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Question for Car Insurance Agents (I have State Farm) -? related questions

  • 1Question for Car Insurance Agents (I have State Farm) -?

    I am a little taken back by my SF agent the other day - I called to report that a heavy item had toppled over in my garage putting a decent little dent in my vehicle. This, the agent agreed, was Comprehensive, which I have $100 deductible for. I got an estimate and not surprisingly with body shop costs nowdays, the total repair cost is going to be about $600. (that is a whole nother story the outrageous over-pricing of replacement body parts and labor to fix cars, a real scam) - Now, I have had State Farm since I was 16 years old, I am almost 50 yrs old now - I stayed with them (same agent/office even !!) through my parents who had them since 1940 !! I have not had any claims for damages to my vehicles other than a chip in windshield once. So I report this dent to my agent yesterday - and the response was "Well, you know, if its over $100 to fix, there's a good chance your annual premium will increase !!" I was SO MAD. I said "what about my 34 years with you and no claims? other companies like allstate and many others now have "accident forgiveness" if you've had no claims in xx years, other companies are doing refunds for not having accident claims. I said "Doesn't state farm have ANY of these policies too?" WHY would you increase my policy costs for one darn claim under Comprehensive in all these years. He then stuttered and said, "well, well, it might, or it might not, we don't know until corporate does its annual updates and policy reviews". As if "he" has no control over it. Is this agent totally bullshitting me here people? I am really PO'd. Talk about NO customer nicety, loyalty, or consideration. Not even trying to be "helpful" with a claim. Just "scare tactics" to disuade me from filing a claim at all !!! What the heck is going on here? Can some other agents explain? I was told by several people in the insurance business that my claim under Comprehensive would NOT cause an increase in my policy rate. HELP !! (thanks to agents, state farm especially) who can answer my questions/concerns.

  • 2Question about State Farm Car Insurance?

    my parents told me that when I get my liscense , State Farm is gong to charge an extra $ 200 to your account for more than two drivers in the house . Is that true ? ( Because what if you do not want the insurance )

  • 3Homeowners insurance claim coverage question for agents or adjusters #5?

    Reviews ? Insured is driving down the street . There is a passenger in the right front seat and a passenger in the back seat . The backseat passenger warns the driver distracted on a car stopped in front . The driver slams on the brakes and hit the car in front of them . The backseat passenger flies on the back of the front seat and is injured or injuries . Has there been an accident ?

  • 4What kind of problems are there if you have two insurance companys (state farm / AAA) do they create problems?

    What kind of problems are there if you have two insurance companies ( State Farm / AAA ) will create problems ?

  • 5Should I call State Farm? What repair should I get done?

    My wife backed into and scraped our car against a basketball post. We've got some scrapes on the rear bumper and rear left quarter panel. I got two estimates from one place. It would be $450 to buff the quarter panel (leaving a couple deeper scratches) and repair / paint the bumper. Or $1000 to repaint the quarter panel (new pinstripe) and do the bumper. The car has a couple of scratches elsewhere, so it is not perfect. It is 6 years old. Two part question: Should I call State Farm? I have a $250 deductable. Not sure how making a claim would affect my rates. It would save money at least initially. Should I go for the full $1000 repair? I'm thinking that if we go the insurance route I'd get the full repair. I'm not sure how the increase in rates is calculated anyway.

  • 6State Farm is trying to screw me on a claim, what can I do?

    I got into a motorcycle accident when I did not have insurance . I dented a panel of very isolated body in an old Volkswagen Golf (90) . Now they want me to pay more than 2k for damages ! I know it should not cost over 1k , what should I do ? The panel was above the left rear wheel between the door and trunk.

  • 7How do you file a claim against a state farm policyholder?

    I was in a accident it was the other person's fault because they ran the redlight.My insurance says my car is a total loss.Most of what money I will get from my insurance will have to be used to pay off what I still owe on my car.I will end up losing two weeks from work because I don't have a way of getting to work

  • 8Can State Farm legally defraud customers?

    State Farm is charging customers a rate different from the rate that occurs when the customer accepts and pays insurance . For example, if a person pays 1,200 for auto insurance for six months , State Farm claims ( and does) charge a higher rate from the time the contract starts - without the knowledge of the customer unhappy . Can it really be legal?

  • 9How long a claim from state farm takes?

    How long does it take state farm to settle a lawsuit in Tennessee car accident

  • 10I recently hit a parked car, I have state farm ins.The accident was my fault . Should I go thru ins?

    I hit the rear bumper of a parked SUV . I damaged my car , the accident was primarily the result of a power steering belt too loose . I have a few tickets on my record , but most of them are old and in New York are deleted from your record after a while ( I have only one speeding ticket the rest were minor parking ) . I've never been in an accident as the driver. Im wondering if I should go or not through supplements , the estimation of the person who gave me bumper ( has a gouge pretty bad at it) was 600 . If I put a claim , will my insurance go up

  • 11Farm Bureau of Arkansas!?

    Does Arkansas FB pay dimished value of your vehicle ? I was in an accident where an uninsured motorist hit me . Therefore, I have to use my uninsured motorist coverage to cover my repairs . I've heard of this before dimished value , but do not know much about it. Please help with this question ... Thank you !

  • 12Does the claim adjusters at state farm write you out a check or do they write it to the repair center?

    I was in a car accident . The other car was at fault , it is State Farm . They asked if I would go to a service center or prefer to go to a repair center of my choice . I decided to go to a repair facility of my choice and a claims adjuster would come watch me drive . Is the statement setting write the check to you or to the repair center .