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How much money on hand or in the bank can i have to declare bankruptcy? related questions

  • 1How much money on hand or in the bank can i have to declare bankruptcy?

    I need to declare bankruptcy under chapter 7.

  • 2Can a bank teller lose his/her job if they declare chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    Can a bank teller lose his / her job if filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy ?

  • 3Does it cost money to declare bankruptcy?

    if so: A. How much does it cost? B. If I am $5000 in debt, would it cost less to declare bankruptcy than if I were $50,000 in debt?

  • 4Once you declare bankruptcy and three years have passed, can your creditors try to retrieve money owed?

    Once you declare bankruptcy and three years have passed , your creditors may try to recover the money owed ?

  • 5Can a bank take your savings account money after a bankruptcy disharge?

    I recently received a discharge in my chapter 7 bankruptcy . Today, I received a bank statement saying that my credit union took my savings account money against the repo car that was included in bankruptcy and discharged. Can they do that ?

  • 6Can I be sued if I was in a car accident and can they take the money i have in the bank.?

    If I was in a car accident , are my personal property in danger of foreclosure or won in court if sued me . I have car insurance and so does the other driver

  • 7Is it fraud to accept say $750 from an insurance company to fix a car and then bank the money?

    I wondered why many people do this all the time. However, it does not seem right .

  • 8Bank of America took money out of my online account for credit card and I went bankrupt?

    Bank of America took money out of my online account for credit card and I went bankrupt? I made a transfer from my chase account to my bank of America online account. I did this online and there were only two options to transfer money too my chase account, and transfer from my account. This was not my error. To make a long story short the bank of America credit card company some how got their hands on it. I closed my credit cards two years ago, all of them (bank of america even confirmed this), and I have been officially bankrupt for about a year now. I was very annoyed, thankfully they are reversing it, but I believe this is illegal, I may consult my attorney. Any one have any thoughts? had the same experience? ALSO there is damage, if this had been down a week ago like it should have I would have gone further in my business. I also plan to be doing a lot of transferring between these two accounts and i do not want it to happen again. That's my major concern. I don't want them taking several grand and having to wait for a week to pay bills and get fees.

  • 9Small auto loading hand gun?

    ok , so I'm looking for an automatic weapon concealable hand at least 9x19 or larger. this weapon is to be used for self defense and I am not capable to concered . any suggestions ?

  • 10Is it illegal to pay your child for doing a regular job by cash-in-hand?

    I know it sounds a bit weird but hear me out. I'm doing ICT A level and we're on the topic of the Heath and Safety at Work Act 1974 and obviously there's something in there to do with making sure employee's have the appropriate insurance etc. The insurance is to make sure they are covered, should an accident happen, then there's tax involved when paying employee's too. I was wondering (since in the eyes of the law it doesn't matter whether you're family or not) that if you had a son, and say you gave him some pocket money for doing some daily jobs, it would technically count as a job. Could you get fined for paying him cash-in-hand instead of doing it formally? I know there's probably something to do with the number of hours, but let's say we ignore that. Could you? (There's no real purpose behind the question, I'm just curious)

  • 11What could be the MAIN cause of my Ford Ka 1.3 (T-Reg) smoking out of the left-hand side of the engine bay?

    My Ford Ka 1.3 has recently started smoking after a journey of 5-10 min , of the left hand (left side ) of the engine bay - and performance goes right down to the point that only get up a hill ! The smell is like a strong burning metal , as an angle grinder would smell like - rather than a smell of exhaust / oil. No water is used , however , what I find strange, but it drastically overheating. When the car is left for 15 minutes to cool - it 's fine again, but after a journey of 5-10 minutes , the same thing happens again, I do not know if it is a separate issue , but the brakes fail miserably when this happens also .

  • 12A bank lien from a bankrupt bank was purchased from a bank that never recorded the lien. Can they do anything?

    A dead bank never recorded a Contract of trust on the property ... Moreover, the title company they used broke too. A second bank bought the lien and is trying to enforce it, but did not register . It can record and want sigs on documents and can . I'm not signing . Can the bank note log out of my signature? Do you consider now a lien or unsecured can still forclose if their is a first stream in place ? Or are they just lucky ? It's more than 250k , I will gladly submit to get rid of 250k BK if I can save the house and keep up on the first Trust Deed .