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Is it illegal for parents to continue to provide their child a car if they know the child is using drugs? related questions

  • 1Is it illegal for parents to continue to provide their child a car if they know the child is using drugs?

    My daughter is 21 and her boyfriend is 24. They are both addicted to ocycontin and inject it daily. He is prescribed the medication by their family doctor for some injury that he had, plus they buy more on the streets as well. I know this because my daughter has been very candid with me when she does call. They are in another city and state, where his parents live. His parents are continuing to provide him with his vehicle and a credit card. They said that it is better than him being stranded and walking, and that at least he's got money for food. Is this illegal? Should I call law enforcement? I know it's crazy at the least.... and I would never enable like this, but they don't see it like that. What should I do? They are in Kansas

  • 2Do parents ever get pain and suffering compensation when a child is hurt?

    Daughter was in a car accident. She had surgeries and multiple doc appointments. I am a single parent had to take off from work and deal with this on my own.

  • 3Is it illegal to pay your child for doing a regular job by cash-in-hand?

    I know it sounds a bit weird but hear me out. I'm doing ICT A level and we're on the topic of the Heath and Safety at Work Act 1974 and obviously there's something in there to do with making sure employee's have the appropriate insurance etc. The insurance is to make sure they are covered, should an accident happen, then there's tax involved when paying employee's too. I was wondering (since in the eyes of the law it doesn't matter whether you're family or not) that if you had a son, and say you gave him some pocket money for doing some daily jobs, it would technically count as a job. Could you get fined for paying him cash-in-hand instead of doing it formally? I know there's probably something to do with the number of hours, but let's say we ignore that. Could you? (There's no real purpose behind the question, I'm just curious)

  • 4In michigan if you sign off rights to child do you still pay child support?

  • 5A bank intercept a tax return for bankruptcy debts b4 the state child support office for back child support?

    My ex went through bankruptcy, you owe the bank a lot of money and I owe more than $ 6,000 in unpaid child support . Last year your tax return was intercepted and put to the back child support , but now the bank is threatening to intervene tax returns for at least the next four years. Does the child support has the president on the debt with the bank ? I live in Oklahoma. thanks

  • 6Should illegal drugs be legalized?

  • 7Should illegal drugs be legalized?

    No matter how bad something is or is not for you , that's not the point . Not even have to get into that . The point is that , under the U.S. Constitution The federal government has no authority to ban anything if not infringing the rights of others . Drugs do not infringe the rights of others . Therefore the federal government has absolutely no right to prohibit .... anyone who supports drug prohibition is anti - freedom , as simple as that . There is absolutely no excuse that you can do to prohibit . Under the Constitution said anything he gives states rights .... for individual states still have the authority to ban them, but not the federal government , which has not only banned , but they created a

  • 8Is it illegal for my parents to name a car in their name if it is mine?

    Yes , I'm looking to buy a car for me and to get cheaper insurance , I am looking for my parents who have the name of the car in his name , but ill be the main driver of the car . Is this illegal ? And if so , is it easy to get caught with it ? thanks

  • 9What do u do is someone is threating you if u try to get ur child ?

    my father daughter can put me in jail for hiting him and I said to the child in the case dangerment daughter feel out and head off in the car and had to get three stitches and when I hit because I had was trying to get her and he would not give me the other two children were there , but the law and lawyers said they can get for my son indangerment do not know what I said I'm scared that if I try to take him to frame me murder or be in a serious cause of his motorcycle club will do and what happened to my daughter was an accident even called dhr and even said it was I just do not know what I want my baby , but I fear I'm afraid I have seven out of my house can someone please help me i am afraid to go to the police

  • 10How can i get out of debt when i have a child on the way?

    stresses me thinking about this but I have to get some tips I have 3500 in credit cards, 600 on a store card , 400 in overdraft contracts with the phone company (landline and mobile ) , internet , then I have council tax, water bills . electric . yes, it's my fault , I got into this situation , but I'm struggling to get out and I have a baby in two weeks so its only going to get harder Now people have said just bite the bullet and live at least one year , noodles and cheap food eatin shit and stop luxuries and putting savings into invoices Yes I thought about it , but no one should have to live like that especially with a baby who is now my priorityright so what do or how you can guess that I have a bad credit rating (Please no comments about suicide , not just practical ) PLEASE HELP !

  • 11PA. Penalties on child not on car seat?

    Does anyone know the penalties for parent(s) who doesn't properly put their child in car seats. I tried to look it up but I can't find where it states what the penalties are. I have a 4 year old son. HIs dad doesn't use a car seat and sits him in the front seat of the car. I have pleaded with him to please put him in the car seat in the back instead of the front seat. I even told him that he is risking our son's life by not properly securing him in the car seat where he belongs. If and when I do, he just agrees with me but does nothing about it. I am at my wits end and scared to death that one day (god forbid) his stupidity and lack of respect for the law will cause lives. I was even thinking of talking to his next door neighbor who is a cop to have a chat with him about not putting our son in a car seat. I know I'm wrong about this but I'd rather be wrong than lose my son because his father won't take a minute to properly secure him in the car.

  • 12Unborn child rights!!?

    ok so i always had this question on my head but i just dont know who to ask!? lets see!, you are driving, and you are 8 or 9 months pregnant and you get hit by another car [[crash]]. and you lost ur baby lead to the impact of the accident, can you sue the other driver for ur baby lost or dead?? is there a law for this kind of things? is the baby concidered a preson life when you are around the 8 or 9 months?? im sorry im just curious ;]