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QFather in law psychotically jealous?

i started going out with my fiancee a year and a half ago on tuesday. since his father came back from his home country he has started yelling at me and telling me i need to be up at 8 am to cook and clean and make bfast and lunch for the whole family then on friday the 20th i was involved in a car accident with my fiancee my father in law blames me even though i wasnt driving or interferring with his driving saying i need to find a job in three days or i'm fired even though i just had surgery. then he took the cell phone my fiancee bought and pays monthly for from me so i cant text or call my fiancee when hes at work because he'll "lose his job" yet he calls him 10 times a day asking for stuff and to talk endlessly then we he gets home me and him try kissing and his father says for me to stop being crazy and let him relax and for us not to have sex and to let him sleep even though he wants to have sex and lay and kiss with me. he then say my fiancee and me down and told me i wasnt good for him, i was lazy and fat and that if my fiancee wants he can go and find a better girlfriend someone who wont hurt him all the time and cause problems and everytime he yells at me i cry and he says hey stop crying you idiot. am i just being sensitive or does his father have a serious mental problem?


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Father in law psychotically jealous?

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