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How long does it take to get the final decree from the trustee in ch. 7 bankruptcy? related questions

  • 1How long does it take to get the final decree from the trustee in ch. 7 bankruptcy?

    Once someone gets the final discharge of debt paper in the mail from the bankruptcy judge, how long does it take to get the final decree in the mail from the trustee? It states that the bankruptcy is not final until the trustee declares it so even though the judge has. It took over 5 months to get the discharge of debt form. Does anyone know anything about this?

  • 2How long does it take for the trustee to release my tax funds after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in August 2011.My lawyer informed me that he would file my taxes as usual , and when I received my refund would give part of it to trustee.He told me my credit earned income was protected , and I'd be able to keep it.I filed my taxes on January 22 , only to be told a month later that the trustee IRS intercepted my check . It's been a month since the president took my check , and I have not received my credit card income. My lawyer and the other lawyers in the firm give me different answers as to when they can get my funds released.At now I feel like I'm doing the long term around.How does this process normally takes , and I can make a small claim my funds released ?

  • 3Why does it take so long for a trustee to approve an auto loan for a person who is in a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

    I work at a dealership and deal with customers with bad credit. I have special programs that allow me to get approvals for people that are currently in a bankruptcy. In a chapter 13, the bank will need approval from the trustee handling the case. Why does it take so long for them to approve or deny the loan? I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt but I think they might just drag their feet, maybe they get paid weather they accomplish anything or not. Please clear your name and explain what's so hard.

  • 4If my ex-husband files for bankruptcy 1.3 years after divorce decree was issued to what extent am I liable?

    My ex - husband is going to file Chapter 7 in early April 2011. During our marriage in the state of California had no joint accounts . Also I really had no community property except personal vehicles are . The vehicle that I had paid for was granted by our divorce decree and his vehicle was granted. Now that he is filing bankruptcy in the amount of 28k ( all credit card debt without guarantee) I am concerned that your creditors will try to come after me. Prior to the issuance of our divorce this amount was 18k . At present , I have no property , other than my car is worth more than 7k . To what extent , if any , I will be responsible to its creditors ? ? ? I do not want to omit my name from documents bankruptcy court , requesting the name of the spouses before the last eight years , and that could come back to haunt me later (and the courts more than likely discover our previous marriage ) . Also , is there any document that could be presented to the bankruptcy inform creditors that the debt was incurred for the exclusive benefit (not lean ) , and is fully responsible for this unsecured debt ? Also, if your unsecured creditors have the authority or the legal right to come after me for that debt can garnish my wages , tax , or liens attached to the property that I am looking to buy in the next year ?

  • 5Bankruptcy 7 is Final, But I received a bill that was included, What should I do?

    The bill was for 2 unpaid parking tickets that were included in my bankruptcy 7 from another state.MS. The BK was final in 2009 and I just received a notice from a collection agency mentioning that I better pay it and that I have a warrant... As I stated, it was included in the BK7. The 2 tickets were from 1989. What should I do? Should I call them or hand the letter to the BK attorney? Your Thoughts?

  • 6We filed bankruptcy chapter 7 and was final in Feb. now on our credit report it says?

    we had a civil judgment for $ 0 in circut court . We gave up house , car and a boat . What does this mean? does not say who or who have never received payments from the court .

  • 7If im filing chapter 7 bankruptcy can they take my tax return if the proceedings are not final?

    i am nervous about filing so many unanswered questions. i depend on the tax return to supplement y working part time. ugghhh!

  • 8In California does the final discharge of bankruptcy need to happen BEFORE the divorce is FINALIZED?

    I'm in California. My soon to be ex and I are in teh 6 month wait period of a divorce. We are going to file chapter 7 bankruptcy jointly. Does the final discharge (end of bankruptcy procedure) need to happen BEFORE the divorce is FINALIZED? Or can we finalize the divorce in we have filed for bankruptcy but it's not discharged yet?

  • 9We filed bankruptcy, chapter 7, final in February. We have gotten 2 vehilce loans since then?

    that we needed. We also rented an apartment . The credit score is still stanet to 597 . We arrived on time with payments and other bills (learned our lessons ) . How do we stay where we are. I debt ratio is better than before. Is it true that you should get a credit card under (quantity wise ) to make it up . My son is buying a computer through any financial institution ( not a buy here pay here ) and they say they can make your score goes up too much too soon . I'm confused . I really do not want another credit card for a while, but would like to get our poor score ( medium-high risk) range .

  • 10What is the status of the final settlement on the Ames Department Stores bankruptcy filing.?

  • 11Can I contest a divorce decree that I signed 9 years ago?

    In 1999 legally divorced mother or my daughter . At the time I was 22 and just out of the Army . I had no legal representation and signed the agreement that was presented to me by his lawyer . I recently reviewed this agreement with respect to child support . I noticed that the section refers to the amount of time that I will be responsible for paying child support stated that payments continue beyond the age of 18, as long as my daughter is attending any continuing education . According to the law under PA I have no recourse to fight this? Since signing the divorce decree can now be modified ? In Pennsylvania , child support is paid until the child reaches age eighteen or graduates from high school , whichever occurs later. ( The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania states that parents can not be forced by the court to pay college expenses of a child unless the parents have signed a written agreement that provides support for college . ) However , a support obligation may continue beyond the age of eighteen, if a child is unable to support himself because of a physical or mental disability . The amount of child support to be paid in a case is based on the monthly after-tax income or revenue capacities of the child 's parents .

  • 12Contempt of divorce decree -- any chances of recovering a loss?