    My partner and I had a small business as an LLC structured collapsed under debt , much of which was personally guaranteed . I filed a Ch staff . 7 and personally guaranteed all my debts were discharged . When I can file my tax return for the business end , I have to invest back outstanding debt to income and then report it as personal income on K-1 ? Do I have to bankrupt the business in order to avoid personal tax LIABILITY ? THANKS !

  • 7Business law question?

    Bob is severely burned as a result of incident . He has a wife and two children to support, but it is evident from the extent of his injuries will not be able to return to work as a driver. Michelle , Bob 's wife is an employee of the factory Crunchy Cream donut . She has worked there for three years and has a history of exceptional work . Michelle is responsible for having the packaged boxes of donuts that are sent to local suppliers and enter that information into the company database to track shipments . The childcare and care management of Bob has proved a challenge for Michelle . Three months after the accident , Michelle goes to his boss and asked to take time off to care for her husband . His boss , Mr. Fudge has always had a bit of a crush on Michelle . He wants Bob no harm , but really enjoyed having Michelle mourn on his shoulder in the days after the accident. You like Michelle and her company would miss if offsite . Mr. Fudge tells Michelle that she can use their 5 day vacation and sick days to their 5 remaining Bob to get together , but that's it . Mr. Fudge tells Michelle " in this economy , I can not find 10 chickens that would be happy to come here and make good money counting boxes of donuts without any family drama . " Michelle is off work for 12 days and when he returns to work is said to have been replaced . Michelle is devastated when weeks later learns that his application for unemployment benefits was denied. Michelle was right to take days off to care for Bob ? Can your manager , Mr. Fudge will end? Michelle is entitled to unemployment compensation ? What is the best defense against potential crispy cream claim ( s ) by Michelle ?

  • 8Business Law HW Scenario Question: Help plz?

    This is a question in my homework Business Law I need help with , I always give best answer . Scenario : A resident of Illinois and Indiana resident is involved in a traffic accident on I -294 in Illinois . The Illinois resident filed suit in the Circuit Court of DuPage County in Illinois . How can Illinois courts obtain jurisdiction over the defendant Indiana ? If the suit involving damages of $ 50,000 Indiana resident can proceed with the lawsuit in federal court ? Explain.

  • 9Question about small business?

    I have a question about small business and tax matters. I personally invented something . ( Small electric device ) . I'll make that invention of China and sell ( Internet marketing just by creating web page ) . question A. Do I have to have my own company to sell that? B. I do not want to open company. When people buy from my site with a credit card , I want that money goes to my personal bank account instead going to the company is that possible ? AB vs what better - What about Tax thanks

  • 10Business law question - workers compensation?

    Miller Power Company is subject to mandatory workers'compensation laws in the states in which it does business. Kelly and Mike work for Miller as part of a crew that travels to remote locations to repair downed power lines and other damaged equipment. At a distant site, Kelly is injured in an accident that is entirely Mike's fault. Kelly files a claim for workers comp. Should the claim be granted? What would be Miller's best defense against it?

  • 11Business Law Multiple choice question? please help!?

    While driving his car in Virginia, Carpe Diem, a resident of North Carolina, struck Butt, a resident of Alaska. As a result of the accident, Butt suffered more than $80,000 in medical expenses. Butt would like to know if he personally serves the proper papers to Diem whether he can obtain jurisdiction against Diem for damages in the following: a) Alaska state trial court b) Federal Circuit court of appeals for Ninth Circuit (including Alaska) c) Virginia state trial court d) Virginia federal district court e) Federal Circuit Court of Appeals for fourth Circuit (includes Virginia and North Carolina) f) Virginia equity court g) North Carolina state trial court *i think the answer is either E or G Please help me to chose the right one!!!

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