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Is it ok to hate your mother? related questions

  • 1Is it ok to hate your mother?

    Let me explain, my mother is never there for me, not when I graduated from college, not when I was in the hospital from a car accident. She claims she hates to drive. So now I have cut her off from me, but my other relatives say I'm wrong. I don't hate her, but I want her to see how it feels to have nobody when you're in need.

  • 2Do my mum n dad hate me? what is up with them?

    I do not know where to start here really, but I think my mom and dad really hate me. I have 27 years and moved them over 8 years. When I turned 18 I made them take a loan of £ 3000, I knew it was wrong at the time, but I had no choice, he said that if I did I would never have to pay rent again, however, a few weeks later I was paying £ 30 per week, loan payments, so they moved and left the loan with them. Now I've changed and I'm having my first child in a few weeks time, but my parents always made me feel like I had to give them money all the time. when I used to roam around my dad always astute threaten them, saying, I will have credit cards in the drawer there, had it not give him money for a while. My partner is always mad at me for the amount I give them but I did get the loan and use it against me. I also had to tighten and refuse to give them money because I have a baby on the way, and guess what the letter of credit when I lived there to come to my house the other day, and now I live in a different city altogether, I know who sent it, because that's what they do, grass people to benefit fraud and stuff, always have, I personally hate this, but I am his son and have their first grandchild in that way, its very difficult taking and I am very upset. My sister and my partner also said its them, and my partner says she is upset that they are not allowed to see his grandson. Although I know it was them, I'm still a pretty and find it difficult to cut, how I can deny that seeing his first grandchild, but I have to put my partner n first baby, you obviously do not care much. We never had anything like children, so I do not know why I feel this way, my dad is a compulsive gambler and my mother just goes along with it. They have fallen out with her family and friends for money, just thought it was different as his son, but obviosly not, and I hit right about this and I think it's my fault. It's not just the loan, £ 2000 spent all my compensation money from when I was in a car accident, £ 1000 that my grandfather left me £ 2000 in my will for many thousands of my brothers over me and my sisters. As it stands the game is more important than my dad and my mom let me life easy, I'll ignore them and not let them see her grandson. I have shot down for too long now, but I always feel so bad and guilty, is that correct?

  • 3Your pet hate?

    Mine is motorbikes ( but not all ... only selfish pricks !) . They think they can jump the queue , appear behind u like rockets ... prepare to advance .. and steal their thunder ( lol ) ... full headlights ; ! Cut corners when you are appraoching , the speed. Most are safe drivers .. but unfortunately some are just dangerous pain !

  • 4Does it not seem that far, far more people hate Bush, than like him?

    And that is in just this country alone. I sometimes wonder how hard it is for him to keep reality at bay and stay isolated in that happy bubble of his where one is not currious about the world and one never realizes or admits he has made a mistake. He will be like a mime in a shrinking box as that zone of ignorance gets smaller and smaller. ... or is he simply mad ? I wonder.

  • 5Why is their so much hate towards teens in fast cars?

    Whats the beef with kids having to get slow imported cars as their first car. No matter where I go or who I ask, in the end I get pointed in the direction of a civic. They say the cars I want are “too fast” and you will “kill yourself”. When my parents where young the Mustang was all the rage, with other muscle cars in high production too. Back than there wasn't traction control, decent air bags, seat belts, or even ABS. Now a days, every modern car has great safety features. Some people use the argument that your spoiled if you own a fast car, but with inflation teens probably paid the same price back than as they do now on their first cars, plus spoiled kids don't get sports cars, they get “German luxury cars”. I have gotten shunned just for asking a forum about getting a V6 Mustang... A V6! And why is their such harsh rules for speeding or anything of the sort, you get in SO much trouble now. Has the law just gotten overly strict or are kids just getting stupider and wrecking more. When I get my first car in 4 months, It's gonna be fast and I'm going to be proud of it. Hopefully getting a WRX (because it's sporty and good in snow, which we have a lot of here in Nebraska). Maybe a Mustang, or a 350z. IDK, I'm still researching whats best.

  • 6Why do people hate the death penalty?

    I just dont get it....if someone takes another's life on purpose, you cant bring that person back and for someone to take another's life....thats just sick! The person who killed that person should be dead too!!! .......if its a accident then thats another issue.....

  • 7My parents hate me, yet I try my hardest to keep them happy.?

    I am an A grade student yet my parents hated me, I tried my hardest to keep them happy, my dad died when I was 2, my mom met a man that would smack me everyday, once when I recieved a B on science, I got kicked out of the house for a week, and had to live in the forest in the back, I sometimes wish I died alongside my dad in the car accident. Why do my parents despise me, I am the school leader and currently excelling in all subjects, and achieving well in law. Why?

  • 8I hate being a lawyer, any new career ideas?

    I am a lawyer , and hatred , I can not think of a thing I like to do with my life , except a waitress in a restaurant on Rt . 66. In the past 5 years I have been a civil lawyer , a public defender , a prosecutor and a lawyer for the environment. I hate everything ! However, I have 90,000 in student loan debt in 10 cc , 12 personal loans , and 20 in a car . ( All adds up to atleast 1300/month ) Bankruptcy does not really solve anything since the change in the law, and no sugar daddies on the horizon . I love people , to help people , to make people happy , being outdoors , taking photos, talking constantly , I am extraordinarily intelligent , but a complete ditz , I am pretty, if a little heavy to be a stripper , I'm not good at teaching , I am alone , with / without children , I have no connections to anywhere , so I could theoretically move anywhere, except that they must allow my dogs . I'm looking for a creative solution , which I will keep, but I can pay my bills . Any suggestions ?

  • 9Why does America hate Universal healthcare/ socialized medicine?

    Now do not think I'm saying this because I hate America , the fact is that I love America , but there are only a few bugs that needs fixing. Health care is one of them . Now I have to understand why some people prefer privatized healthcare . I always get these answers 1) I do not want the government telling me what to do 2) I do not want to pay for another person's health or medicine 3) the government does not get anything right These are good points , but there is only one problem: what makes you think you are not doing this .... lol ? . So you mean I pay more taxes so that their fellow citizens can get unemployment , but when it comes to health problems that suddenly have a problem with paying taxes ? To all the people who agree with reason 3, I want you to do this before I die . Get a passport and take a vacation to Australia , Jamaica , Trinidad , France and London . You can not get to learn a lot within one or two months , but you will know enough to know that universal health care is more privatized health benefits . Just visit any emergency room and see the many people in treatment , and only think of yourslef

  • 10Are black people who hate/hated former President Bush, racists?

    Are blacks who hate / hated former President George W. Bush , racists ?

  • 11Are more "hate" crimes committed against transsexuals than any other group?

    Some links and statistics are appreciated

  • 12I hate Virginia, it sucks BAD? Northern Virginia anyways. Anyone agree?