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QQuestion for Car Insurance Agents (I have State Farm) -?

I am a little taken back by my SF agent the other day - I called to report that a heavy item had toppled over in my garage putting a decent little dent in my vehicle. This, the agent agreed, was Comprehensive, which I have $100 deductible for. I got an estimate and not surprisingly with body shop costs nowdays, the total repair cost is going to be about $600. (that is a whole nother story the outrageous over-pricing of replacement body parts and labor to fix cars, a real scam) - Now, I have had State Farm since I was 16 years old, I am almost 50 yrs old now - I stayed with them (same agent/office even !!) through my parents who had them since 1940 !!

I have not had any claims for damages to my vehicles other than a chip in windshield once. So I report this dent to my agent yesterday - and the response was "Well, you know, if its over $100 to fix, there's a good chance your annual premium will increase !!" I was SO MAD. I said "what about my 34 years with you and no claims? other companies like allstate and many others now have "accident forgiveness" if you've had no claims in xx years, other companies are doing refunds for not having accident claims. I said "Doesn't state farm have ANY of these policies too?" WHY would you increase my policy costs for one darn claim under Comprehensive in all these years. He then stuttered and said, "well, well, it might, or it might not, we don't know until corporate does its annual updates and policy reviews". As if "he" has no control over it. Is this agent totally bullshitting me here people? I am really PO'd. Talk about NO customer nicety, loyalty, or consideration. Not even trying to be "helpful" with a claim. Just "scare tactics" to disuade me from filing a claim at all !!! What the heck is going on here? Can some other agents explain? I was told by several people in the insurance business that my claim under Comprehensive would NOT cause an increase in my policy rate. HELP !! (thanks to agents, state farm especially) who can answer my questions/concerns.


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Question for Car Insurance Agents (I have State Farm) -?

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