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Bankruptcy questions? Joint filing? Chapter 7? Status of vehicles/ Big-screen TV ? related questions

  • 1Bankruptcy questions? Joint filing? Chapter 7? Status of vehicles/ Big-screen TV ?

    Married. One child. Husband works. Wife does not. Gross income approx. 2500.00 per month. Owe a lot of credit card debt. (25,000) Bought big-screen tv two months ago (Home Depot). Wife has vehicle ~~ $500 per month. Husband has vehicle ~~ $300.00 per month. Own no property. Rent apt. Husband losing job. Since we bought TV two months ago, will we have to give it back? Will wife had to give up vehicle since she does mot work? Hope there is lawyer here. Will likely need to hire attorney but will have to save money to pay him. Just wanted this info as a start. Thank you.

  • 2I am filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy and my ex fiancee was notified because we have joint debt. Can he attend

    Do you have to notify my attorney in advance if you plan to attend or can you just show up?

  • 3Bankruptcy questions on chapter 7 filing?

    I filed for bankruptcy in 2005 I went to court on August 15 , I was wondering if anyone has any idea that is discharged out?

  • 4Some questions about filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    We're just failing in our first mortgage , second mortgage , and 1 credit card. However, it does have other credit accounts open with no balance . Do these creditors automatically cancel our accounts once submitted? Are you aware that we are in bankruptcy because they are not included in the case ? The reason I ask is because we were hoping to use an open line of credit to build an addition of $ 10,000 to my parents' house , where we live , and we're losing our house . Also, I wonder how much the trustee will scrutinize our spending before submitting ? For example , we can use our money to buy some CD and MP3 player for birthday gifts for the family , and also bought all new spring clothes for my husband and me and my daughter . Will they frown upon these purchases ? Our attorney said to go ahead and use the money to cover normal expenses , and we would consider these typical expenses . However, I was not sure what would an administrator . Any advice would be appreciated . Thank you.

  • 5Questions on filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy....?

    Does anyone know how I can do this for the cheapest price. Every attorney that I spoke with wants $2,000 to do there any other options???

  • 6What eactly does "exemption status" have to do with "equity" in filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    Have seen two conflicting answers. So here is scenario. Person has home in Illinois. Worth: 179,000.00. Home has 10,000.00 in "equity". Illinois allows "15,000.00" in 'exemption'..for purposes of filers of bankruptcy. Person wants to file Chapter 7. Mortgage payments are current. Question? Does 15,000.00 exemption mean she will lose home? What exactly is "equity" and how does it relate to the exemption status? Can you please answer in laymen's terms? Thank you.

  • 7What is the status of the final settlement on the Ames Department Stores bankruptcy filing.?

  • 8Are joint accounts required to be listed when filing for bankruptcy in Maryland?

    I am going to file chapter 7 bankruptcy in Maryland and I have a joint credit card between myself and my son. What I would like to do is keep the credit card so I still have something for emergencies after I file bankruptcy. Do I have to list the joint account when filing bankruptcy? Because I would like to keep it open and keep making the payments as usual, and if I did list it could that effect my sons credit, even if he makes the payments, since he is joint on the account?

  • 9Chapter 13 bankruptcy joint tax return.?

    My husband is in a chapter 13 bankruptcy (IL) When we do our taxes jointly is there a way to figure out whose money is whose at hr block? I am a stay at home mom and we have a son. Bankruptcy said they cant touch what is our sons and mine. Or do we just have to wait to hear back from them on what to send them?

  • 10Going through a chapter 7 joint bankruptcy and getting a divorce?

    Me and my husband are filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy jointly, but also get a divorce live in Utah and lives in California. We're filing for bankruptcy in California. Is this going to affect my bankruptcy ? How do I get around this?

  • 11A couple take out a joint mortgage. Can a second charge be taken out on the property without joint consent?

    The husband racked up a huge debt , the wife knew nothing . The first who knows about it is when you open a letter from the company that has hired a second charge on jointly owned property . The woman has no choice financially? ( She does not want to marry him , but has two young children by him . 's Husband built an intricate web of lies to deceive him and now they have no money . Their only safety now has two legal charges it ) . Any advice is welcome.

  • 12Can you walkway from your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy payments without losing the two vehicles that i have?

    I filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy three years ago . I am unable to make payments on my break , but I will not lose my two cars . I have about 24 payments left, but I can not get certain needs for my children , because all my money goes bankrupt . I want to walk away from it as everything is within walking distance of their homes . I heard that you could get away , but I always thought I had to pay each month , so do not take your car away from you .