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  • 1Father in law psychotically jealous?

    i started going out with my fiancee a year and a half ago on tuesday. since his father came back from his home country he has started yelling at me and telling me i need to be up at 8 am to cook and clean and make bfast and lunch for the whole family then on friday the 20th i was involved in a car accident with my fiancee my father in law blames me even though i wasnt driving or interferring with his driving saying i need to find a job in three days or i'm fired even though i just had surgery. then he took the cell phone my fiancee bought and pays monthly for from me so i cant text or call my fiancee when hes at work because he'll "lose his job" yet he calls him 10 times a day asking for stuff and to talk endlessly then we he gets home me and him try kissing and his father says for me to stop being crazy and let him relax and for us not to have sex and to let him sleep even though he wants to have sex and lay and kiss with me. he then say my fiancee and me down and told me i wasnt good for him, i was lazy and fat and that if my fiancee wants he can go and find a better girlfriend someone who wont hurt him all the time and cause problems and everytime he yells at me i cry and he says hey stop crying you idiot. am i just being sensitive or does his father have a serious mental problem?

  • 2If you move to a small town and jealous in breds make up lies about you.?

    Do you think it is worth the effort to stay and try to clear your name. Or just move on. I have had complete slander made up about me living in Hobart. It is all untrue, and made up by old women 20 years older than me that just gossip but have lived here all their lives. I am trying t recover from 2 car accidents and if it wasn't for the unpleasant people was going to buy a house and stay.My health has caused a lot of suffering and people that started out liking me changed and became very mean because they believed lies. Should i fight and expose the evil, or leave. If I move interstate where I would be closer to family I find city life a bit much. Do you think I should try and put these mean people behind me ad try to develop new relationships here or face facts that Tassie is redneck and backward andget out at all cost. Especially since the way I have been treated here is so cruel. It has been slander based on total lies, I can't afford the civil law suit to sue them but if I had the money and health I would. A new place a new start may be the best option, but moving when you are critically ill from 2 car accidents is very hard . Please only write nice things.

  • 3What should I do about my father in law?

    Hey Well here's the problem . I've been with my girlfriend for about 2 years and now live together since about 3 months .. We will move to Germany soon , but until then I have to find a way to get along with his father . First of all you do not love your child in any way. David , my boyfriend had a car accident when he was very young and he got his money when he turned 18 . His father took his money ( about $ 20,000 ) and refuses to give her son . Worse threw him and gave him nothing . The two are still going to school and not working right now , so my parents are paying for us until we moved to Germany . Anyway dad threatens me and my fiance a lot and makes you work hard without money , so my puppy is also wrong. he forces me to eat things I do not want to eat . He yells at me and tells me how I'm not

  • 4What do you do? I need some serious advice for my father?

    I asked this yeaterday but did not get many answers . must not have been many here . $ 4,000 was taken from my house yesterday morning parents . I had it in a safe that Walmart bought under his bed. He said he kept the keys on the key ring that stays with him at all times . He has been having a lot of trouble with my sister who is 16 . She has stolen his car , hanging out with the wrong people ( addicts ) and smoking marijuana itself. The last time he stole the car , she was caught with a 20 year old guy in the car with her and she had been drinking . You can not call the police because bankruptcy is doing and if he had reported the money , could return to its bankruptcy . The house was open and no force entry into the safe. I told him there is not much the police could do anyway since the house was locked and no entry into force of the safe and they do not want to put my sister through it . He says he has no idea how anybody could have done it . I said I had to start saving your money in the bank and have to start closing the house , but other than that , he just got out of that money and have to go through it , since your bankruptcy , not can call the police because they have to report that he had that amount of money saved . What do you think ? I do not know whatelse to say. Could you provide some tips to help .

  • 5Should I keep in touch with my father after what he have done?

    My parents divorced long ago. My father had another woman for years , helped raise their children and had a daughter with her ( while married my mom ) . Never spend quality time with me , never took me for a walk or to the beach , I never asked how things were in school . He spent all his free time with family and others slept in our house at night. He said his company has all his spare time and we have believed and supported him . I personally had to carry your food to bed , because it was

  • 6What can I do to cheer my father-in-law up? He was in an accident.?

    A couple of months ago by the father - in-law to be was involved in a car accident . His car overturned and he was rushed to the hospital . At first he thought he would never walk again , but now he has movement in one leg , but not the other . After getting a skin graft operation , a fact that was transferred from the intensive care wing of the hospital to rehabilitation and everyone hoped he would be home for Christmas . Now , has developed another ulcer that needs to be covered with another skin graft and can only lie on the stomach . His wife , my mother - in-law to-be , says he is miserable. He has dealt with anxiety and depression before this and I feel so bad for him , it can not be easy . I want to do something to cheer him up , but I do not know why, since my boyfriend and I live eight hours away from where their parents do. He also does not like flowers or anything. What I can do?

  • 7Father in law living with us in small Apt. What to do?

    So here is the story My father in law has been living with us for about 25 days now. He is filing for bankruptcy after a lifetime of bad financial decisions and waiting for the proceedings to go through. Recently my in laws sold their apt in New York and bought a house in Florida for my husband's 36 year old brother, wife and kid. My husbands bro is basically a loser and is the only 36 year old man I know who has never ever made a mortgage payment and will never have to. (this makes me very angry because the inlaws were supposed to keep some of the money from the apt sale to supplement their retirement- instead they spent it all and some savings on the loser brother) Anyway my father in law had a fight with the loser son and now refuses to go to FL to stay with in the big house he bought him. Instead he is staying with us in our 600 sqft apt and its driving me crazy. I am a student and had a very stressful semester and just want to regroup and relax this summer. I want to get healthy and make some lifestyle changes that i want to follow through with in the fall. BUT now I have absolutely no privacy. I can;t make the health food i want, I cant listen to music and dance around in the house we cant even have sex properly because of the size of the apt and I am so frustrated. I am basically stuck in our bedroom the whole day just counting the days till his court date. Now it seems as if the date could be pushed back again and i just CANT DO IT ANYMORE! Worst of all my husband whom I thought was concerned about me is apparently having difficulty deciding what to do. I told him to speak to his father and tell him to make up with the loser brother so he can go stay in FL and not in our tiny apt. but now he's like if you ask me to do this I will remember it forever. ( WTF am I supposed to do) I have done nothing worng. I;m frugal, I dont spend much money, I dont go out with my friends I'm a good girl and I take care of him. Now I am feeling so betrayed. I dont know what to do. Please help.

  • 8Car accident in my father name,My name is not on insurance!?

    I got in a car accident wile i was going o highway going 70 miles an hour, tire blow up and car crashed, good thing me and gurlfirend are okay, the car is my dad's he has full Coverage insruance by statefarm, will he get money for the car even though i was driving it, police came.thank you

  • 9Is it legal to have a three some with my father and my wife?

    My father has been dating my wife for 3 years now and has recently taken a keen interest in myself as well. I want to advance our relationship and have a three some but don't want to get in trouble. Are there certain guidelines where I won't get into trouble for engaging with my father and my wife?

  • 10Should I go visit my estranged father ?

    Since I could remember my mother and father are madly in love with each other. They were upset that only a couple complement each other all the time and they were all lovey dovey. Things changed when I was abou 9 or 10. One night, I locked myself in my room because my mom and dad were in this great debate, there were shouts and screams. I was scared because it never happened. The next morning, I awoke to find that my father was gone ... Forever. I've never seen since. When my mother was 16 and my brother 14 years old, had an accident and went. It was terrible. I expected my father showed up to his funeral, but he did not. So I lived with my godparents who happen to be the best friends of my parents and my in-laws now. Now I'm happily married with a beautiful daughter 34 and a son on the way, but about two days, I received a call from my mother and she said she talked to my dad and found out where he is. Apperently lived in a nursing home in Florida, and my mother happens to have a friend there who introduced him to it. He is not doing well and apparently finished putting their children in the nursing home's mother died and took thier money (I'm talking about his wife, who was also unmarried with children who married after leaving us). I feel very bad, which is odd because I do not, after all that we just left. Part of me wants to see him, because he was a wonderful father to me and was a great father figure for my husband when we were kids, and I just want to know what happened. The other part of me just wants him to go to hell, and I can not help thinking that if he was still around my brother and mother would. Should I go visit him or not? Please do not

  • 11Father died recently, do I need a lawyer to help me?

    My father died a few days ago. I'm 19 going to college on a scholarship, with just a part time job at fedex. I have to handle everything that my father left behind. My mother simply doesnt know anything about anything. My parents filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy, and my father owns land in colorado. And of course theres the other things that I have to deal with such as the mortgage, insurances, general bills, vehicles, etc. Do I need a lawyer to help me sort out all of this? What would that cost me? Do they require a lump sum payment, before or after their service??? Any other advice would be much appriciated.

  • 12Fight with mother,father,daughter,son-in-…

    Here are the plays I ( David ) my wife ( Cassie ) and their parents ( Roger Romero ) , parents had to stay in our home because of a car accident Roger received a phone message heard and when given the I accidentally misquoted information to the person and he was very angry when he found out , then a few days later when he got another message that is not what I said and he started and untimately had to rise from being sick and just to check the message discover that he was somewhat lower now and rosemary are really mad at me and Cassie feels caught in the middle I can handle it wrong?