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My husband fired his lawyer and now he refuses to come off my husbands file for the new lawyer? related questions

  • 1My husband fired his lawyer and now he refuses to come off my husbands file for the new lawyer?

    my husband signed papers in the beginning that stated that the lawyer doesnt get paid until my husband gets paid,its a workmans comp case,he was injured at work and fell 30 foot off a house in sept.of last year(he broke all his ribs,bruised all his internal oragans and is lucky to be alive),he was hanging a tress and the crane operater hung the tress wrong and the tress broke from the hook and the tress hit the wall my husband was standing on and it flung him and he landed on his back,the old attorney basicly wasnt doing anything for our case besides sitting on his butt, my husband hasnt even had any surgeries and may now be considered disabled,all because the longer he waits the more damage is being done to his body,if any one knows any information on finding out what the heck to do that would be great

  • 2My husband and I go Wednesday to talk to a lawyer about Bankruptcy....?

    I'm so nervous and don't know what to expect. I already have all my paperwork ready. The stuff they told me to bring. Can anyone tell me what to expect. And I'm a little confused....I looked on a website about Chapter 7 and 13, we qualify for a chapter 7 because we have 4 in the family and don't meet the monthly income requirements but then it said that if you can pay at least $110 a month then you have to file for chapter 13. Am I mis-understanding something here? Please help! Serious questions only Please!

  • 3How can i find a lawyer to take my case against a hospital that hurt me while in a coma. Every Lawyer is scare

    I was in a car wreck and ended up in a coma. While in the coma the doctor damaged me. Now I can't find a lawyer to take my case. When I mention the hospital where it happen they all say we fill that YES you do have a case BUT our firm can't handle it. It seems to me that they are affraid to even try. Can you give me some advice. I have another Dr. And a Nurse and my Drs. assistant That have told me that they would have to say it did not happen in the wreck. By Law.

  • 4When a lawyer prolong bankruptcy /chapter 7 on client what is the benefit for this lawyer?

    When a bankruptcy attorney prolong / Chapter 7 on the client what the benefit for the attorney ?

  • 5Other party hired lawyer for car accident. Do I need a lawyer now?

    I was in a car accident in December. Police placed the blame me , and I have asked for a court date to contest the ticket . ( The police actually told me I had to give a fine, because the other party claimed that the injury pain could be documented) . My insurance company called me today to tell me that the other party has obtained an attorney to pursue an injury claim . I've also been seeing a doctor for treatment. I'm in a state of no-fault PIP . Do I have to hire a lawyer to handle the ticket and / or personal injury, or my insurance company to represent me for personal injury part of this test?

  • 6What are different types of lawyer? i.e. Divorce Lawyer?

    What are the others? My plan is to become a lawyer, but I do not know what kind of want to be

  • 7I need to file bankruptcy. Which lawyer should I use?

    I have to declare bankruptcy . Which lawyer should I use ?

  • 8How can i file bankruptcy without a lawyer?

    i have been searching to find out more about do it yourself bankruptcy...but i feel like all the sites out there is full of it. if you have any POSITIVE experience with any of these sites...please answer here

  • 9Is it possible to file bankrupty without a lawyer?

    Is it possible to file for bankruptcy protection without an attorney ?

  • 10Is there away to file Chapter 11 on yur own without a Lawyer ?

    I have Looked online and can not find no free way to do it .

  • 11Can I file bankruptcy without a lawyer?

    I'm drowning in financial difficulties, and am thinking of filing personal bankruptcy , but I've seen the fees that lawyers charge for me to do that, and I can not allow that. I can submit ? Without having to pay a lawyer ?

  • 12My ex-wife is filing bankruptcy. To challenge this, do I need a divorce lawyer or a bankruptcy lawyer?

    My ex wife just told me that you are filing Chapter 13. From the research I've done online , it seems that I have to prepare for the debt that was assigned in the divorce decree to return to me. Q1 ) Is this how it works? Q2 ) What kind of lawyer do I need to hire this question ? Q3 ) What are my rights and obligations ? It is difficult to find information about bankruptcy if you are on the receiving end . Where I can get more information? ? ?