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How much do lawyers make? And is being an attorney a Business for liars? Because im not one.? related questions

  • 1How much do lawyers make? And is being an attorney a Business for liars? Because im not one.?

    I want to be a lawyer and want to know how much one makes. I might want to become a criminal lawyer but i do not know how i can defend someone that i think did it. ha ha keep in mind that im a rising sophomore in high school ( i have much time to decide)

  • 2I have 30.000 in unsecured debt with 4 accounts retaining lawyers I make under 1800,00 a month?

    the best answer is to do nothing ?

  • 3How A Trademark Attorney Can Help Your Business

    Starting a new business can require many hours on the part of the business owner with very little pay. This is due to the fact that you will need to draw in new consumers to a brand they know nothing about. Many customers choose to stay loyal to a brand name that they trust. However, creating a trademark can help you accomplish the task of bringing in more consumers. This mark can be created in no time at all with the help of a trademark attorney. My friend from Sydney shared her business and asked me that, should i contact cotters to trademark my business. One can Click Here to visit the site. Should i suggest her to visit there? Share your reviews so that I can suggest her the best.

  • 4Does it make a difference to an attorney which bankruptcy chapter you file?

    Hello , would be a fiscal impulse for Chapter 13 instead of Chapter 7 bankruptcy ? No lawyers benefit when presenting different ways ? Do they have more money in one way over the other? thank you

  • 5Someone hit-and-run my parked car, how do I make business give police camera footage?

    At school two days ago my parked car was damaged in a hit and run . It goes without saying that no note left . I filed a police report and spoke to the staff of the school to ask about the safety video . The officer who took my report said I was coming to get the material if the accident was on camera. Well , I spoke with a member of the senior staff I know and she reviewed the material and definitely identified the vehicle that hit mine. She told me that as soon as her boss to be allowed, the police could show , that way get reimbursed for the deductible to fix it, and my insurance company gets its money back. Well , when I went to school to talk to her boss , she said she was not familiar with the images if he could give the police due to privacy policies. She said that the quickest way to the images shown to the police if the police is subpeana school. I have serious doubts that the police are going to go through all that . Now I'm wondering if anyone knows if I have a legal right to obtain that material shown to the police since he was the victim of a felony hit and run. It could also Anyone familiar with these laws point me in the direction of where this information is not online so I can show her that she legally has to prove to the police that the images ? I would ask the police that I submitted my report , but he is off work until Sunday and would like some information before that date . Thank you very much for reading this and I just pray to God a legal expert or someone can answer me !

  • 6If I want to file bankruptcy in Florida how do I go about doing that w/o an attorney to save on attorney fees?

  • 7To make credit better should we go back 5 years and pay charge offs or would it make a difference?

    We have a bankruptcy , recovery , and load several awards five years ago . We are making payments on time . Would the credit nothing better than returning five years and try to pay some charge offs ? Or should we focus on maintaining our credit good gift ? What else is there to do ?

  • 8Starting a business and need a business loan. Not so good credit and without collateral.?

    Where I can find help and Guaranteed funding for my business ? Is there help available for my criteria ?

  • 9Do I have to repay a business credit card after the business has failed?

  • 10I will be filing bankruptcy. My wife owns a business, but is not filing. Does it affect her business?

    I'm going to file Chapter 7 , the total discharge of the debt. My wifes credit is good . I have no connection with his business, which began after we were married .

  • 11Any bankruptcy lawyers?

    If I'm suing someone who has filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy , is it correct that the stay is entered in my claim ? If so , how long to stay teh past? Is there something I have to do to protect my interests ( for example , register as a creditor in some way ) ?

  • 12What are the positions in lawyers?PLEASE HELP?

    I want to be a lawyer was that I get older and I'm wondering what are the heard there was a defense and what they are, and where you can buy a case of less than $ 50 .