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Bankruptcy 7 is Final, But I received a bill that was included, What should I do? related questions

  • 1Bankruptcy 7 is Final, But I received a bill that was included, What should I do?

    The bill was for 2 unpaid parking tickets that were included in my bankruptcy 7 from another state.MS. The BK was final in 2009 and I just received a notice from a collection agency mentioning that I better pay it and that I have a warrant... As I stated, it was included in the BK7. The 2 tickets were from 1989. What should I do? Should I call them or hand the letter to the BK attorney? Your Thoughts?

  • 2If a bill was included in a bankruptcy, should it still be paid?

    I'm trying to clean up my credit. We filed for bankruptcy several years ago. I see several bills on my credit report that have been included in the bankruptcy. Should I pay them? Will it help my credit, or are they over and done with now? Thanks!

  • 3Never received a traffic ticket for an accident, but got a final notice.?

    About a month ago, my mother got in a accident which ended being her fault. Just damages to the car and nobody hurt. My mother says that at the time she has not received a ticket from the officer. She said she asked for directions and shook hands with the officer and told him thank you and goodbye. She is 100% sure that she has not received a ticket, and we haven't got anything in the mail. Couple days ago we received a post card thing saying final notice, and our payment is late. We called up the court and asked what it was about, and they said the officer did issue the ticket to my mother. If my mother did receive a ticket it is a legitimate reason and even if it wasn't, my mother would've paid in full. But she has not received a ticket at the time and she is just now receiving a final notice for it. The court says that we can write to them and they will let the judge decide. But I mean honestly who is the judge going to believe, the officer of the law? or just a lady that says that she hasn't received her ticket. Is there anything we can do at this moment? What are your thoughts on this? The ticket is not too bad about couple hundred dollars, but we would atleast like to know what the heck is going on. The accident occurred in the State of Washington in the city of Olympia if that helps.

  • 4Why havent i received my car accident bill? ?

    i got into a minor accident about half a year ago and it was my fault. i was driving my dads truck and i wasnt under his insurance policy at the time. the other car bumper fell off and had a broken headlight and i got a little dent. The other guys insurance called me two days later and asked me what happen and something about a claim. my dads insurance called and asked me the same thing. a week later we got a letter from my dads insurance company to send the truck to a shop for repair and they would pay for it but we didnt even bother because you cant even see the dent. i had a 1000 dollars saved up to pay for the bill for the broken headlight because thats how insurance companys make there money but i havent recieved anything does anyone know what happen?

  • 5How long does it take to get the final decree from the trustee in ch. 7 bankruptcy?

    Once someone gets the final discharge of debt paper in the mail from the bankruptcy judge, how long does it take to get the final decree in the mail from the trustee? It states that the bankruptcy is not final until the trustee declares it so even though the judge has. It took over 5 months to get the discharge of debt form. Does anyone know anything about this?

  • 6Do you agree with this new bill Bill to eliminate illegal immigrant driver loophole advances?

    Weymouth - A bill introduced by Senator Robert L. Hedlund designed to prevent illegal immigrants to register motor vehicles in Massachusetts has advanced in the Legislature and is gaining support from lawmakers. The Joint Committee on Transportation approved the bill Thursday, just two days after the Senate included similar language in its "Project Safe Driving Law." "It is clear that more and more of my colleagues recognize the danger that exists when the gaps that allow people without a license and without any training, registration and then get behind the wheel of a car," said Hedlund. The measure was not included in the House version of the bill safe driving. The differences between the House and Senate will be negotiated by a conference committee. Senator Hedlund expects to be one of six legislators appointed to the committee. "The inclusion of this work in the final version of the bill Safe Driving is one of my top priorities as a member of the conference committee," said Hedlund. "We can not really keep roads safe, if we continue to make it easier for drivers without a license or training to own cars." The Transportation Committee approval is important, he said, because it provides extra weight during the conference committee process. It also means that if the language is stripped of the conference committee report final, as you can still pass as a separate project. State law currently prohibits illegal immigrants apply for and obtain driver's licenses. However, drivers are not required to demonstrate that they have a valid license to register their vehicles. Taking advantage of this loophole, many illegal immigrants are able to drive legally registered cars without having to take a driver education course or pass a test. According to reports, there are approximately 170,000 vehicles on the road with so-called "X-enrollment." Although some belong to seniors who no longer drive, or commercial business, the vast majority are illegal immigrants. Hedlund presented his bill, S 1921, after listening to a number of police officers complain of the difficulties police illegal immigrant drivers. According to a police officer of North Shore, during a period of eight months pulled over 13 vehicles ended up being registered to drivers without a valid license. Other police officers say drivers are illegal immigrants also cancel your car insurance, or allowed to expire, once secure registration. This can lead to problems if an unlicensed driver, uninsured untrained is involved in a car accident, officials say. The bill requires companies to register motor vehicles produce a federal tax identification number or social security number, if the business entity is a sole proprietorship. Allows RMV to grant specific exemptions, such as if a vehicle is owned by an elderly person who no longer drives, but is driven around friends or family. ...

  • 7If im filing chapter 7 bankruptcy can they take my tax return if the proceedings are not final?

    i am nervous about filing so many unanswered questions. i depend on the tax return to supplement y working part time. ugghhh!

  • 8We filed bankruptcy chapter 7 and was final in Feb. now on our credit report it says?

    we had a civil judgment for $ 0 in circut court . We gave up house , car and a boat . What does this mean? does not say who or who have never received payments from the court .

  • 9In California does the final discharge of bankruptcy need to happen BEFORE the divorce is FINALIZED?

    I'm in California. My soon to be ex and I are in teh 6 month wait period of a divorce. We are going to file chapter 7 bankruptcy jointly. Does the final discharge (end of bankruptcy procedure) need to happen BEFORE the divorce is FINALIZED? Or can we finalize the divorce in we have filed for bankruptcy but it's not discharged yet?

  • 10We filed bankruptcy, chapter 7, final in February. We have gotten 2 vehilce loans since then?

    that we needed. We also rented an apartment . The credit score is still stanet to 597 . We arrived on time with payments and other bills (learned our lessons ) . How do we stay where we are. I debt ratio is better than before. Is it true that you should get a credit card under (quantity wise ) to make it up . My son is buying a computer through any financial institution ( not a buy here pay here ) and they say they can make your score goes up too much too soon . I'm confused . I really do not want another credit card for a while, but would like to get our poor score ( medium-high risk) range .

  • 11What is the status of the final settlement on the Ames Department Stores bankruptcy filing.?

  • 12Chapter 13 bankruptcy, 1st and 2nd not included!?

    This year we went under on our home based business! We filed chapter 13 on September 15 2010! We filed on our credit cards and other non secured debt, but left our 1st and 2nd mortgages off! What I mean by off is that we would be paying directly to the lender and not through the trustee off the court! I thought that we were current with our first mortgage; I knew that we had gotten behind on the 2nd but caught up before filing chapter 13! To make a long story short I didn’t find out until I went online and checked our past bank statements that we were behind on the first mortgage! We are still current on the 2nd but the first is looking at foreclosure! We did receive mortgage modification forms sent to us by the mortgage company the other day! We didn’t ask for them they just them to us! My question is if the mortgage company decides to foreclose will this be grounds to have our chapter 13 dismissed?